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hey everybody
I’ll be posting updates and highlights from my organic outdoor and perpetual indoor grows here, as well as photos and smoke reports cataloging my hybrid creations and pure landrace pollinations. I will also be writing about my grow techniques as I go.
feel free to post anything, let me know what you think, and I’m happy to answer any questions


I’ll start off with some brief smoke reports for my Lebanese Sinatra hybrid

lebanese sinatra lemon-poppyseed pheno

bodhi dank sinatra (la affy x 88g13hp) female x real seed co lebanese landrace male
this cross was made in my 2017 outdoor grow.
this pheno has an amazing lemon pastry smell. It smells just like lemon curd, and lemon poppyseed cake. the buds themselves smell like lemon curd and pastry, and when you break it up you get a burst of a mysterious savory poppyseed and champagne carbonation smell. tastes very sweet and cakey with floral citrus and savory toasty baked flavors. there is a poppyseed like aftertaste. very different.
the effect is intensely narcotic. it hits immediately with a warm numbing sensation, it’s very uplifting, and it really quiets your mind. very potent.
this plant was very heavily seeded, so it didn’t yield much. the unseeded parts of the buds are incredibly dense, and it has the lebanese trait of incredibly pale almost neon bud tips.


bud shots-

can’t wait to grow more of these sinsemilla


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Lebanese Sinatra donut shop pheno

The buds smell like glazed old fashioned donuts, thai iced tea, jasmine green tea, and the overall aroma of a neighborhood donut shop with pure oil, sugar, and hints of mild coffee. It has the same resin as the sinatra buds, which leaves your fingers oily and almost slimy.If you look closely while handling the buds, you can actually see tiny strands of stickiness between the bud and your finger.

The resin is similar to its dank sinatra mother, but I can really see the lebanese influences in the paleness of the buds, and in the very delicate thin plant material that makes up the buds. one of the traits I like to see is a high ratio of resin to plant matter. I love dense sticky bud, but what I really want is an extremely resinous bud with a lot of surface area for trichome production that hits like good hash. in those terms, this plant is perfect for me. It hits incredibly smooth with a sweet, complex, mild flavor, and if I hover the lighter over the buds, I can see the trichomes melting before it starts to burn.

The flavor is like glazed old fashioned donuts, thai iced tea, jasmine flowers, and apple fritters. There is a slight ‘cool’ sensation, and the exhale is very sweet like pastry icing. There is a strong lingering aftertaste of asian black tea and donuts.
While smoking and handling the bud I get occasional blasts of that oily donut shop smell, like when your walking through the city, and someone opens the door of a donut place, and you just get blasted by that oily, yeasty, coffee and sugar bakery smell.
It is very potent with an immediate narcotic sinatra effect, but it also has the trippy shroomy aspects of the lebanese, with mild perspective altering properties and a massive peaceful sky headspace. the effect is hard to describe, it’s trippy and slightly shroomy, but it’s very focused and it makes your thinking incredibly clear. Very good for zoning in on something creative like drawing or making music. Very medicinal for muscle relaxation, muscle cramps, appetite stimulation, nausea, and heavy pain relief.

The seeds produced by this pheno are the exact same large, blackish brown, oblong coffin shaped seeds produced by the initial Dank Sinatra mother.

bud shots-


For some background on the Lebanese Sinatra, here are some photos of the parent plants in my 2017 outdoor

Real Seed Company Lebanese landrace male father
the bees loved this guy. not super dense, but colorful and ornate with prolific pollen production. I made an edible with the entire male plant and it got me surprisingly wasted.

Bodhi Dank Sinatra mother

this plant was a low yielder, but resin production was truly fantastic, and it smelled exactly like a glazed Krispy Kreme donut.


The bees do seem to like the pollen.

I am wanting that honey for sure :bee:


lebanese sinatra golden gate pheno

I’m calling this one golden gate because the orange hairs are the same color as the bridge, and because it smells like you’re standing at the top of twin peaks on a foggy day. I love weed that smells like outdoor air, the forest, or the ocean. Normally I don’t name everything, but these plants are all seeded with f2’s from a short branchy slow vegging male so I want to have a good names for labeling and breeding purposes.

the smell on this one is really unique and savory. not sweet or dessert like at all. this one smells like a good dinner followed by a walk to get some fresh air. smells like new years in san francisco.
it has a savory, toasty smell like fresh bread with a poppyseed crust, crisp dry effervescent champagne carbonation, ocean air and fog, garlic, pine, and dry sandy soil with wildflowers, herbs, and vegetation. hints of fresh aromatic mandarin or satsuma, black pepper, and chocolate.
there is a lingering morning fog dankness that reminds me of dense fog on twin peaks, or the meadows in golden gate park on a cold morning. the herbal vegetal aspects smell like the wild dill, fennel, and flowering wild onions that grow in parks in san francisco.

the flavor isn’t as complex as the smell, but it is really smooth and savory. very smooth and mild on the inhale, like toasty bread with a poppyseed crust, celery root, and parsnip. there is much more flavor on the exhale. intense dry champagne carbonation and poppyseed with an aftertaste of parsnip and dry champagne. the only sweetness is a savory vegetal sweetness like parsnip, which lingers after you exhale.

this one looks really old school. the buds are very dense with yellow and pink faded sugar leaves and small tight calyxes forming star shaped points, and absolutely covered in burnt orange hairs. the resin glands are tiny. it doesn’t appear frosty, but it is very very sticky. It’s hard to see under all the hair, but the tiny calyxes are completely coated with the smallest resin glands I’ve ever seen. this one is more lightly seeded than the other phenos. seeds from this pheno are very small in comparison to the others.

medium-high potency, with a high that immediately relieves pain and leaves you very comfortable without introducing any other physical sensations. Mentally and physically relaxing, makes you motivated and focused. Slightly shroomy, in that it has a trippy mental clarity that broadens your perspective and grounds you. Helps with nausea and stimulates appetite. Very medicinal. The high is long lasting and seems to change over time. Although you could smoke this before going to sleep, this is perfect wake and bake weed for a day when you just want to kick back. Great for being social, or just watching movies and reading books. The effect is very dynamic, this might be my favorite pheno.

other notes-
Before curing, the smell was straight up garlic and herbs with a toasty poppyseed flavor. almost like an everything bagel.
The hash from this pheno is a potent red honey oil that smells like brown sugar. much different than the shattery resin that my process usually yields.
I popped one of the seeds from this pheno, and it’s looking great in veg. big leaves on a very short frame with good branching.
here’s a photo of the lebanese sinatra golden gate f2 seedling before transplant into its veg pot


Bodhi Seeds tester
ethiopian heirloom banana pheno x omg afghani
pheno 1, autoflowering sativa expression
This will flower under 18/6 when the plant is mature and reaching the limits of its pot. An interesting landrace hybrid trait, it makes sense that it would flower in veg because it’s unlikely that the photoperiod ever gets to 12/12 in ethiopia.
unfortunately this particular cross was unstable, but I really enjoyed growing these. I’m currently flowering the last of the ethiopian x afghani clones. This pheno smells like fresh peaches and apricots, raisins, and dessert wine. I really enjoy the red and yellow fade that these get.
Not my best photos, but I think you’ll get the idea. There are some tiny spots of light burn as well, these stretch like crazy.

and one with flash

I kept as much red leaf as possible when I trimmed these. interestingly, pale red leaves retain their color, and the red leaves with the most pigment dry/cure to black. This autoflowering individual is a different expression of this phenotype than the other two clones. The regular 12/12 expression of this pheno has bulbous afghani structured buds with crazy sativa foxtail tips. I’ll post photos of that expression as well.

I just received another hybrid made with a different pheno of the ethiopian that may be stable. This one is called ethiopian paintbrush x omg, and I’m really excited to see how it compares.


Surfin Durban

durban pie x surf’s up
durban pie- cherry pie bx to durban, a genetic precursor to girl scout cookies
surf’s up- thai x canadian 50 day indica

Smells like intense gasoline fumes with and mango hard candy. The taste is like fuel and mango candy with a kushy exhale.

This seed originates from a very old school fillmore grower in san francisco who retained a lot of older bay area genetics. I learned to grow with seeds from accidental pollinations from this grow and got some amazing plants.

I thought my last baggie of these seeds had been stolen years ago, but it looks like this one somehow made it. it’s possible this one was actually an accidental pollination from one of my early grows before I was good at spotting males.

This plant had a lot of stress early on, I thought it would simplify things if I started it in commercial soil. I used some locally mixed seed starter soil called coco #5 and had ph problems and millipedes eating my seeds. This was the only seed, so I really babied it and eventually got it pretty healthy. In the end, the solution was rather crude, I fell back to fox farms ocean forest soil because it had always worked well for the durban pie and surf’s up in my early grows. The salt based nutrients in that soil were an effective quick fix for the nutrient uptake and ph issues caused by the coco starter mix.
some whole shot plants so you can see the structure, which in this case is a crazy asymmetrical v shape.

This grow didn’t reach the full potential of the plant, but it yielded well for its size with 2.5 ounces, smelled great, and faded to some really interesting red and purple colors. Interestingly, it looked like the durban pie in veg with dark green 5 and 7 blade fan leaves and a symmetrical structure. But in flower, it looks just like the thai phenos of the surf’s up, with thin willowy pale sativa leaves that develop reddish purple stripes as they ripen. Here are examples of the pure durban pie and surf’s up. The smell also reflects its parent plants: the surf’s up had a tropical floral sweetness, and the durban pie had a very loud stinking kushy smell.

