Outdoor Growing Adventures With Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pigeonman - 2021 WHATWHAT!?

After the day’s rain and todays full sun with wind the garden is so happy it almost hurts to look at (not really :smiley: ). The weather has also been less dramatic so all of my cannabis plants are finally growing 5 leafs again as they’ve all been pushing out 3 leaf bunches since moving them outdoors.

I went a “little” photo nuts today because you can really see things starting to take off. Enjoy! (i hope.)

White Widow x Critical Orange:

U.K. Cheese:

Gelato (Larry Bird 33):

Kosher Kush (Aka: Jew’s Gold):

Madder (used to make Red dye, aka: British Red Coats):

Collard Greens & Dinosaur Kale:

Cranberry Beans / Windbreak:

Raspberries / Windbreak:

Parsley, Lemon Grass, Sweet Grass, Woad (dye), Weld (dye), Valarian, Lavender, Oregano, Lemon Balm.

Rose Hedge (height = now 8ft):

Wisteria (planted last year):


In-ground Tomatos (Rodade, Moneymaker, Australian Oxheart)

“Shopping Bag” Tomatos (Rodade, Moneymaker, Australian Oxheart)

Red Shepherd Pepper:

Scarlett Runner Beans / Windbreak, Romanesco Broccoli, Red Shephard Peppers


Garden Huckleberry (aka: edible nightshade berries):

Pawpaw “Big Boy”, Genetics #1:

Pawpaw “Wild One”, Genetics #2:

Pawpaw “Lil’ Meep”, Genetics #3:

Dwarf Date Palm:

Key Lime (1 year old):

Calamondin Orange (1 year old):

Meyer Lemon (5 years old):

White Grapefruit (from seed, 30 years old):

Persian Lime (1 year old):

Ruby Red Grapefruit (5 years old):

Makrut Lime (7 years old):

1908 Clawfoot Waterlilies:


White Mulberry:

Morning Glory (barrel), Datura Metal (pots on stairs), Geranium (driveway)

Cosmos “hedge”:

Wildflower “DON’T PARK HERE” Butterfly Patch:

Espalier Apple (6x varieties; 2 years old):

Brugmansias (1-8 years old depending):

Bay Laurel (5 years old):

Guanaese Scotch Bonnet (5 years old):

Guava (1 year old):

Schlumbergera (40 years old):


Mosquito Geranium (4 years old):

Croton (2 years old):

Broadleaf Thyme:

Cardamon (Babies, 2 years):

Hummingbird Sage:

Black Olive (3 years old):

Plumerias (Green / Blue Flowers; had a BAD winter):

Crown of Thorns (red & white), Winter hardy cactus’:

Night Blooming Jasmine:

Sea Onion(s):

Aloe Vera (15+ years):

Rose of Sharon (Purple):

Dwarf Pomegranate Tree (12 years old):

Lettuce Leaf Basil:

Hibiscus (Orange):

Hibiscus (Yellow, Red, Orange):

Hibiscus (Purple):

I hope you enjoyed! This took so long to upload that I need to go out there again for the evening check-up & watering :laughing:

Cheers and thanks for checking in!


Holy smokes @Pigeonman!! Everything looks lovely :heart_eyes: you spoiled us today! :smiley:


Jimmy jam Pige! Man I don’t know what to say but you’ve got some stuff growin on there! Hey was looking to get some different fruit going. What does a paw paw taste like? And thanks for showing us your garden of Eden!


Mango and custard with seeds? It’s hard to describe but they’re worth growing. It’ll be another 4-5 years before they will consider fruiting and even then their rotting flesh smelling flowers will need to be cross pollinated by a genetic variant. Picky and wonderful bastards these trees :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow that’s an amazing garden full of plants and trees. Where do you keep them all over winter.


It’s a challenge and I want to have my back patio one day converted into a 4 season greenhouse so I can walk out of my sliding door into a tropical paradise…

…but for now! Brugmansias and Large Citrus trees live in my front room next to an east facing window and supplemental lighting. For the rest, I have metal wire shelving from kitchens with LED strips in what we now call “the plant room”. All in all it’s all very doable considering I’ve accounted for the indoor space as I acquired these plants over the years.

My neighbour put himself in a bind as he has 4x fig trees on carts in 2/3 cut down blue barrels (55 gallon drums) so they CAN’T be lifted into his house. So, instead of overwintering indoors he puts them into dormancy in his garage.

I met a fellow citrus lover who bought a metal shed and insulated it for winter and supplements with LED lighting. Was inspiring as she had 2 kids, her husband and not a lot of space indoors so she created and outdoor safe-space for her trees for the worst months :smiley:


Definitely a labor of love looking after all of them, you need a conservatory added on your house, lots of houses in the UK have them, basically a greenhouse built onto the house.


That’s the ultimate hope :smiley:


I have never seen one over here, I was thinking maybe its due to snow load. In the UK most are made with a small brick wall on a foundation up to 3ft high, and then a wooden frame construction with glass built on the wall and secured to the side of the house. They use a fair bit of heat to keep warm in winter, even in the UK’s mild climate.

I used to work for a guy who had a company that built them.


