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Basic Growing Info

Brand Newbie? First time growing? Just want to give it a shot? Then come right in and ask your questions about plant growth, hydroponic and organic growing, equipment, you name it…the answer is here.

Indoor Growing

Once you know the basics and decide on creating your own indoor environment you can move in here. Lighting, hydroponics, organics, co2, environmental controls, methods, techniques, strategies and more.

Outdoor Growing

Can't stand being cooped up? Roomates a good citizen? Want to learn about growing under the Big Halide in the Sky? Then come out and play!

Sick Plants & Problems

Problems with identifying and prevention from pests, plant sickness and deseases? Ask for other growers for help.

Growroom Design

Whether it's your first grow or your 100th, you can learn new techniques and arrangements for making your space more efficient.

Advanced Techniques

Have an idea for an experiment, a new method or technique you'd like to share? Problems with the garden? Mites or other bugs getting under your skin? Stay on the cutting edge or get advice from the experts.

Breeder's Lab

Take part in discussions of breeding and the genetics of the fine herb. This is the place for the latest on new strains and the top breeders of cannabis.

Image Gallery

Click in to Overgrow’s most popular forum and show us your pics!

Smoker's Lounge

After the harvest is when the fun begins. Learn about new toys for the head and shoot the breeze with other Overgrow members. This is the general-purpose chat area, all abusive posts will be removed.

Trading Post

Trade your cannabis genetics - Seed Trading, Clone Trading, Pollen Trading.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Topics about growing and lifestyle in other-than English languages. Spanish, German, French ...


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