Initially I didn’t like the high, and thought about scrapping or giving away my only clone. But after a 3-4 month cure the smell high has really refined and intensified. This is a pretty trippy speedy sativa, more so than either of its parents. With such an amazing gasoline and mango smell, I had to make some hybrids with it. The clone (which took several months to root and then reveg) has really blown up in the outdoor grow. Within a month it has grown from a solo cup clone to a branchy 2 foot tall bush. With a healthy clone in my rich no till soil, the vigor and ease of growth are amazing.

This will be pollinated by either bodhi’s dank sinatra or blueberry hashplant in my outdoor grow, or possibly with guava hashplant pollen from my indoor grow.

I’ll definitely be taking a break from african sativas for a while after this project. They’re really fun to grow but medicinally I need more indicas.


Interestingly, it looked like the durban pie in veg with dark green 5 and 7 blade fan leaves and a symmetrical structure. But in flower, it looks just like the thai phenos of the surf’s up, with thin willowy pale sativa leaves that develop reddish purple stripes as they ripen. Here are examples of the pure durban pie and surf’s up. The smell also reflects its parent plants: the surf’s up had a tropical floral sweetness, and the durban pie had a very loud stinking kushy smell.

Surf’s Up (thai x canadian 50 day indica)

Durban Pie (cherry pie durban bx)


Great shots! Looking awesome, nice and tasty!


so fun to see buds with seeds peeking out …way to grow


Very nice work ! And appreciate your fantastic photography ! Am very interested in your Dank Sinatra tangent/crosses ,not sure if you line worked them (?),is there possibly a grow diary ?or log ? other pictures anywhere ? Man ! I love those descriptions ! Yeah !
Peace and love !


Bodhi’s Guava Hashplant – stardawg guava x 88g13hp
2 females were open pollinated by 3 males. Both females were keepers, and will be used for more specific f2 breeding with frozen pollen from two selected males.

The males are near the end of their lifecycle, the bulk of their flowers have dropped, but they continue to dump pollen everywhere.

female F - reminds me of a ‘platinum chem’ I used to have in the bay area. smells like bitter og kush / 90’s hairspray. This one was somewhat stunted because it was pollinated so early in flowering.

female B- like a fruity smelling chemdawg with high yields. this one had time to preflower before pollination so yields were a lot better than the other female.

lots of beautiful seeds from these plants. interestingly, female F had multiple conjoined triplet seeds that looked like star anise pods.
I will be growing these as my primary medicine for a while. Very effective for pain reduction, very effective for managing spams and cramps, and it definitely helps with recovery from joint dislocations and muscle injuries.
Pheno F hits like an intensely potent narcotic kush, Pheno B is more of a full spectrum indica cannabis experience.


@riverlady thanks river, your shower grow is also looking great.

@Ftlob sorry for the slow reply.
thanks for taking a look man, I’m glad you’re enjoying the journal. The documented phenos here are my favorite f1’s, seeded with f2’s. most of the f2’s have been tested but not worked further.

I’m planning to bring the ‘donut shop,’ ‘golden gate,’ and ‘mountain dew’ phenos to f3 or f4. the goal is to have a few different stable variants that reliably produce similar aromatics.

I will also be continuing to explore the f1’s.
I’m loving these, the initial narcotic pain relief plus the long lasting shroomy psychedelic high makes these pretty unique.

I have a lot of photos, but I’ve found I just can’t keep up with documenting a grow in real time. I mainly post summaries of each grow so people can see what I’m working on and get a feel for the general traits of the line.

I definitely have more documentation of the lebanese line that pollinated the selected dank sinatra in the general lebanese thread.
Starting with this post- Lebanese Sativa Landrace by Real Seed Company - Outdoor


Thank you ! I appreciate your expertise brother ! Really excited about these Dank Sinatras I’m running,they are f2s from what I understand, very nice variation,two beautiful and distinct phenotypes , from one end of the spectrum to the other ! Each have similar smells,I found two that are absolutely mouthwatering ! And can’t wait to try ! I do struggle at times, trying to learn,seem to have been cutting (harvest)way to early,my vision is terrible,and I like to blame that,it’s really inexperience tho, I am sure ! I am getting closer than ever, usually boils down to I need the meds ! and it’s better than anything from any dispo ! And most things that I have ever smoked ! Starting to ramble (sorry) haha , good day brother ! Hope all is well with you !
Peace and love
PS, would hate to clutter your thread, would love to chat via dm,if at all possible,in regards to the Dank Sinatra