Bodhi seed's Pura Vida Preservation Run (CLOSED)

This preservation run is finished and signups are closed. If you missed the initial release and you’re a member level 2 or above, there are extras available at

This is my log for preserving bodhi’s Pura Vida F1 by doing an open pollination of a full pack donated by a good friend @MojoRizing from another forum. Consider this Giving Back to the Community pt. 2. Seeds to be given away for free to anyone and everyone once they’re done.

Pura Vida is a discontinued cross of the LA Pure Kush clone (aka Hollywood PK) and the Appalachian dad, made by bodhi seeds about a decade ago. Here’s the lineage:

And here are a few links to other grows and lab tests and smoke reports:

MojoRizing has graciously donated over a dozen various F1 bodhi seeds packs for preservation, and this is the latest pack being run. What a generous person! If you know him, send him a message of thanks and appreciation for being a kind and honorable human being. :hugs:

He stored them in the freezer in individual vials until they were ready to be popped, and that’s how he sent them to me. I’ve stored them in the fridge with the rest of the vault. I spread a few packs around to friends to help with the preservation runs. This is how they’re packaged when I received them:

They all cracked and all but one sprouted before planting:

One of the sprouts withered in the soil, and one never sprouted. Oh well, that’s how it goes. I got 9 happy & healthy seedlings up and out of the recycled dirt with no issues. Most were topped at day 21 above ground, but there were a couple stragglers that I waited to day 28 for topping.

Speaking of environment, I run all DIY LED lights. Veg is some low powered strips in a small space, flower is a 4x4 tent with 400w of old COBs in 3500K. They’re over 5 years old now and due for an upgrade, but that will have to wait.

I use an organic recycled soil mix tailored to my tap water’s pH. It’s loosely based on Coots’ mix, and you can find the exact recipe here and on other forums if you search my posts. I use straight water the whole way, nowadays RO water because we have it for drinking. Sometimes topdress with malted barley at flip, but not this time. Other than that, not much to say, but ask if you’re curious.

I’ll keep updating this as I go along. Plants are in week 4 of flower at the time of posting, and there’s a lot of pics to document between veg and current. preservation run of Bodhi 's Pura Vida

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This is going to be interesting! :v:
Btw, all the breedbay links require log in.


Right on @nube glad to see you posting here again.
:seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Nice, your plants seem healthy and happy. Gonna take a seat and enjoy the show…


Awesome project.
Also glad to hear you’re in touch with mojo and that he is back around the forums. He posted about some serious health problems, and I hadn’t seen him post on breedbay since then.
that was a few years ago so I was quite concerned.

This should be a fun grow to follow along with, welcome back to Overgrow nube.


Welcome. Nice project.
I’ll take a seat.


Broke my last chair, pulling up a beanbag. Ordered a Bag of Popcorn, but the wife’s hearing aid must need new batteries. Oh, well!!! Best of luck with your efforts. Stay safe/well.


My sister in law is from Costa Rica! I’m down. Thanks for doing this @nube! Can’t wait till it’s my turn for a preservation run to benefit the homies. My nephew Miles is a rare Costexican baby (Costa Rican Putangx Mexican American Chorizo) F1 Hybrid vigor is real because that boy is a little tank.


Thanks @nube. I joined the bohdi club late missed puravida thanks for making it available to the community!!


Good luck with the run @nube and thanks for your generosity :pray::ok_hand::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pulled up a chair and ready for the show !!


Fantastic! I’m subbed.

I need things to slow down so I can do my research on DIY LED’s. This is a fascinating topic to me. Once I get my training down for a new job idea I have, that will be my next project.

I look forward to seeing your breeding procedures. What size pots are you flowering them in?


Members like you are what makes this site what it is…kudos. :slight_smile:


This is an awesome gesture @nube. Great to see you are still spreading the love👍 Id like to give these a shot when you finish them up, might even have some cool stuff to send ur way. The pics on bb look great the one that really made me interested in this strain was resin_production on ig, frosty totem pole pheno


@nube this is super awesome, i am looking forward to this, this is one of the strains that i am after since like 2 years ago, and plants looks awesome , happy growing and much thanks to the donor @MojoRizing


Hola Gang

am getting a lawn chair for this one

Go Go Go Nu-be

Love you man



Hey @nube. :slight_smile: I got my chair and my dab rig, so I’m in for the haul. Thanks for preserving that awesome Bodhi goodness, and thanks very much for sharing them with all of us. Once again, the generosity displayed by OG members is humbling. :vulcan_salute:

Oh yeah. Why don’t you invite Mr. MojoRizing to stop by, so we can thank him in person.


Thanks @nube! I’m excited to watch your grow. I’m going to search out your soil mix. Sounds like we’re growing with similar styles.


Thanks @nube, I never got this one


Thanks for doing this and sharing. Kind of crowded in here. I will sit in the back and watch from there.


Thanks for the outpouring of kindness and support, folks. You’re why I came back. Overgrow has a really friendly community compared to a lot of other places. There ain’t too many know-it-alls or asshats, and being able to freely share like the original Overgrow is important to me. I don’t know how to go about turning this into one of those Seed Co-oP threads, but I guess we can figure it out when we get there in a couple months.

Here’s the rest of the veg shots from day 21 from sprout. From the side untopped, then topped.

@Tejas thanks, friend. BreedBay requires login, but it’s free to anyone to join and it’s got all the original and current info on bodhi’s strains and so many others. It’s a great archive from the early days of the US and UK seed industry, and bodhi still posts from time to time. You gotta search and dig for it, but all the info on his cuts and males is there to find. All of it. And the site’s mostly lowkey these days so no asshattery. Or not much. :wink: We’d love to have you there.

Here are the seedlings at day 27v (from sprout) before transplant and after. You can see, they needed new shoes after drying out a bit much. i like to keep organic soil moist all the time, use BTi if I get gnats, but summer temps crept up quick one day. They’ll be fine. :wink:

Hey @ReikoX good to see you round. Still keeping burque quirky?

I can’t seem to tag all of you but thanks and :pray: joecool Funciona1971 misterbee Jjm Swe-can MrToast schmarmpit Craigson15 Old-Ron

Day 33v and there’s already frost on all the leaves. This bodes well!

That’s straight from my phone camera, no editing, just cropped.

@zephyr hey man thanks! Glad to rejoin the fray. :slight_smile: This is a different Mojo, not the one on BB. I msg’d you over there.

@Solowolf nice to meet you. Looking forward to spreadin some Pura Vida vibes around again. Got plans to visit CR this winter for a yoga/aya couple weeks retreat. Hope it happens!

By day 35v they had outgrown the veg area and went in the big tent along with my garden sprouts.

@Lunash76 thanks for engaging. Goto check out their DIY builds at and their forums. Read up on all the important deets. Their Bridgelux gen 2 builds can be subbed with the new gen 3 strips for much greater efficiency and the most photons for your buck of any options in the DIY world. That site is an amazing resource with industry folks accurately measuring the real output of all sorts of options. As for the grow, all will be revealed. :wink:

@Stickyjones great to see you here! Yeah did you see the lab report on that one pheno? Calicat posted his MyDx readings and that lab report here at the terp report link I pasted. Good base numbers.

@GreenCaciqueHawaii howzit! :call_me_hand: what island you at?

@Barefrog good to see you here, my friend. :heart:

@Guitarzan thanks for the welcome and likewise, friend. :smiley: I did invite him awhile back, he’s pretty loki so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t want the attention.

@LemonadeJoe Is there any way to increase the max user tags to more than 10 so I can get them all into one post? :slight_smile: