Help with the search function

i’m trying to tag all the hemp posts so we can get a new category for it. i started by going through all of my posts and grabbing the hemp ones and tagging them, and remembered that some of you love and praise the search function as being robust. so i tried using that, put hemp in there, and got all kinds of partial hemp matches, like hempy buckets, so i decided to use quotes around the hemp, like most searches allow you to use for exact matches of that word only. same result. so i decided to post the question here and see if anyone who knows more than me (not that high of a bar) to see if they can help me out. anyway, here is what it did for me:


Had success adding a blankspace after the hemp word, between quotes: Search results for '"hemp "' -


didn’t work for me, same results and it had the hemp part of the word bolded just like in the picture. i even cleared my cache and had to login again and tried it. guess i’ll have to sift through them then. thanx for trying. actually that helped a lot. now i have your search result. thanx!