Yeah something like this:

I’d collect black food grade barrels and line them along the middle of the greenhouse, fill em with water and use them as the watering sources and as heat sources. Daytime they heat up the water and at night the heat releases. I figured I’d also need to build in heating flooring, lay down the piping on-top of foam insulation sheeting and then theoretically run the hot water from the barrels through it at night :smiley:


Yeah similar, but in the UK people just sit in them, and dont grow plants in there lol.


Been too long since last update but the weather was so hit/miss here that things are looking up again outside.

It was too dry and hot and now it’s super humid and hot so there are so many insects competing for food i’ve had to spray Safers End All on a lot of things to convince them to eat elsewhere.

Of my 4 plants outdoors, the only one that fully exploded was the WW X CO which was also the only plant with 100% fresh Promix BX.

I reused last years soil for the other 3 after treating it with h202 to kill off anything that may have survived overwintering. Since the 3 plants are not developing as vigorously as the ww x co I ammended them with 1/2 gallon water each with Superthrive mixed at 1/4tsp per gallon and a few days later the 3 are taking off.

Lesson learned and i’ll use fresh mix next year and add the old soil to the compost heap.

White Widow x Critical Orange

UK Cheese

Gelato (Larry Bird 33)

Kosher Kush

The rest of the garden is doing great as well! Will post those images later on.

Thanks for checking in, happy growing!


Garden Update!



Brugmansia(s) & Mugwort:

Geraniums, Morning Glory, Datura Metal, Angry Gnome, All Lives Matter.

Brugmansia Porch:

Creeping Jenny Baskets, Pollinator Roadside, Sugar Maple:

White Mullberry (berries were delicious this season!):

Cardamon (new shoots coming):

Paw-Paw 2:

Meyer Lemon:

Calamondin Orange:


Paw-Paw 3:

Eureka Lemon:

Dwarf Date Palm:

Paw-Paw 1:

White Grapefruit (sooo many new shoots!):

Persian Lime:

Ruby-Red Grapefruit:

Makrut Lime:

Red Sheppard Pepper:

Garden Huckleberry:

Garden Huckleberry (SQUARE STEMS, similar to Salvia Divinorum):

Hops, Geranium, Sweet-Pea:

Rose Hedge:

Tea Rose Hedge, Cherry Tree, Iris, Arbor:

Tea Roses:

Arbor with Sunflowers and Lupins:

Wildlife Pond with Creeping Jenny:


Tomatos (Above ground):

Scarlet Runner Beans, Romanesco Broccoli, Shepperd Peppers:

Collard Greens, Dinosaur Kale:

Lone Poppy:

Cranberry Beans:

Romanesco Broccoli & Kale:

Amarinth? I think? Seeds given to me by my Indian neighbour who brought them from his homeland:


Tomatos (in ground):

Herbs, Medicinals & Dyes:

White Currants:

Red Currants:

Red Currants:


Pollenator Watersource:

Clawfoot Tub Lillies (there’s a shubinkin goldfish in there eating any insects that dare):


Bay Laurel:

Scotch Bonnet:


Olive Tree:

Olives getting bigger!":

Plumerias (loving the heat and starting to come back):


Mosquito Geranium:

Crown-of-thorns & Night Blooming Jasmine:

Broadleaf Thyme:

Blue Dauber drinking away:


Roses & Insect water source:

Thanks for checking in! I’ll post a few more tomorrow :smiley:


Hi beautiful, one observation, I would remove the Wisteria before it is everywhere, its very invasive and
runs roots all over crazy. I have 150 year old+ Cedars that have Wisteria blooming on top in spring, I cut the vines with a chainsaw, they just keep coming


Thanks for the warning @keene but this makes me even more excited as what you just said was my hope for where it is planted. The laundry pole needs to be corrected to 90 degree eventually, but the intent was to have the vine take it over and the line itself IF the plant wanted.

I did this years back with Hops and it was amazing!


Yes you have the right vine it will take the laundry pole the flowers are stunning. For my property its not a good player, quite vigorous and difficult to change your mind as they are resilient as hell. I have another spreading vine my wife planted and notice its popping up out of the grass all over. I’m more busy growing stuff and not rooting out stuff, too nice and fun to watch these auto flower hybrids grow like crazy


It’s like Noah’s Ark, but with plants :joy:


Well Holy-Shart you were not kidding @JohnnyPotseed about the Superthrive as a weekly dose to get things rolling.

I mixed down 1/4tsp per gallon and gave each of the ladies 1 gallon and held of on the watering for 24hours; which I then resumed my usual feeding sched.

So the results are clear as the day currently is:

White Widow x Critical Orange:

UK Cheese:

Gelato (Larry Bird 33):

Kosher Kush:

Superthrive must be blessed by Rabbi’s because the KK freaking loves it so much it grew so strong and fast since starting to use this stuff it has lifted out all the LST staples HIGH into the air! :laughing:

(*It was hanging about a foot above the soil line :laughing: )

Thanks for checking in! Much love from mine to yours! :heart:


The WWxCO is looking nice and bushy!


Glad you gave it a try cuz. i wouldn’t steer ya wrong!