What do stoners eat? 🍴

what did sushi A say to sushi B??

wassa B? :joy:


That looks awesome! My go to soup when all else fails, spiced up a tad :slight_smile:


Shrimp, Chicken, and Andouli Jambalaya / Creamy Polenta / Crusty Bread

So you southern folk may be laughing right now (us northerners tend to bastardize southern cuisine)


Only on errand day, once a week.
2 chicken strips
1/2 pound smoked turkey,
Butter toasted bun
Ghost pepper cheese
Spicy BBQ sauce


So, I’ve got a recipe for y’all.

1 black angus pot roast
1 bottle Terriyaki sauce
1 bag carrot chips
1 bag fresh celery with hearts
1 onion(Sweet yellow) sliced into wedges.
Minced Garlic
Pink Himalayan salt grinder
Pepper Grinder
Powdered Beef Bouillon (I like the one you can get in the mexican food section)

Line crock pot with carrots. This prevents overcooking of the bottom of the roast and takes some of the bite out of the onions.

Chop your celery to get to the hearts. This is what I consider heart material, anything really light green with leaves. It has a much different flavor than the outer stalks.

Add your roast, seperate the onion wedges, put the hearts of celery in, top with minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste, and on the sides where the liquid will sit, a tbs of beef boullion.

Add your container of Teriyaki sauce. Don’t wash the garlic/salt/pepper off the roast. It’s a thing.

Cook for 10 hours on the lowest heat your crock pot will do. (Some only have 3, warm, low(this setting is what we want), and high)
When it’s done, It will fall apart into strings.

Best on toasted hoagie buns or hawaiian hamburger buns with cheese (provolone or any other white cheese is prefered) of your choice melted over it.

Edit: you can use soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce, both have amazing flavor but subtle difference in the final taste.

@99PerCent Have you tried any of the seasoning mix I made yet?


I have not.

Lately, I have been eating on the fly and not cooking much at home.

I’ll have to take the time some weekend and plan a meal with that in mind.

I’ll let you know when I do.


PS, I’ll be starting to prep for the green house soon and the FDM Cali O x Durbin are running fo sho.


Burrito from a local place :yum:

I have to stop half way threw to smoke a bowl to finish the other half lol


Well done @Jellypowered, best thing about slow cookers is the house smell delicious all day. I’m partial to the “set it and forget it” type of meals too.


So much you can do with a slow cooker as well.

One of my favorite cooking appliances :slight_smile:


I use my slow cooker at least twice a week.

Yesterday I put a corned beef brisket on top of quartered red potatoes, quartered yellow onions, roughly chopped celery…I cut open the packet of seasonings which comes with the corned beef…add that with about 10 to 12 ounces of beer and then enough water to cover brisket.
Bingo bango, after apx 7 hours on low, I add cabbage wedges and cook for around one more hour.

I am in the process of heating up the delectable left overs.

I love crock pots/slow cookers… they are virtually fool proof and effortless!


For tonight’s dish,

Sourdough Tomato Mozzarella Pesto Panini

Two Roma Tomatoes thin sliced, one package of mozzarella pre sliced. Basil Pesto, butter, and salt.

Spread pesto on both insides of the bread for the panini. Lay a layer of tomatoes.

top with mozzarella, lightly salt one pesto side.

Butter the outside of the bread.

5 minutes in a panini press at 425F



You guys eat so healthy 50% of the food I eat is Air fried food, I am a fan of ‘heat and eat’ food.


Not really… These two meals are some of the healthier things i make.

The other stuff I eat… not so healthy.


I am obsessed with cheese


@Jellypowered Have you ever done slow cooker Barbacoa? Something like this:

Slowcooker Barbacoa Recipe

I make it from time to time, and I love it. I use a little more lime juice though.


Well I’m solo this Easter which is not unusual, so I decided to cook myself a beef wellington from scratch with some roasted red potatoes and some sweet corn along with a mushroom gravy made from scratch using shiitake mushrooms.


Well I see this hasn’t been updated in a little while, it’s the first day it’s been 20 degrees in Edmonton this year so I decided to make use of my smoker. let me introduce to you my chicken wings in a cajun rub smoked over he cherry maple Hickory mix

The thing I love about smoking chicken wings, I can stick my hand right into the smoker and pull them out and eat them as I wish.


Gonna do that for the kids on Sunday! With whole sliced bread OFC… HAHA

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Oak smoked pork.


grass raised beef beef beef beef beef beef potatoe / salad