Organical's adventure in growing!

Hi everyone!
First time grower here, and it has quickly become something I’m super passionate about and am very eager to learn from everyone here. I have historically been a lurker on forums of all kinds for a couple of decades, but I hope to be active the most in this journal and on the rest of OG :slight_smile:, so I hope everyone will join me here!

As far as my setup, I am working with a 3x3 Vivosun kit with their smart system, which is very nice to have some data to stare at while away from the house haha. The light is the AeroLight AW200SE which I’ve been happy with thus far. It is all in my office in my basement, which stays consistently cold throughout the year, so I did buy a little 200W space heater which helps keep the tent at a more consistent warmth.

I’m about 2.5 weeks into this adventure and initially planted 3 LSD Auto’s from Barney’s Farm into Fox Farms Ocean Forest with a small dugout of the Happy Frog for the seedling, right into 5 gallon fabric pots.

I chose the strain partially for it’s ability to be a little colder, but I got so worried initially by the 65ish average temperature that it didn’t end up mattering. I probably was being paranoid, but ended up buying that little heater almost immediately and have just kept it in the tent with the average temp around 80 now.

Here’s a couple shots from a few days after sprouting, I ended up losing the third plant. It sprouted, but I didn’t realize how close to the surface it had risen from pouring water on the first time, (didn’t have a spray bottle yet) that I believe the light killed the sprout once it did come out of the seed. By the time I realized, it was very dry, I gave it a few days under the dirt with some moisture, but it did not have any growth and I removed the third pot.

I’ve otherwise been very happy with the growth on both plants, the front plant did have 1 of it’s leaves with a slight droop on the tip, and then a small discoloration on 1-2 of the leaves so maybe some insight could be helpful on that? She has as of this posting lagging behind a bit more than just having sprouted a day later so maybe something is going on.

Here’s an assortment of progress leading up to today as well !

Here’s a close up of that discoloration on the one spot I mentioned -

The plant in the back has gone from 4.25in on the 13th to 9 inches today! The front plant has gone from 3.5in to 6in, which seems to be a pretty big gap as of now.

Also don’t mind the little plastic sprouts on the left, they are some herbs that the wife wanted to get started in the new tent :smiley:

Anyways, I think this post is long enough as is for the first one. I look forward to getting to know everyone and will be updating this post as much as I can!


Welcome to OG!
Plants look good.
I will hang out in the corner here and watch your grow as it progresses. :slightly_smiling_face: :v:


Much appreciated! Thanks for hanging out :slight_smile:


Damn good looking for a first timer! Well done! Be careful passion turns into small obsession. :laughing:

Welcome to OG!


Haha, I already have the bug! Thanks for the compliment!


They look great. Those runty ones sometimes can blow your mind with the turn around at stretch. I haven’t run lsd before, were they fems?

I’ve read that autos can be light feeders so it may be she is just throwing a little fit with the ocean forest being fairly hot at the beginning. Either way I’m here for it.

Best of luck through flower! I’ll be watching.

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Yes they are fems, and thanks for the input on a possible cause! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Still getting some great growth! 2 inches over the past 36 hours for each of them. They are drinking plenty and I upped the light intensity from 60% > 70% which they seem to like.

Has anyone smoked any of the regular LSD strain or this auto? I’m curious about how truthful they are being with the supposed heavier “psychedelic” feel to the high.

Regardless, im super stoked with where these girls are at! I’m considering popping an OG Kush photo I got as a freebie and to start learning some training methods with that. I had decided to let these two rock with no training so I can just learn and observe/absorb it all for my first go but I’m just so excited for more :joy:


Looking good for sure, 80 is def ideal temps imo and for veg I love around 65-70% rh keep up the great work


Thank you!
I am at an average of around 45% rh with that little space heater sapping a bunch of it out of the air. They don’t seem too bothered by it for now, but it is something I’m definitely keeping my eyes on :slight_smile:. If I need to, I can run a different heater outside of the tent instead of inside to keep the room warmer and then keep more of the humidity.

Great thinking, that’s what I was going to suggest. 45 wont harm them really it just slows transpiration and growth somewhat. Some places can’t manage much more even with humidifiers.

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That was kind of my line of thinking too, was that people in dry areas get fine results so I’m lucky to be able to control the environment relatively easily across the board.
Coincidentally, just from looking at these numbers a minute ago, my office has pretty good curing temps/rh. Looking at my data I’m average 59.4F and 57.9 RH in my office outside of the tent this past week so I think that may be my best bet once we get to harvest, what do you think?


Oh hell ya! Those are absolutely perfect imo. Nice! Certain months my inside temps and rh are perfect too. It’s nice to be able to just let em do their thing that way.

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Excellent :smiley: , I really appreciate all the input!

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Anytime. I’m always around at some point every day. You can hit me up anytime my friend


They are still doing great! Love how those lower ones are sticking up through the leaves up top :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, this is on the taller of the two.


Evening everyone!
Man, the girl in the back is really flourishing, she’s turning into a bush!

Now, is there any main reason that these two are growing so much differently? Even the color is different, I’m moreso interested in the why that might be?

Thanks for any input :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@TopShelfTrees1 @Rhai88 @chronix @Gadarien
Hey friends, any input on the color/growth differences? I don’t think I should be concerned but just checking :relaxed:


Seeds my friend seeds. They always grow differently unless you’re working with genetics that have been worked quite a ways down the line such as Inbred lines.

Think of seeds like us. We’re all human but each one of us is different in our own way. Some of us have similarities and some of us are nothing alike. Which is why I love seeds. Luck of the draw. I will say some of my favorite plants have been plants that are runts, slow to grow, and or just plain ugly lol but once I get to the finish line with them it’s been some of my favorite smoke.

No reason to be concerned just let em ride and enjoy the adventure. If you find you’re looking for more consistency I’d look for worked lines or go to clones.


They are expressing different phenos. They look great! You’re doing well with them.