You post, $1 is donated per OG to OverGrow

A picture of a random autoflower.
That will be $1 please sir. :laughing: :+1: :v:


Better post one for you @CornbreadJunior another dollar


I totally misinterpreted the original deal, I thought I was already posted to the max.

Thank you @CornbreadJunior and @Heliosphear for making it rain, and thank you @chronix because I’m following in your example with a picture of an auto flower.



Thanks for the generosity @Heliosphear and @CornbreadJunior!


Thank you OG’s for inspiration.


Oldtimerunderground here aka OTUG! Lol

I grow with a passion more fierce than a Phoenix rising from the ashes, matched only in my love to share it far and wide.

A link to my grow

May it provide you the inspiration and motivation to have a great outdoor season this year!!

Overgrow the World!


Much love OG!


Hello all of OG! @Heliosphear and @CornbreadJunior Good people! I started my first grow diary yesterday, feel free to stop by and say hi :slightly_smiling_face:


Currant tally: 114 OG’s
$500 was donated to OverGrow 72 hours after this thread started, all posts are paid by the OG’s who give a buck to keep the community moving forward. Every dollar is being matched to give to charities that benefits as many people as possible. $100 matched dollars turned into 1000 meals, the company I work for matched the donation turning it into 2000 meals for those in need, $100 matched dollars fed people with the greatest need in the world, the company I work for matched it and doubled donation. Most people have empty pockets after paying the bills, everyone has their own needs and problems to solve. Life isn’t breezy for everyone… the rich seek only to enrich themselves.

Mrs. Helios and I live paycheck to paycheck, about 3 weeks ago… I stopped at the local convenience store on the way home, standing in line my granddaughter went to the scratch off ticket box. She point out one and turned around to say “this one paw paw”, I bought the scratcher. Later, after dinner my son was sitting outside with me, we talked about the new apartment that they were moving into. Our conversation continued and my daughter brought the ticket out and asked to scratch it, I agreed and turned to call the dogs to get them inside for the night. My daughter started screaming OMG and jumped from the chair shouting Winner, Winner!
We offered a hand up to family first, friends next, paid off the credit cards, got a new stove and necklace from Ireland for my wife’s birthday tomorrow. The last $300 for charity match dollars will be donated this coming week and posted here.

To every OG that has given a buck to OverGrow, you provided the inspiration and together we have feed thousands of people. If there was no OverGrow… none of this would have happened.


Need to let her pick some lotto numbers :rofl:

Glad you got some financial relief, I know how stressful that can be, and giving back a little is definitely good vibes. Much love for what you are doing and have already done :heart:


That’s really great @Heliosphear! congrats!

At this time the additional bonus time i added has ended. I’ll tally up tomorrow and let you know how much additional im sending to @LemonadeJoe.

Thanks for letting me jump on to your gift Helio! I hope you get to max out your offering!


What an amazing story!!! And such humble generosity! Keep it real my good man. Much love to you and your family. Thanks for givin a buck!


For every 100 OG’s that post to give a buck, your dollar will be matched to provide food for those in need.
oh snap ok im here and posting…i already help OG but now that i read this i’m pitching in.


Thank you Heliosphear you are very generous.

My first grow journal and seed run. Sign ups still open for the community.
First indoor seed run Spirit Train (Sign-up Open)

My Current grow.


Candy Cake Punch from my current run! :peace_symbol:


To my fellow OG’s: Fuck Cancer!

Thank you @CornbreadJunior for your generous donation, it has been matched to provide $100 to provided support for a cause that we can all get behind. This donation was matched by a family member and a friend.

@LemonadeJoe could you please add up those who donate monthly and provide a total amount. The total will be matched to provide food for those in need.


Ok OGers listen up: DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! It is an obvious SCAM! I don’t know what their angle is, but noone is genuinely generous, right?!?
@Heliosphear I’m watching you like a hawk!


Thank you for giving a buck and providing food for those in need. @numbskull


Easiest buck I ever gave! Thanks for making it so easy. I should also add that I love the art you’ve got scattered here and there on OG! :heart:


This is awesome.
Thanks for supporting the community