April Picture of the month ~Contest~ 🎥

:movie_camera::boom::seedling: Picture of the month contest thread! :seedling::boom: :movie_camera:

How it works -

Each month you can enter one (only one) Amazing picture from a current Or recent grow. It can be of anything. Trich shot, bud shot, aphids eating your stem shot :rofl: etc… on the 29th of each month a poll will be posted and on the 1st of each month a winner will be announced!!

To enter is simple. Donate 12$ USD to the site https://overgrow.com/donate (cards accepted, contact @LemonadeJoe if you prefer paypal). Put your name in the list below and you’re in for the year. Shipping costs are being taken care of by @PoppaPuff ( special thanks to him, what a great dude)

That’s 12 chances to win for only 12 bucks!
- contest runs from May 2020 - April 2021-


  1. Only one entry per month per person
  2. Pic must be taken by you of a recent or current Ganja grow
  3. You must donate $12 to https://overgrow.com/donate (it’s card gateway, paypal available too - msg @LemonadeJoe)
  4. Entries must be submitted by the 28th of each month before 11:59pm (EST) at which time a poll will be posted to the thread. It will stay up until the last day of the month And a winner will be announced on the 1st of each month.
  5. You cannot vote for your own entry.

Whats up for Grabs

For the first 9 months a Vax Plus dry herb and wax Vaporizer and a pack of seeds from my collection will go to the winner

For the remaining 3 months the prize will be a VS dry herb Vaporizer and 2 packs of beans from my collection.

How to participate

:mega: Please enter your name below to participate after you have donated. @LemonadeJoe will be confirming that each participant has donated 12$ for the contest.

:busts_in_silhouette: List of participants:

  1. 7lpdwcaw
  2. Stickyjones
  3. goatrock
  4. TheShowMeHomie
  5. HandBanana
  6. DiggySoze
  7. jamescoldflame
  8. Dej
  9. Budafly
  10. schmarmpit
  11. PotentChronic
  12. randrobertson522
  13. Comacus
  14. Indoornesian
  15. Heliosphear
  16. DesertGrown
  17. brampie
  18. Seymour Green
  19. Pawsfodocaws
  20. Ak49
  21. papalag
  22. dr.h00k
  23. Joey420
  24. Terpycollection
  25. pufferfishfiend
  26. Jdemo75
  27. canofbusjoe
  28. Foreigner
  29. Opie
  30. Tinytuttle
  31. gramps
  32. Brownboy7089
  33. Kingmambo
  34. YoungDad420
  35. CannabisConnoisseur
  36. Guitarzan
  37. Vesti
  38. Instg8ter
  39. HappyLittleBush
  40. Pedro_Bann
  41. LabRat
  42. DippingMyToesInDWC
  43. nefrella
  44. Baltimore
  45. Rukus
  46. Floyd
  47. Crep
  48. FredFlinstoner
  49. Bullitt
  50. Purple_Drank604
  51. mike28086
  52. GingerSnap
  53. sweetepea220
  54. parkerspurps
  55. boiler13
  56. iggypuffs
  57. lilmanbigplan
  58. other_barry
  59. G-paS
  60. BIGT
  61. 6u3m
  62. Berserker7205
  63. ct2003viper
  64. BIGJ
  65. PCC5rivers
  66. DGCloud
  67. g1900
  68. RocketBoy
  69. gonepostal
  70. GreenFlex
  71. Shaggy450r
  72. HolyAngel

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(strawberry cough.)hope everyone had a good easter!


Herijuana '19
purpleing on a trics. main trunk lines, from what I was told. I found it on other shots as well, because even after being told what it is, I was concerned until I scoped out the rest of that bud and a few more.





Like the M&M looking on.
:seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:

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The Easter egg?

Opps thought it was a yellow M&M. That tells you were my head is.

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I count at least 10 baby beans in that pic.
Looking good, Sir.
What is the cross?/strain

Edit:I see you are creating Female seed via Gibberellic acid (GA), Nice!!
I have been corrected…


@iggypuffs no its bruce banner from heady mc dank his seed run its regular but by 500 i stop counting😁


Great pic, micro cool stuff. Informative,Thx


Yah, I stop count after 21…fingies,toesies,





The edit button is missing. he has contacted @LemonadeJoe. Problems donating too.


Oh ya, I didn’t notice that.

On a separate note, @Mongobongo or @LemonadeJoe, have there been any announcements regarding members who pay their entry fees with only a few months left in this contest? In fact, if this contest is to continue, even if it’s under new stewardship, anyone who enters should be eligible for 12 months - regardless of when they entered (IMHO).


I hear ya but To keep things easy it will be a renewal every 12 months. Right now life is crazy and I just don’t have the time to check back on when people made payments etc…


The Belle of the Ball.


Edit button added (wikified).

Donations are working well, there was just temporary outage on Stripe server. (Paypal is an alternative)

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so many entrants, and more coming every day, plus I thought I had a few more months… if you don’t mind just remove my entry, sorry guys. peace out and as always,