Growduino - environment control system

Hello OG users and growers, I’d like to introduce my system for room automation. Please do not hesitate to ask any question. I build theese on demand, everything is custom-made, prices vary greatly - from 200€ for LITE variant with measure capability only to almost 750€ for most advanced MEGA variant with 10 output sockets and full set of sensors with battery backup. Just contact me for details :slight_smile:

Growduino is an open source system based on the Arduino platform, created for a complete remote control and monitoring of closed indoor growing areas such as growrooms and greenhouses. It’s also possible to use the system locally/directly.

The system works by reading series of sensors and output devices and then processing the data according to the user’s settings to achieve the best possible outcomes. The user interface can be accessed from web browser in your PC, smartphone or tablet (no installation of dedicated application needed), and you can access the interface from anywhere in the world. You can go on a vacation without worries and still be in total control - Growduino will take care of everything.


Growduino measures and records all the values to internal microSD card. Measuring cycle takec place once per minute, user receives a farly detailed information about the environment for the plants and also the fish when used in aquaponics.

Theese measured values shows at well-arranged and modern graphs in the web browser. Thanks to the Internet You can view the pages anywhere on earth using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. It’s possible to browse through history hourly, day by day or per month. The same about history of switching devices, You’ll see what was turned on or off when browsing into the past.

You’ll ever know what’s the situation in the growing area just in time thanks to theese graphs.


In addition to measuring and recording several quantities from sensors, Growduino can switch on/off output devices such as Lamps, Humidifier, Fan and many others. There are 240V Solid state relays inside, which provides great freedom in the choice of devices.

Every device switching is based on user settings, all of this can be done using web browser in your smartphone, tablet or computer. The best thing is, that it can be done from any part of planet Earth (Internet connection needed, of course).

According to selected main unit, You can control up to 10 devices. See below for detailed description. Every output has a standard digital timer and intervalometer besides. If unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help You refine your needs and choose the right main unit and devices You need to control. Just keep in mind, that maximum power is 2300W = 10A/240V of all devices together. Every device which draws 250W or more need to have a heatsink for relay, please state this when ordering.

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One of the major advantages in using Growduino is sending emails when certain criteria are met. You can guard not only temperature or humidity, but also temperature of the watering solution, functionality of lighting and in the luxury version with UPS also the power outages. It depends only on the selection of used sensors.

You’ll always know about non-standard environment in the growing area and have the option to intervene and avoid disaster. If you have an email access in your smartphone, you can get information about the situation of your plants anywhere in the world.

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This page of Growduino web control interface is intended for internet connection, mail sending, timezone and some other system settings. Configuration is very simple, all You need to know is a few basic infromations about your home network and internet provider/operator. In fact, it’s not much different from your home wi-fi router, everyone can handle it. Internet connection using cable (ethernet, LAN) is required, Growduino uses the same way as desktop PC.


Also, there is calibration settings for pH, EC and CO2 sensors. It’s a two-point calibration, for very low EC values like clear water an offset is added.

It’s never been easier - just obtain standard calibration solutions, push a button, save measure and voila!


Last page in web application allows You to backup all the settings and upload them later. This can be advantage in case You own more Growduinos and want to copy the settings. Or just experimenting and then maybe get back to previous settings easily - or just delete it and start from the beginning.

Some sensor pictures :slight_smile:


Great work r-man… Growduino project has turned really professional!

Have you thought about trying some crowdfunding site to make a living from this with full blown startup enterpreneurship?

I love the user interface and overall nice design. It really looks in phase to go from small manufacture to bigger scale :slight_smile: and lower costs…

btw What is the current cost of pH sensor alone? These were pretty costly in the past (probably most expensive type of sensor).

Thanks and welcome to OG!

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Yeah, crowdfunding…I haven’t any experience with doing such thing and what i see sometimes is, that if the project is to be successful, it needs to be prepared very, VERY well. I mean pictures, videos, texts, all the marketing…Maybe I need a little more time to do so.

pH sensor alone is not that expensive as in the past. Without a converter the probe costs about 15€, together it’s about 50€, which is still cheaper than ordinary pH meters in growshops. And You gain much more than ordinary pH meter if connected to Growduino, You know - graphs, history, email alerts…:slight_smile:

Most expensive sensor is CO2 now. Price is about 80+€ ! This sensor is equipped with MG-811, which is highly sensitive to CO2 and has very low sensitivity to other gas, so it’s quite accurate in measures. But again, when connected to Growduino, You gain much more - graphs, history, email alerts and most important - dosing of CO2 gas into the room tied together with ventilation. As seen in post Growduino - environment control system , You can set temperature and humidity level according to ventilation settings, so You avoid dosing CO2 at the moment when ventilation is running. That will save You a lot of money in the end :slight_smile:

pH sensor for 50€ is not that much as you said… We can’t compare it with traditional pocket pH meter because your system allows continuous measurement, similar to what Milwaukee monitor offers…

Can you compare accuracy (just theoretically by looking at specifications) to solutions like this semi-professional Wifi pH monitor?

I think your price would be still very competitive if I take into account possibility of extensions to your solution if you compare that to this Milwaukee WiFi Data Logger which is sold for 280 USD

Speaking of CO2 reminds me that these systems are the future… It can offer very sophisticated way to manage growing of plants… Very interesting… I’d love to test it sometimes and experiment with fine-tuning ventilation according to CO2 measurements… I haven’t done this yet…

Accuracy of pH measures is the same as proffessional and industry solutions. The whole secret is in calibration. One thing is to be done in Growduino software in the future - temperature dependency. When You look at the packaging of calibration liquids like the one here , you can see little diferencies dependent on temperature. But they are very, VERY little - I’m pretty sure this is not something even to consider during cultivation :slight_smile:

And yeah - this probe is industry/proffessional grade, but the price…


I think you are on to something very big!

A true, accurate and predictable control system with the almost unlimited functions like you have created is something any serious grower who also works a serious career would be very interested in…
I’m very interested:)

How long have you been working on this idea?

Stay hazed,


First idea came in autumn 2012, so it’s 4 years of work!


wow. i am impressed!! goodjob r-man!! looks waaaaay too complicated for me but damn hydro growers are lucky to have this controller!! incredible

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I can see lot of love and care has been put into this work! You must be big perfectionist! :yin_yang: to you

Big thanks to all of You for likes, I appreciate this support. If anybody wants to have any type of Growduino - small “BASIC”, or medium “PRO” or the biggest one “MEGA” , don’t hesitate to pm me.

Your software looks amazing.
I been looking for this projects and see alot of them imcomplete.
You say its open source, do you have any documentation on how to build one?
Thank you

Hi Killiam, unfortunately - the documentation is not my strong point :-/

The code is - basic documentation down there, build by Arduino IDE and load to Arduino.

Web application is – just build and copy to micro SD card.

How to build the hardware part is my know-how in which I invested many, many hours of work. I’ve tried to create a build manual, but it’s still developing and changing often. Also the build manual is CZE only, so I have to finnish it and then transtalte to ENG :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’m glad I can announce that ENG web pages are finished for now. Every new sensors and all the necessary information are there. Fell free to visit and tell your friends who are not registered here on Overgrow, thank You.

Also You can like on FB (CZE only) or follow me on Twitter (ENG only) .

Psst - if You know someone good at graphics and web design who will work for…not money…let me know :wink:

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