Bodhi's Sweaty Unicorn 2024 Freebie Organic Run

For anyone interested in this strain…

I have one female I am growing organically indoors in Build-A-Soil 3.0

I’ll be documenting overall plant unfoldment & any personal notes on this strain (not how/what I feed or environment). Enjoy!

Germination Day 5 Day 10 Day 14 - Transplanted 5-Gallon


What’s the straw for, or w/e that is? Just curious. Hope all goes well!


It is my “mulch layer”. Helps to keep soil moist and break down organic matter for nutrients… I have a cover crop germinating under which grows with the plant. This helps with root development and water aeration. It builds a “relationship” in the soil and feeds the system.

The cannabis feeder roots love this layer and when I top dress they are healthy and ready for it… Also, I chop and drop the cover crop (clover) to feed the soil.


Nice, thanks for explaining. I know tons of people do companion cropping and mulching. Grow :deciduous_tree:!



Nice man hell yea. I have some of those beans and I’m excited to see what she does.


Day 15 (I’ll post a picture every 5-10 days) Super easy transplant, no shock… Good color/structure


Day 20: ~ 1-2 weeks until flipping to flower. It is a 5-gallon so I don’t want to veg too long. Comparing where it was 5 days ago, you’ll notice the jump in height…


Day 25: Very nice growth.

Best in my room and filled out the entire 5gal container less than 2-weeks from transplant. All other plants are ready to flip so I am going to pre-bloom her (18 to 16) and flip it to 12/12 in a week. I also topped it as I want to maximize yield in this size container. You should see the tops ready for flower in the next post (day 30)!


Man, that’s some healthy growth right there! Nice job.

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Very nice, looking healthy af. What’s the rationale behind pre-bloom hours if i can ask?


I like to “mimic nature” and ease them into 12/12… probably just my own preference though. No science behind it. Personally, I feel if they can sense 12 hour to begin to flower then they can also sense the daylight hours shortening. Maybe internally it allows a smoother transition of hormone activity and less stress into flowering?


I’m adding this day-after picture from her topping for anyone who applies this high stress training method. She honestly didn’t flinch to the topping, and it seems the hormones already shifted energy… Growth continues and no sign of stress!

Bodhi’s Sweaty Unicorn has really impressed germ-seed-veg. I haven’t seen her flower on OG or any online forums, so it will be new to us all. I’ll be flipping her soon at the rate my tent is growing.


WOW! That looks really healthy! Especially after topping. Following this topic to see the flowers, best of luck.


Welcome to OG! Appreciate the first comment… I’d imagine you got the Sweaty Freebie?

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Day 30: It is amazing how much a plant grows in 5-days. While it is not so symmetrical right now, the tucking and weaving daily helps get the few side branches up to par with the 4 sprouting beautifully on the canopy.

She is probably 3 days away from flipping! While I have no set date, I must flip soon to keep up with the other plants in the tent.

I’ll be back with an update in another 5-day!