Win British Outdoor Auto Mix from UK SeedBank Gorilla Seeds

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Win your British Outdoor Auto Mix Seeds from Gorilla Seeds !

There are 2 Prizes available on this post!

We are giving away British Outdoor Auto Mix 5 Seeds to each winner. Enter by commenting below! Winners to be announced on 20th March 2021 or thereabouts! Winners will be annonced on the main blog post!

To enter please comment on the following 2 statements:

Gorilla Seeds is based in the UK - And when we say “UK”, We meanGreat Britain”! Our warehouse is local so you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive and deadly slow deliveries!

Gorilla Seeds is Fully Loaded - Our warehouse is brimming with stock, more than we’ve ever had before! All your favourites and a great hoard of the more obscure varieties.


I have never had any issue getting deliveries from Great Britain. It’s great the Gorilla Seeds is fully loaded with plenty of stock. Thanks for the opportunity. I will sit and have a snack while I await the results.
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Woot! In it to win it. Thanks you guys!

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Love the Great British selection they look lovely.

Sign me up. I’ll run them this year!

I thought you said I had already won!!! Now you’ve got all these OGers getting involved…my, my, my. Anyway, thanks for this, do stay safe, continued success and, indeed, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:

All kinds of giveaways going on! I’m in.

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I am in, would love to win it!

Count me in good to know you’re fast in GB and full of stock too! Never had a drama from your SB

Gorilla ogs grabbed some blue cheese from yall and gta say delivery was on point no issues, would love to try these auto 5 out, hit me up love and stay righteous blessings for alll

So. Ordering is less drama than a Megan and Harry interview.

Yes, and our aim is to get you fully loaded too.

Well sign me up on some fine gifts to!!

Fantastic strain. Would love to grow this.
Og kush smells like heaven in a jar.
Send me them. You know it makes sense!!!

thanks for thinking of og!

Gorilla Sead Bank does it again! Right before the beginning of growing season may come out with another incredible combination. This pack has everything! including stuff that they haven’t even named!!! I love ordering from these guys they ship worldwide which is great because I’m not in the UK. And their seeds are top quality, take out a great selection! and if there’s a problem (which you won’t have) they have great customer service. These guys should be the first place you look!

I don’t really have an opinion on Gorilla being in the UK, but I’ve had about 50% luck coming from Killa-Beez for timely deliveries (not their fault), but 100% on delivery. It’s great that Gorilla keeps their warehouse full. I’ve run into issues with that before.

Whooo Hooo! I’m new in town and really need seeds! I’d love to grow some of these outdoors!

Further away than it used to be, thanks to Brexit. But not out of my world. Throw some seeds over to the EU please. :seedling:

Time to set the seeds free then. I’m in.

Sign me up feeling lucky or atleast telling myself that!

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Spent a few sunny days in Great Britain with the daughter studying there. Nice folk.

Having a full warehouse is a good felling. I would love to fill the pots with these seeds.
Please sign me up!
:seedling: :green_heart: :four_leaf_clover: