Experimental hydroponic method: rock wool pots

I’m thinking 5 gallon grow bags full of rock wool shreds with a few layers of hydro ton to steady them, hooked up to a Central Rez on a huge flood table

I can imagine with the right environment those roots will take off with certain strains that like dry and then flooded areas, or they can be permenatly and partially submerged attached to heavily Oxienated water, of course so much rock wool can dry out and with fans disperse dust, so what does everyone think?


I have no experience with the overall setup you’re describing, but logic tells me that you can control the dust and the slow the drying of the rock wool by putting a top layer of hydroton on it. You plan to use hydroton anyways, so why not just put a good layer on top?

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Check out a thread by @outlaw called -One plant one light been using this tech for 10 years . Might help or at least be an interesting read . :smiley:

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Why go so big of using ebb and flow? 6" net pots with hydroton and let it ride. Sounds like a waste in that kind of setup


Look up Mapito. I just recently switched and loving it :slight_smile:

Prepping your Rockwool for the first time is painful…but after that sit back and relax :slight_smile:


You could grow some HUGE plants in 5 gallons of rockwool. Like probably fill a room huge lol. If you don’t want/need them that big I’d consider smaller bags. Definitely an inch or two of hydroton on top to keep things held in place.

Should be a cool experiment!


Not experimental, they already make rockwool croutons for this purpose. Works great in ebb/flow & fabric pots. Or hand water. 5 gallons is way overkill for ebb & flow. Smaller pots with more frequent flooding are where the yields are. Rockwool doesn’t “release dust” if it dries out.

No need to try and reinvent the wheel, folks figured out hydro every which way 20 years ago. If you can think of it, someone’s done it already, guaranteed.


That’s why I’m so excited about this

Experiment will start when I get a mortgage for my new house, so not for a while

But water is like really heavy/light soil, soil has an ecosystem, coco has a smaller ecosystem, but rock wool and some cubes with stuff like oasis and roto rooter cubes just pump out roots like crazy, with crazy hairs, a 5 gallon of those would just kill. I’d call it extreme growing

Might try it when I’m done with sour strawberries

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