Tommy's Organic No-till Goji OG/Mountain Temple/ Triangle Kush S1

Hey Everyone,
Tommy here. Welcome to my little grow.
I have grown this way for close to 5 years. I am no expert but mainly stick to organic methods. I grow a few plants every year with coco and Jacks 321 for something different. This also gives the soil in my 20 gallon pots a rest. I used to grow in 2x 30 gallon pots but a year ago I broke those down to 3 x 20 gallon. My Goji is a clone from a pack. I have had her about two years.

Currently in my big tent I have flowering:
Goji OG (20 gallon)
Terpenado (20 Gallon)
Dragon Fruit x Goji (10 Gallon)

Flowering in my cabinet:
Goji OG (10 Gallon)

Mountain Temple:
10 seedlings
These will be flowered in 2 gallon pots to save room. Pictures to come. I found a short little branchy girl that is looking completely different than the rest.
Right now I have 3 girls confirmed and 3 males. 4 undecided.

20 Gallon Goji

10 Gallon Goji

Rest of my flower Tent

These are all organic. I do some teas with kelp, alfalfa, and neem. I also use Fulpower and some sprouted seeds. I topdress a few additives from time to time. Oh and I love aloe for foliar and cloning.


Good luck… gonna be running some Mountain Temple pretty soon so im keen to see how your grow goes… chair pulled up


Pulling up a bean bag! Looks like your organic soil is killer and the plants are in love. Curious about the Terpenado… sitting on a pack and haven’t seen many logs of it.

Good luck, dont think you will need it tho :+1:


Smells like berries and wookie. Wookie gives a Persian perfume smell to it: vanilla, spices and a musk. It is what I want my Persian belly dancer to smell like after dancing! Very similar to Black Raspberry but a different fruit smell. More sweet less raspberry.


Haha sweet. I met a Persian girl in Costa Rica and she was soooo beautiful… didnt get around to belly dancing sadly :grin:

Sounds delicious. I was going to run Soul Mate but ended up having to chop them all down and they were some of the most intoxicating smelling plants in veg I have had the pleasure if meeting… thankfully still have some extra beans


That’s nice setup you have going there and some good looking bushes from my favorite breeder. I’ve got some Goji OG f2s I still need to start going through kinda lost my garden for a while but I’m back at can’t wait to see what I find in those. I have been running Temple of Apollo and really loving how the Apollo lines grow super easy and nice sweet pineapple juice funk smell also seeded up for f2s. Thinking about Goji OG X Temple of Apollo might bring down the flower time and beef up a little bit what you think? Any thoughts are appreciated .


A little update. Everything is looking great. Going to clone some Mountain Temple dudes today. Most of the MT females are in the 2 gallon pots I’m flowering in. I will throw the two pictured plants in the flower tent today.

Mountain Temple #3
She is my favorite so far. Structure is great. She branches like crazy. This plant has no training.

Compare her to one of these other lanky ladies. More OG in structure of MT # 4

Terpenado around week 8

And of course my 20 gallon Goji is insane at week 7. Damn near 6 foot in my tent and taking over.

Everything gets some Bioag TM-7 today. I will foliar the moms and Mountain Temple.

10 Gallon Goji will get topdressed with some multipurpose fertilizer I buy. Has kelp and other yum yums. I am not happy with the stretch, bud set or generally anything with this plant right now. Maybe my 10 gallon needs re-amended…



That terpenado :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: and 20 more :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I have a pack of terpenado to run too… might just have to get on with it now cos that one looks great… good job


I popped that seed last winter and then gave the plant to a friend because I did not have room. I cloned it and finally flowered it. It’s looking good.

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How does your Goji taste most of the ones I tried were a sour pine on the inhale and then a strawberry on the way out really nice. I have some f2s to start going through this year curious what I’ll find in those. Love the Goji OG but she a beast stretches 3x the starting hieght , likes big pots and just crazy frost .


I think the F2 of Goji can have an awesome variety of flavors since it is opened up from the initial cross and should express deeper into both sides of the gene pool.


Yeah sour apple comes to mind a lot. It has some Jolly Rancher smells for sure.


Can you say more about this? I have heard “F2 opens up…” before but I don’t understand it.


Not really haha… I haven’t grown many F2 myself.

Just that you will get more variation in the F2 than the F1. Supposed to be good for special pheno hunting as you can find more unique combinations and a much wider variety.

So, just a random example, if Goji F1 usually produces 4 or 5 phenos… the F2 may produce 20 different phenos. Not saying that as a fact, just an example.

Sorry literally half asleep :sleeping: been sleeping in an airport for 6 hours trying to pass the time of my 12 hour layover.

Hope that helps


Thank you but sadly no, it still doesn’t make sense to me. I imagined F1s to be all over the place.
Maybe one day I will cross two lines that I can be bothered to grow out.

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F1 of polyhybrid show quite a bit of variety, F2 shows more and then when you start getting to F4 and such plants can start to be bred to lock down specific characteristics and get more homogeneous plants with less variation from seed to seed


F4s, I am starting to get a handle on.

Don’t show @Meesh, my plants make her sad.


Hehe yes they do look a bit sad there friend

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No no! That’s the AFTER picture.