You post, $1 is donated per OG to OverGrow

For every individual OG that posts in this fund raiser, $1 per OG up to $500 total is donated to OverGrow. For every 100 OG’s that post to give a buck, your dollar will be matched to provide food for those in need. To the first 100, you are my inspiration, Thank you. Together we provided 1000 meals for those in need.

Make your post about you, link to your current grow or someone else’s. Tell everyone how much you love growing your own and sharing with the world. Your post can be what ever you want.

Do you give a buck? You post using your most precious resource… personal time. It turns into support for the OverGrow community to continue moving forward. To the OG’s that have already supported this fundraiser, your donation has been made. Thank you. Your stories of living, caring, sharing, growing and giving helps us all understand what it means to be alive.

Post as many times as you like, the donation of one dollar is per OG. If you would like to join the fund raiser and or provide financial support, please do.

We are all unique, each of us are all walking the same path. The search is constant, thirst for knowledge always takes time. Every OG contributes to the community by being a member, we support each other every day and celebrate success together constantly.


Ok, so circle back time :slight_smile: I am Doug Dawson, I am a licenced medical grower in Canada. I am 50, have 2 kids ages 33 and 35. Also a wonderful wife who is also my best friend and the mother of my children. Been growing for a number of years now and enjoying the legal status in my country. Really happy to have found what I consider the best growing community on the web, Overgrow. I like to grow my own medicine, make seeds and share this wonderful plant with the world. I also enjoy helping people through their journey and sharing what knowledge I have. Currently doing 2 preservation runs to make seeds and have been having a blast doing so. Here are my current grows. Happy growing everyone.

Thanks for doing this @Heliosphear and for helping to support this wonderful place.


Awesome idea and very generous of you!


This is such a great idea, thank you @Heliosphear

Here’s the link to my grow!

I love growing my own reefer even though it’s faster, easier, more consistent to acquire it by conventional means. I usually make a lot of mistakes in the process, then run out of my homegrown too quickly. Now that I dwell upon it, this hobby is a real nuisance!

But I digress, what really makes this hobby fun is sharing. Some of the tastiest weed I ever smoked was from seeds shared by other OG’s. The kind of tasty weed that makes me want to smoke up all of my friends and relatives so that they too may unknowingly enjoy the fruits of this hobby.

I mean I could just grow tomatoes for the same effect, but then where would I post all my pictures online?

Anyways, overgrow the world!




Cool idea man and kudos for your generosity. I went ahead and submitted my own personal donation to the site. This has been a great community to be part of and I enjoy the passionate knowledge that is shared along with the civil discourse even when there is strong disagreements at hand.


A dollar for my buddy Joe? Yes please
Honestly just the atmosphere here is amazing. Growing weed is magical and it sucks when you ask a question and some asshole belittles you. That doesn’t happen here.

Overgrow the world my friends!!!
And if you’re lucky enough to have a few extra bucks laying around please consider joining the Patreon. I owned a much smaller site than this and let me tell you it isn’t cheap or easy doing what it takes!

solfire bitties growing with the assistance of og!
ssdd bx teens made by og user @HolyAngel


really nice of you!

im just a new guy over here, so not much else to say other than still learning, going through the pains and joys of the first few runs of my perpetual. I am a soiless, inorganic-salt fertilizer grower.


This is just awesome!!! Great idea. What can I say. I started growing in the early 2000s. It started when a friend tossed a bagseed in my yard a plant grew. It was love at first sight. I took a few year hiatus due to an unplanned vacation. But when I got back I couldnt stay away. For me it’s a passion and a love more than anything. I also must say I was shocked how drastically things changed since I was gone. I don’t have a current journal going because life is busy at the moment, but I will start one soon!!! Cheers to og!!!


What a genorous offer! :wink:


What a really generous gesture @Heliosphear ! You’re a legend mate :raised_hands:


Wonderful idea. Great work @Heliosphear . Keep on growing!


Awesome! Very generous of you!


Wow this is an awesome way to support, and all I have to do is type this message, right here? Oh and talk about how amazing this site is for anyone.

Let’s overgrow the world :earth_americas:


Hi everybody, a good night to all of you.

Europe guys, the best avocado from Brazil is coming to you. We are still moving (slowly) to organic, but we are happy trying the living soil methods.

@Heliosphear :blush::pray:


I’m droppin a line to support a site who’s provided me with a wealth of knowledge and some cool new friends! way to support!


Thanks for the opportunity to support the community @Heliosphear , very cool of you, I started out in ‘91. Went medical in ‘08, Our grow is a family affair, got to keep handing these seeds down through time…. there’s a long way to go! Here’s a link to our grow, thanks! :pray: Across the 8th Dimension


Hello friends,

I’m Tracker. I like to grow plants. I just have a little hobby garden in my backyard. I pollinate my plants, and I like to share the beans.

See my garden here…


Gardening is relaxing, makes me feel productive. OG seems like a pretty good place to be a part of the community and I hope to one day be able to contribute something worthwhile. Kind of you to make an effort to ensure it’s around.