Anyone Familiar W/Sig P320?

This may apply to other models as well…It’s the modular part, where you are able to change calibers.
And that may not have much bearing…

Here’s the problem.
I was cleaning it, as it was given to me by my uncle who got sick.
When I first got it, the thing was filthy as hell. Later learned by by the gun range that they did the cleanings for him.
I said it must have been a while because this thing is nasty AF.

After three hours of scrubbing I said to hell with it and attempted to reassemble.
Whilst cleaning it, I remember two differ actions, it sounds like it’s cocked.
I’m not familiar with it to say what will happen if I just try to pull the trigger.
Didn’t want to screw up anything.
It’s just not going to work until it is released.

The take down pin can’t go through the hole. On the second action, it moved forward by a few mm’s.

I didn’t plan on removing the “gun” part, or that is what Sig considers the gun…You’d have to know what I’m referring to or this doesn’t make any since.

Hopefully I was clear on that…
Can provide pics if needed. Thx!

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