Looking to build led lights

Never used led before and currently running 1000w hps in a 4x4x80" tent. Lets say keeping temps manageable is not easy lol. What are some good resources for parts and info to build say a 1000w led? Just bought the hps so I’ll be using it for a while to get my money out of it at least. Been more than a decade since I’ve grown so a lot is very very new to me, Hell last time I grew fem seeds were just coming out and autos weren’t a thing then lol


Most of us end up choosing these. You’d be hard-pressed to find a higher quality or a cheaper price.


Another reasonably priced option would be quantum boards. Be sure to do some research first though. You wouldn’t replace a 1k watt hps with 1k watts of LED. For one, they’re spread out a lot more so you dont have as much loss of light at the edges. You also dont typically guage LED by watts, but by PPFD. You can use a very generic rule of 30-40w per sq ft., but due to the difference in lights it’s not a very good measure.


For a 4x4 I’d get a 16 cobs cree array. I built one for my 3x3 tent but its overpowered for it, they’re better suited for a 4x4. Quantum boards and sol strips are both good option too. I have lights made from both. One light for my 2.5x2.5 tent using solstrips and the other for my 2.5x5 tent using a mix of quantum boards and extra citizen cobs from when I switched from them to the cree array.


These guys make the Chilled LEDs and also provide some great info on how to make DIY LEDs.

hope you find it useful.

stay lifted!


I have 4 qb 120’s and 4 132’s. It’s around 500-550 watts. It’s in a 5x5. It cost me 400 plus a little for aluminum angle. You can buy cheaper drivers that run cooler actually, they’re just not wet location approved but I mounted mine outside the tent anyways.