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I am wondering if it is normal for fan leaves to do what I’m calling “praying Mantis mode” . The leaves fold up and in, kind of like they are helping on a conscious level (don’t laugh) to give light below. Also, I am uncertain about to keep the fan leaves for sugar production or to lollipop. Any insights you might have are much appreciated. They are approaching week 5 both XXXOG and are under OxyLed string lights on 18/6 and germinated from seed.

Hey bud can you tell us more, maybe a pic or two would help… I think you describe your plants ‘praying almost’ , it’s usually a sign of light too near or too hot.? I mean , it’s not usually a problem and yes that’s exactly what the leaves are doing- giving the lower leaves more light = deliberately, as you put it…
Any pics and maybe someone else will chime in. Happy growing

Saludos everyone - first time trying to grow my own medicine… Let’s see how it goes…

Howdy peeps, newbie trying to grow and getting in touch for time😅
Can one mix indoor with outdoor?