Bodhi Plant and seed guide

Why aren’t we crowd funding efforts such as:

Easy enough to set-up something similar to a trust account.


One of my biggest hopes with my trip is that it would inspire more people to do it, as well. It’s the biggest reason I wanted full transparency and to share all of my planning and prep work. There are too many secrets in this business.

It’s not as expensive as most people think, either. The cost of living outside of the west is generally very low. This South America trip is going to be expensive, but that’s only because of the vehicle part. Vehicles, be they cars or boats, seem to have ways of just hoovering up money. You could do this on foot for not much, at all.

More people need to be doing this because my success isn’t certain. The only people doing this right now are doing it in the context of a business venture. That’s sad, to me, the idea that capitalism is the only thing that can save this sacred plant. That there isn’t anything inherently magical or special enough to warrant preservation outside of the context of money or business.

I’ve got a passenger seat and am interested in a co-driver if anyone wants to try dipping their toes into this kind of adventure.


Woah. I’m always up for an adventure, aspiring documentary filmmaker of sorts. Unfortunately don’t spend much time on here and am unable to see the thread though. Best of luck on your journey!!


Anyone has bodhi hp13 ×artifact 1


:eyes::eyes::eyes: watching for a reply :popcorn:


I don’t have access to that forum anymore, either, so it’s not an important discussion in the context of the current status of my project. That was the private forum topic I made when deciding to switch from Asia to Latin America due to covid. Here’s the regular, more current thread:

I’d kill to bring some one with me that knew their way around a camera.


I’d be on that in a heartbeat were it not for being chained in place by work.


Yeah, but you’re not selling those seeds, either. At least, I don’t think you are haha. If it’s just for fun, I don’t see anything “wrong” with some chucks for you and some friends. But when you’re selling those seeds, especially for the insane amounts of money that a lot of those people do, then you’re getting into a whole ‘nother thing…


I’m interested in the artefact #1 cross. Can’t remember the exact quote from bodhi but it was like something had awakened the little kid in him lol something about how it was so foul and maybe something about smelling like it came out of a dumpster lol.
Since then It’s always sold out one of his deep line alchemy collection I think?


DLA 5. It seems to be sold out. Maybe it will be restocked at GLG soon. I know people on other forums have made F2 and I was lucky enough to run them. I found an A1 leaner that has the acrid, sweaty, meat profile he talked about. I just purchased the ingredients for STS and it will be a spring project of mine to s1 my DLA 5 and my Goji F1 mom. Good luck


I’m skint at moment but I would raid credit card for that strain fo sure.


Just a heads up in case you or anyone else is looking. Cobra Lips, Elfinstone, Blood Orange and more just got listed the other day at chuckersparadise

There are some interesting packs there…but they are too pricey for me, asking 100 a pack, especially after gorging on the 420 sales.No affiliation with these beans other than some drool on my keyboard. The other fly in the ointment is he wants to do one deal for all 9 packs, I already running Bingo PJ’s, and Black Lotus and Blood Orange there are 3 packs…so,no can do :grimacing:


Caveat emptor.

It’s difficult for me to trust buying old beans off some rando after the debacle with some of those mia packs ending up unviable, never germing, for the people who paid $500 a pack for them from the resellers. And no service after the sale. Basically the buyers of dead beans were all SOL from what I read. You just don’t know how they were stored…and the people at that site are not really people I’d trust, just in general…

I’d rather ask if anyone’s willing to trade, than take a $100 chance on those old beans. Better to buy from a legit seedbank, or just make friends, ask them if they have anything in their back pocket. None of those are super rare or that sought after imho. Cobra Lips was a freebie for YEARS, so somebody selling them now is kinda :roll_eyes:


Typical of that kind of forum. I’m sure there will be someone to buy them :roll_eyes:


Oh interesting. I followed that Mia thread for awhile, turned out a lot of them were bunk!?? Oof, thats tough!


There is two newb’s here ?
Never noticed that :flushed:


Buyer beware on any online sale no doubt.

The MIA Beans have been good to me so far with the only germ rate issues with the Drunken Unicorn but was told by Strayfox they had to be cracked with your teeth before germination and I found that out too late.

The Pure Kush Suge cut x Uzbekistan Hashplant, A13x A11 , and Sour Diesel Mix pack I donated for reproduction also had good results.

Shipping, reshipping, storage, user error, etc are an issue and seeds won’t stay fresh forever so pop them if you got them.


Will do. 7 of the 11 sprouted for me. I’ll start the log soon.


Has anyone ran the 88G13 X Strawberry milk?


There’s some good dudes over at Chucker’s Paradise, but I concur. I bought a pack of Snow Temple on Strainly and not a single seed came up. Dude shipped it FedEx during a summer heat wave so they probably got cooked in the truck. Big bummer, thankfully was just a face value loss.