Holiday Season sale. We added 12 new strains and are giving 25% off

Hi everyone!

Back again with a new sale. This time we’ve added 12 new strains, 6 feminized and 6 autoflower feminized. A mix of some classics and some new contenders.
You can check them out here

Also, if you use the coupon code XMAS25 you’ll receive 25% off everything in the store.

We’ll also be doing a give away either later today or tomorrow. 5 packs of 5 new strains so keep an eye out for that!

Happy holidays everyone!


Thanks for your continued support. I’ll be supporting your company in the future. Continued success, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray:'s


Thank you!


Wohoo love a christmas sale when i have money to spend.See a few auto strains there i will be ordering.Thanks for supporting OG and giving us poor growers access to excellent strains at a decent price.Look forward to the contest and a chance to win :slightly_smiling_face:after all who does not like to win a prize.


Mine should be hitting papertowel around Christmas!

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