Budtech led lights

Hello O.G !! Especially the ones from UK :uk: and Europe

Have you ever heard about https://www.budtech.co.uk before?
And bought or tried his lights ?

He was active many years ago

But one day the guy just disappeared and the site went down …

Today I got this mail from him and see he has some new 350w cobs for 350£

So any thoughts about them or him ?


I’ve just read the marketing and he says replace a 600w single or a 315cmh now which is it as they have different outputs and spread. Also the way it says efficiency 3.1 to 2.6 umol is a weird way to say it .I would be asking for some readings to back up said claims. The fact that he disappeared once says beware of the three year warranty, if they disappear again what do you do. There’s other makers out there. For instance Migro stopped doing cobs as did diyleduk . You would think Migro would use cobs if they more efficient than singular diodes on strips. Then an unknown company exceeds what they do , I’m not convinced. Maybe Migro will test them lol
Other than that it looks ok

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I bought a 3pack of Tolys said each is an equivelant of 1000w

these were seeds germinated 2 weeks ago under 3 lights,i am a believer that they work as advertised got the 3pack for $249 canadian or about €160 well worth the cost

From what i have read on the forums here the Bridgelux are suppose to be topnotch.


Hi Authur, just came across this from a quick internet search.
It outperforms both CMH and SE HPS in output, neither one or the other.
I had an absence for awhile due to finishing my final years in university. Couldn’t juggle both.
My Facebook page remained up and running during the absence for any warranty claims of which I have had none to date.
I was also still supporting customers with any needs such as replacements power cables.
I was around way before Migro and Diyled, in-fact the first company to provide quality COB fixtures beside Budmaster in the UK.
Different lights gain or loose efficiency at different rates when dimmed which is why I provide efficiency at 50% power for veg and 100% power for flower. Chilled Tech also do this and I believe it is an important consideration to be specified.
I am keen to send a light over to Shane for testing soon.

Kind regards


Hi cheers for the reply. Just so you know you have different efficiency listed in the marketing,
Is this due to differing types or a typo ?
Also is a cable replacement not a warranty claim ? Good to see it not the actual cobs

Bellow is the typo I’m on about or maybe you used the led efficiency and then system , or was it meant ?


Cob’s aren’t as efficient as mid wattage chips. That’s why they’re not common place anymore. Typically mid wattage chips have a better light spectrum too. Also not impressed with the light spread this would offer.

The cable replacement was not a warranty claim as the user lost it and had to purchase a new one. The COBs used in the previous fixture are Vero 29c’s made by one of the best LED manufacturers in the world, Bridgelux. The COBs actually have a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer and have excellent lumen maintenance.

It’s not a typo there is a difference between efficiency and system efficacy which was clearly stated before either measurement.

COBs can be way more efficient than mid power diodes and vise versa. It depends on the drive current and temperature. All white LEDs are blue LEDs with a layer of phosphor on them and produce the exact same spectrum given there rating in Kelvin/CRI.
If you have a look at the PPFD map, the V8 has a better PPFD uniformity at a 45cm hanging height then the Migrow Array or Lumatek Zeus at 6 inches in a reflective tent.

Kind regards

So in the pics it says “system efficiency “ on both. Although the readings there are different that’s all I am saying …

My apologies, you are dead right. there is a typo there will fix it shortly, thank you for pointing it out.

Kind regards


No problem

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I bought 3 of yours previous leds many years ago! And i liked them alot !!
But then one day you disappeared and you know how it is.
I belive the guy i sold them to still use them thou…

I upgraded my self to some bridgelux diy. But i got my eyes on those 350w

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Hey Swe-can, thanks for the kind words and previous purchases.
I completely understand your concern regarding the website going down, but like I mentioned I checked my email and FB often for any customer inquiries.

Glad to hear you did some DIY fixtures, it’s the best option if you’ve got the know-how and some spare time. I love Bridgelux which is why I used them on the previous models as well as the new ones too. There products are really good in-terms of their efficiency and longevity. After I met with one of their representatives a couple years ago, the company later started to provided horticultural metrics in their simulators and they have been keen to progress in the industry. He also told me they are conservative in the specs.

If you are ever interested in getting one for testing you are welcome to send me a message on the contact page with the name you purchased the previous models with and I will be happy to offer a 10% discount.

Kind regards


Glad i did buy them when I did !
Stealth and keept the heat away… and good amount of juice
Used to live in a apartment :sleepy: and with the laws here the only thing you could do was grow Stealth and pray you never get caught!!

Me myself never had any issues with the light so I didn’t need to ask for any help. The only reason why I noticed your homepage was down, was because I wanted to buy some more :sweat_smile::v:

But the DIY came to my life and with help of all the good people on OG I did manage to build some good lights!!

I’ll send you a mail. Still got your since first time !!

Good luck with the sales and school and everything @Budtech

Ps maybe speak to @LemonadeJoe and become a sponsor or something like that … there’s alot of good people in here !


I received your email, greatly appreciate the feed back. I hope the laws loosen up over time. Most of the world seems to be chilling out a bit.

Had a look around and it looks like a good community here, more relaxed then Rollitup lol. Thanks for the recommendation.

Will try not to post here regarding the lights again, until possibly becoming a sponsor, out of respect to the forum.

Wish you all the best too!

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If you dig through the fine print, you’ll find that these 1000w lights only draw 126w at the wall. Like all of the other inexpensive lights on Amazon, they list the potential wattage limits of all the diodes on the fixture, not the actual wattage they are putting through it.
With the 3 lights in your tent you will have a nice 4x4 veg setup. That said, with only 378 actual watts of Blurple LEDs, you will not have a great flower environment. For lights like this, you would need 600+ watts to do a top notch grow in flower.
You definitely grow some bud, but you should start saving up for a good flower light ($800+ for a 4x4) if you want to maximize your results.