Personal grow, need eyes on sex confirmation

Howdy all, I have a personal indoor grow of 6 Fire OG kush plants. They are currently 35 days old and have been awesome as a first grow. I’m growing them for my pain control. So having said that, it’s not really that important to me on male/female but I don’t really need any seeds because I have already started 4 clones and have some other seeds to start here before long.

Anywho, I’m pretty sure I have at least 1 male, possibly 2. If they are indeed male I may move them outdoors so they don’t pollinate the females. If some of you could confirm what I believe to be male/female that would be awesome. I’ve learned a lot by reading here and watching a lot of videos, but I think I’ve gone into information overload and am questioning if I’m right or not. On with the pics.

1 Female I thought at first look, but then there’s what I marked with an arrow. Pollen ball or pre-flower?

2 I’m saying male

3 Female

4 Female

5 Female

6 Female

I appreciate any thoughts on these.

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