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Hey Now,
Who are you? How are you? Where are you? Dead Freaks Unite! Thought OG needed a tape traders forum and what a day to get started. Here is one of my all time, desert island, 10 grams of mushrooms moments in GD history. 2-18-71 Late Show Port Chester, NY. Dark Star> Wharf Rat> Dark Star. The Beautiful Jam is one for the ages! Enjoy!

Let’s use this space to trade shows, tell old stories from the days and connect.
Be well family- Crunch


One of my favourites;

I also love the album “Dylan and the dead” amazing compilation with bob Dylan.

Maan did I eat a lot of acid and let the old record player play through all dead albums. Such a great band. Legendary


Saw 7 shows in '88. I saw them at Laguna Seca (Monterey Pop location) 2 shows, Berkely, Oakland (News Year Eve), Long Beach, Irvine, and San Diego. Laguna was the best. Did mushrooms with a doctor who was there, with his daughter, went back to their RV after and went a few rounds with her (I was a LOT younger back then). Even with the weed and the shroom, it is a trip I will never forget (well some details are foggy) and was so glad I did it. The only place I wish I could have seen them was at the Filmore (you know, a history kinda thing). Woulda been tough, though, as I was 5 when it closed :frowning_face:

Note: I just found out that one of the Laguna Seca shows I went to is up on Internet Archive (07/29/1988) and am listening to it as I write.


Oh yeah, I have been waiting on this thread. I never got the chance to see them given my age, butttt I would love to pitch a tent and take in all the stories and shows that pop up.


Aw man this makes me so fuckin happy to see!! Never got a chance to see either the dead or jgb (before my time) but it’s most of what I listen to.

This one’s been on frequent rotation for me lately


Great idea Crunch!!! I was literally thinking about this today.
I’m deff going to take a seat on this bus!!

I never got the chance to see jerry (got arrested and my ticket was no longer valid after that). Jerry died the next year.

I faded away after that for a long time. Was always skeptical of dead and Co. I never like Mayer.
Went to Hampton in 19 and they blew me away… too much too fast!!
So haven’t been back off the bus since I found my way home in 19.

I listen to the show often and I still get goose bumps from time to time. I really think it rivals some of the old ones. -minus Jerry’s flare of course but they do get the job done and managed to take me on a 10gram life changer.

If anyone is interested in giving it a listen here is the Archive link

The estimated profit is top notch
Mississippi half step is on point
And the terrapin ain’t half bad either
I recommend :+1:

And one of my all time favorite shows, the half step is FLAWLESS

Let your flags fly y’all!!

Maybe we need a hero dose thread as well @CrunchBerries ?


Dude, the GD vault is at our fingertips. Have you checked out the ReListen app? Everything from Neil Cassidy raps to soldier field 95 and everything in between. No jgb though!


Fuckin :fire::fire::fire: choice. That run at the Cap was epic for so many reasons


Tomorrow is the legendary Brooklyn Bridge Pipgen rap! Stay tuned!


Btw… virtual tapes swapping… brilliant idea :v::green_heart::bulb:


Post a link so we can follow along!


I have been watching and learning from Davvy for a few years now.
He does a live stream almost every Friday. Dudes chill as f*
I’m there now if anyone wants to join
Exclusively dead stuff on the stream.

If you play, check out his terrapin lessons :+1:

Go figure, 10 minutes after I put this up he plays some phish for a few seconds :rofl:


Was just listening to this great 7/8/90. This guy has some killer Dead content btw. Love the 88-90 era. Brent was full of fire, Jerry looked good and seemed energetic and the connection and interplay between those 2 was always a beautiful thing to watch. I just read Bill Kreutzmann’s book “Deal” and was reminded of a bunch of other great stuff so I’ll b back dropping a nugget trail


Truly a special connection they had!!
Nice pick!


I gotta say though, I’m like a fucking teenage girl for Billy Strings and been that way for a hot minute now. It’s an itch I can’t ever fully scratch in the very best of ways. Always making sweet love to my ear holes every step of the way. I reckon Jerry’d approve, we know BK shares my sentiment for sure


My evening with Davvy…


That’s a few nights after my first show, on the 4th of July outside Kansas City. It wasn’t the greatest performance, and it was hot as fuck over 100°, but it was still a grand time.
Full show audio… I recommend the Scarlet > Fire which starts at 1:26:36


This is the search page. It kept wanting to put a player in this message when I pasted the link. Click on any of these and it will bring you to the page with all the tracks. Will check out the app you recommended. It was just weird to find what I was listening to when I was sitting there on the blanket. Brought me right back.


This site wants to be smart, but sometimes it’s too smart for it’s own good. I’ve found that when it wants to interpret a URL as a playable file, you can get around it by making a link. Rather than pasting the website directly, use the link feature: paste the address in there and give a brief description that will be clickable, like so:
My Jackie Greene recording from 2016

Without the link, it interprets the URL as a file since it ends with “flac16”

BTW, he does a really nice Jack Straw > Don’t Let Me Down you should check out.


For everyone that said they never got to see them. They were great, and put on a hell of a show. The Laguna shows that I saw, they came out for a “sound check” and basically did a 2 hour concert at 2 in the afternoon, telling everyone there to shout out what they wanted to hear, then came back out a couple hours later and did the actual show.

The best part, especially when it was an outdoor show, was walking around in the parking lot and seeing all the little “booths” that travelers set up selling food (and other stuff - if you get my drift) and just sitting down and talking to folks from all over. They weren’t just concerts, like with other bands, it was an event, a party and a gathering all rolled into one.