Micro fans and carbon filters?

Hey thanks. I might be, would like to see if the company even exists anymore first though haha. The last thing I need is 2 spent filters instead of just one :expressionless:

Have you ever used one of these?

I must been high its black :joy::joy:. Thought it was small enough for a pc case i had few months back, when it arrived i seen the size an had no use for it way too big. I have 2 tents running but again wouldnt of been a good fit more for a box or cab.

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No never did but i seen good reviews on another forum about them. Thats how i came across it. Though someone said it was small enough for a pc case either that or they had a model i didnt see.

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This is a great store, everything is nicely matched. Prices are decent too.
Have these on the way:


Carbon filter:

Coupling ring:

I’ll see how it goes in a month or two.

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Those look really great, thanks for the link. I wish I would have known about them before I ordered the other one, it looks as though they’ve gone out of business. I guess when my filter runs out in 6-12 months I’ll have to look into these!

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The site is still not available. Maybe they got rich very fast? :laughing:

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I’m gonna guess the complete opposite happened lol. Shame really it seems like a good product.

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Then they should tell us where to get the bankruptcy assets cheap. :smiling_imp:


That’d be great lol, I’d love to grab up some spares on the cheap.

Not sure if anyone posted this brand yet…

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Do you still have this? Any change you could deconstruct it and post pictures of how they’ve made it? Since they’re no longer in business

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Hi. Do you still have this? Any chance you could deconstruct it and post pictures of how they’ve made it? Since they’re no longer in business

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Hey I still have it, but still haven’t used it yet so I won’t be dismantling it unfortunately lol. I can grab some closer pics of it if you’d like…

The fan is third party, and the holder is just silicon with 3m adhesive on it, so the only hard thing to reproduce would be the actual scrubber (duh :drooling_face:). It’s a shame they went out of business, its a cool idea and I’m sure there’s a market for them somewhere.


Im trying to replicate it. Is their much suck/blow when it’s going?


Well I haven’t hooked it up yet to see. Because of the design I have to either stick or screw the fan on to have it pull through the filter. The fan itself is not particularly strong though so I doubt there will be much.

Looks like you’re on the right track. Keep in mind they shipped these with small infinity fans that’s run on USB with a variable speed switch. It’s definitely leads powerful than a 4" muffin fan, but much quieter too.

May want to take your personal info out of your post

Hey Beacher, I just built my own custom air exhaust using a PC sized fan and some duct work. Now my grow room is a small 3x4x82 it’s actually (33" x 53" x 81 1/2 ) but anyways. I decided to stick to 4" holes. For the fan mount… I got a piece of duct work(Home Depot) its a 4" hole tapered up to a 6" hole. Then I simply shaped as a square (taking my time to do it properly) and made it fit in perfectly. I also bought aluminum tape and after bending the duct work alil more to close ALL gaps as best I could; I used the aluminum tape to seal it properly. At Walmart you can by HEPA filters that are carbon filters and there kinda like a thicker piece of that green abrasive material you see on alot of sponges. BUT it filters out any smells!!! And if you get afew of them or a big one… Simply cut it to the size you need and stick 1-2 circle pcs in your air exhaust tube! Anyways hope it helps. It’s what I did and I worked phenomenal.


Posted these here before… Has been working really well in my cabinets. Needs a remake as I botched the threads somehow in fusion. Cotton face cleaning pad both sides about 3tbsp of carbon, some dash123 o-rings, and a 5$ 5015 blower fan.

Keeping my microgrow from stinking. Got about 8 weeks out of the carbon.

Was going to rework it in the not too distant future.


That’s really cool I’ve never seen those before. Do you have a link to them at Wally world?

@Hephaestus tight build there. How did you pack the carbon? I tried making a few years ago and that was the hardest thing for sure.