Win British Outdoor Auto Mix from UK SeedBank Gorilla Seeds

I’ve never ran any gorilla gear , but I would if I had it . Thanks for the opportunity

I would love to try it.

Yeah. With covid getting your gear from nearby does help keep them from sitting too hot or cold for too long.

And it looks like you have a nice selection, I love smaller seed banks!

Good to know our guys have our backs covered as its beginning to look like a bit of a expensive headache with getting things from the other European seedbanks right now for us. Thanks for looking out for all us great british folk at home gorilla seedbank.
Great giveaways as usual, wouldn’t mind giving these a go seeing as their designed and selected for the great british outdoor for the great british gorilla by the great british gorilla seedbank I think they’ll be right at home. Good job guys. Thanks

I love the fact that I get to support a UK company when fuelling my hobby, and also I get the added bonus of great customer service, a massive selection of the best seeds available in stock ready to ship to add to my collection, minimal shipping times and zero hassle on imports, you guys do great work (and all the hard work).

I am excited to hear more about the secret strains on offer in this collection, will they be up for general sale after the competition?

Here we grow…I’m so in!!! Thanks for the kind gesture of support, continued success, stay safe and, indeed, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :heart_eyes:

Thought I’d entered this great comp!?
Comment on the blog I did too…
Must of dreamt it, something about the greatness diminished in the UK but enhanced by the arrival of gorillas with greatness abound.
I like autos (all I know to grow, on 3rd run) and I Love Gorillas!!!

I’m in thanks from across the pond, good luck everyone! Great Britain :uk: always has been a leader in Great genetics and always has great shipping!
Welcome to the Gorilla. Gorillas in The Great Britain Mist! Autos are the stuff!

Count me in!

If I win this autos I be able grow some meds for me this season,this season I don’t think be able growing outdoor this season because this beautiful strains will be first time gift seeds for me and autos is totally fine for this rough days and mi bad health… :peace_symbol:

It is good to see you back @saracx !

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Welcome to the community @Jo22 .

Welcome to the community @WHITERHINO

Great Britain and my country got the longest alliance ever, holding hands to the future.

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Gorilla Seeds is based in the UK - well, we can not all be lucky, as “Great Britain” seems to be very progressed in this manner.

Gorilla Seeds is Fully Loaded - I can not testify to that from first hand, but the “British Outdoor Auto Mix” seems like the perfect mix to own

Seed mix looks impressive, sort of a seed survival kit.

I’m in, thanks

OK, UK…I’m in!!! Spent a few years there with USAF at RAF Chicksands/Bedsfordshire. Wonderful memories. ALL, stay safe. take special care and, indeed, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :pray: :heart_eyes:

Count me in. Thanks for the opportunity, I could use some assorted autos

Congrats @MidwestMover and @Pawsfodocaws!


I won the drawing?

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