Bodhi seed's Pura Vida Preservation Run

@nube im at big island the one called Hawaii, moved here just 5 years ago to work and ended getting disabled by an incident in work, no to try to make the best of whats left, Cheers


Right on man. Whereabouts? My girlfriend lived in Hilo and lower Puna for the better part of 5yrs before we met. Next time we’re there I’d be happy to pass you some beans at the kava shop or uncle roberts.


Thanks for the heads up on the LED site! Glad to see an original OG member back. I freaked out when I saw it was back up. The plants are looking fantastic! I do organics too. :slight_smile:

I will definitely keep up with your garden!

Edit: What size pots are the new square ones from the cups? The reason I ask is because I am cramped for space and started 8 regs today. I will be early sexing and keeping the females. Just trying to gauge pot size.


Fantastic write up @nube. Very generous of you! watching this thread, excited to see where it goes. I’m currently growing bodhi’s lavender jack under DIY led strips. :smile:


Good luck sir. :+1:t2:


Thank you @nube for preserving this strain. I’ve really enjoyed all the strains with the Appalachia male, I’m sure this one will be no different.


Those are great base numbers for a plant with those donkey ds on them. Id keep that pheno around for some time. I have some of your gg4 LbLs and sakura f2s flowering at my partners house, so far they are looking great. The sakuras are squat with some big fat leaves on em, cant wait to see how they turn out


@nube this is soooooo cool. Made my day seeing this. New here but this is one of the reasons I’m trying to reach out to the cannabis community online. My local community isnt up to speed on growing good medicine so it’s nice to find someone doing some good. Thanks and canr wait to stay tuned in.


Here comes the sticky icky. :partying_face:


sure bro , let me know when you at the island


Welcome back @nube! Always great to see a knowledgeable member like yourself come back around. Ill be keeping an eye on this! Thanks for all the generosity you show!


Well very kind of you. This does seem interesting for sure. I’ll pull up a chair behind bare for the show. Looks good so far.


Welcome back @nube!
Sorry, that is also kind of protection against misuse… There needs to be some compromise… 10 is pretty reasonable value and you can do another batch of 10 in another post…


thanks for doing this :smile: - count me in


All credit to @bodhi for his incredible work. None of this would be possible without his and mrs. bodhi’s tireless dedication to cannabis, their humble relationship with the community, and their seemingly endless & compassionate generosity. Seriously. Take a moment and send them some good vibes, thanks, and well-wishes. :heart_decoration: Big blessings and love to them and their family. :heart_decoration:

@Lunash76 the black square pots are 1/2 gallon 5.5" pots. Bought from Amazon. They’re great for my needs because 12 fit in a big 27gal costco tub perfectly. I can get around 30 solo cups in that same tub. I love using tubs since I always slightly overwater and let the plants take up the extra over time, and they keep pots from knocking over when moving around. Plus, if there is a spill or something falls over, the dirt is contained so there’s no mess. Just rinse out to clean between uses - ez peezy.

By day 39v, they were starting to really take off. They got pretty bushy after topping, just what you want to see.

And look at those obvious Hollywood PK leaves. The one at the bottom was the runt and always seemed to have a minor deficiency on lower leaves. Just a little more finnicky than her sisters.

By day 50v I had to chop them back once to take clones because they were so vigorous. B4 taking cuts

And after

Got 18 big clones, each about 8" long.

Thanks for the well wishes and right back at you all :heart: @SaintAliasKnife @MotherTeresa @MidwestMover @JBow918 @Icculus @ChronicMcBudz @MBVapester @SamwellBB

And thanks to LemonadeJoe for the response about max tags.

Stickyjones I hope they bring you many happy harvests. The Sakura purple cherry stinkers that grow bubba-slow are the ones to look for IMHO. They don’t stretch at all in flower. And for the gg4 x lbl s1, those have turned out great for a ton of folks here. As with any gg4 cross, be diligent and check for nanners after flip. It seems like about 1 out of 100 of those plants throw nanners in early flower. Pluck and they shouldn’t come back. :sun_with_face:



I’m in.

Should make the top post a Wiki for starters. After a month that won’t be possible. I can’t do that bit for you. The three dots on the bottom will get you to the option.

Once that’s done, there seems to be boilerplate text people paste in. I could take a stab at it once it’s wikified. Let me know if that’s useful.


Hell yeah! Super stoked for this one! Been looking for Pura Vida seeds for a while now! Thank you so much for preserving these! :+1:


Thanks @AllOra it looks like @toastyjakes already edited it but didn’t leave a reason why. I’m assuming he edited it for the reason you indicated. Thanks, Jake! :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, what I was talking about wasn’t the mechanics of converting the thread to a Seed Co-oP run wiki with signups. I was speaking about the procedural stuff.

I kinda figured there was some bureaucratic hoops to jump through to get the designation, since I haven’t spoken to anybody at the site (nor has anyone reached out) about how to go about getting it included with the bi-annual boxes that go out. I should have been more clear that this was what I was looking for guidance on, but thank you nonetheless for being so considerate and helpful. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Thanks @PlantShepherd I just hope they turn out well. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the pot descriptions!! Much appreciated and excellent advice! Plants are looking amazing. I wish you the best on your grow!


look at your first post - I have made it a preservation run
hope that is what you wanted
to the powers that be - if I did it wrong please fix it and thank you