Breedbay needs your help

It looks like breedbay is out of money with no clear plan of how to move forward. The admins are not willing to host or organize a fundraiser auction. Back up any data and info that you might need ASAP.

That site is a treasure trove of cannabis history, one of the few places that well regarded breeders post directly. Bodhi cataloged his seed finding expeditions there, subcool had his own subforum, there is a lot of important information that will be lost.

It also has some of the most complete backups of the original Overgrow growfaqs from before the site was shut down in 2006.

People should try to copy information over from breedbay and post it here in the growfaqs and in the breeder forums.

@Enjoi802 is hosting a fundraiser on his instagram, if anyone is interested check it out. I will be donating some strayfox packs and freebies, my own creations, and maybe a bodhi freebie or two.


It looks like their overdue site hosting bill has been paid.

edit 5/17/22- breedbay has some big plans for the future and needs more community involvement.


I’m trying to see what getting them out of the hole will do, it’s a historical item worth preservation in my eyes.


We already have the most complete Og growfaqs in the forums. #advanced-techniques:growfaq


This saddens me very much


This is unfortunate. Spent a lot of time on breedbay back in the day.

Landrace search and find threads were a favorite.


Well, this is the first I’ve heard of it! I’ve supported all breedbay costs for over a decade and if i have to sell an organ I will do so to continue paying … Ignotius couldn’t get hold of me due to a local emergency resulting in me being offline for an extended time and it got waaay too close for comfort to the server due date… is all…

I have completed setting up the auction now and we are about to launch it… this will ensure the future of the Bay… out of respect for overgrow i won’t link the auction site here…

I wish you would of just contacted me for clarification before you created such a misinformed thread zeph… :-/ I have protected all user data since day one and i don’t plan on losing any anytime soon…




Hmmmm that post made it sound like i support the bay single handedly, which is not accurate… without Ignotius, and our site sponsors it wouldn’t be anything like how it is today, Iggy has redesigned, upgraded and sweated for years behind the scenes with limited budget…

we could of just bolted on adverts etc but we have always been reluctant to do that and prefer to have added value that members will subscribe to and promote great companies, products and services as affiliates etc…

keep your eyes peeled good things are happening at the bay this year…


so i guess thats some help to explain eh…

IBD almost killed me last year…actually exactly a year ago right now…

so whats the vibe? we are scrambling and begging? no, not even willing to beg? lol

or well more accurately…refusing the opportunity to sacrifice our best ideals, and taking this chance to better expose and develop them.

i am better able to work again now…and pistils is catching up and maintaining the work of a whole family for real so not only will this survive…it will redefine what an online community can be.

the new model will not rely on adverts or solicitations but will include, in the non profit framework, opportunities to help build/support/secure this community… with incentive benefits to all from vendor, to breeder, to growers and smokers.



right on skipper! doing my part…smoking, growing, posting over there, i like Breedbay, hoping for a bright future and all your efforts to be fruitful.

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Hi there! Wanted to let you know that this thread got me to sign up over on the bay, so for what it’s worth… I think this thread over here will help you guys in the long run :sunglasses:


Thanks for yalls hard work. Communities that disappear always leave a hole in the info that we need. I’ll try and support the auction to keep you guys alive!!


I salty I’m missing out on these other websites…I only know of this one and if there’s other communities out there please share.

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Sorry @Hashtronaut pistils and @Ignotius, it wasn’t my intention to spread any rumors or misinform anybody. On the day I posted this thread, ignotius said the site was going down within 24 hours. I had been offering to donate seeds for breedbay fundraiser for a few years, and repeated my offer when I heard ignotius’ news about the site’s future being in jeopardy.

The post that pistils funding was keeping everything online didn’t happen until later that afternoon. Plans for the future of the site were discussed after that.

I think everything I posted here was accurate to what I was hearing from ignotius on the morning I made this post. Just look back in the breedbay 2023 thread and you’ll see exactly what posts I was referring to.

I’m really glad everything got taken care of. It seems like breedbay is getting more active as well.

I didn’t mean to make it sound as if you guys didn’t have everything backed up. I know you guys do because the site was fully intact when it came back online after going down in 2017. But during that time, no one else had access to that information. That’s why I wanted people to save their own posts and back up any info they needed.

I hope this thread has gotten some people engaged with breedbay, gotten some old users to log back in again, and raised awareness about the fundraiser that is currently being held for breedbay.

Thank you both for logging in here to give us all an official update on what is going on with breedbay.

Now that the situation has changed, I will change the thread title to “breedbay needs your help” because it sounds like you guys want more community involvement to get the ball rolling.


i only feel to protest over the implication of separation which is not in the spirit of it…but seems like what many, for some good historical reasons etc, seem to assume.

we dont “need your help” because we are you…

when people like enjoi find a way to create a helpful solution, as i corrected him also, lol…its not to help “you guys”…its “us guys”…all this work and effort is not being pushed to lead selfish goals to benefit some few…you could never measure the blood poured in and some value indirect or however is expected…i wont want this to be misunderstood however…

it isnt the motivation or the goal…why i pushed and kept pushing even when sick…why pistils kept with all thru his life changes etc…its about an evolution of internet community itself, and true progression of quality dank in a flooding scene which we all should value.


I agree with you on all of this. I consider myself a part of the breedbay community, and glad to be involved. These are collective goals, and I’m going on this journey with you and pistils and everyone else. Can’t wait to see where this takes us and what we can achieve.

I get what your saying, I don’t think any separation is really implied by “breedbay needs your help.” I think that’s a pretty good simple phrase to express that breedbay needs people to pull together to keep the community going strong.


I’d sort of forgotten about them. I’ve been a member there since 09.
WOW it sure looks way different now! Very nice!!

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I coulda sworn I logged into breedbay a couple months ago and it was active.

But i just went to breed bay dot org and looks like the most recent posts are 2019

Is there a new address / new site?

nm, I found it, it just requires adding a /community at the end