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Yeah, I’m a north central bush dweller, lol.


That’s what’s so stressful, waiting for the soil to do it’s thing. I think there are 3 issues here. 1) I don’t think the vermicompost is as hot as I was told. 2) They’re very thirsty girls… 1.5 - 2 gal. a day. I’ve probably been diluting the nutrients in the soil, contributing to the N, Ca & Mg deficiencies. And 3) Compacted soil. The root mass is so dense, I can’t screw my finger deeper than 1.5" (wet or dry soil).

IDK how much of that light is usable, but it’s time to start feeding them lots more potassium!


The NS x Goji are flowering. NS x Granny Skunk are a couple days behind.

Goji 2 & 3 and Granny Skunk 2, 3 & 4

I haven’t wrapped the cage yet. I tried my “indoor” NS x Goji after a 2 week cure, and it’s :fire: :fire:. 1 hit and I’m stoned, 2 hits… totally brain locked. Not a good time to be on a ladder!

The potted plants show more of the deficiencies, but they’re slowly improving.


your plants look real nice, I miss Michigan


Great job my friend


Thanks for the kind words, @Papalag & @Who. I still have a lot to learn.


looks like your off to a good start! learning is half the fun, keep up the confidence.


Those plants that are in the ground, are they in plastic pots? Did you bury them in the ground in pots? I only ask because if they’re not in pots, you could probably water them a lot more than 1.5-2 gallons of water a day. Water twice that every other day. Might make a difference, I dunno. If nothing else, you wouldn’t have to be messing with them every day.

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The holes, (15-18 gal), are unlined. I tried watering 4 gal once or twice before. I hand water slowly to get O2 to the roots. After the 3rd gal, absorption almost stops. I think the slight amount of clay in our sand was enough to compact the soil mix. I could try areating it. Yeah, 2-3 hrs gardening every day, is tiresome.


Weekly update! The girls are showing slight improvements, necrosis is slowing a bit. The Goji’s are about a week ahead of the Granny’s.

Goji 3 is 8’ 1"

Time for me to kick back & enjoy some of this NSxGoji :fire:


Hi all! It’s been raining and turning colder this week. Nights have avg. 53 F/94% RH. I’ve been scratching in Langbeinite when I top dress once a week. There’s some improvement in color and they’re starting to stack up. Just a few pics, the sun was causing problems.

N.S. x Goji (6) has me pumped. She’s purple and, imho has good structure. The high (indoor tester) is outstanding! MI…plant count prevented me from taking cuttings.Is it possible to re-veg this big girl?

Be Well, Be Safe, Overgrow! :peace_symbol:


Your plants are looking great looks to be a great harvest! Top dress those planting holes with organic matter maybe a cover crop to establish before winter and plant in the sAme holes next year soil will get better the more attention ya give it


Greetings Everyone! There’s not much to update today. The weather is getting colder, and the plants are surviving, so far.

The cage is finally roofed, (trusted helpers are hard to find). We had light frost 8/18 last year. UP weather will test 'em for sure! Good Health & Heavy Harvsts to all! :peace_symbol:


beautiful garden man theres something about plants growing under the sun and not hidden or whatever that makes me smile probably because it is so opposite of my reality also @randrobertson522 I have some Goji and goji x orange sunshine gifted from an OGer I will neve grow as I have moved to almost exclusively autos anyway your post was a while back but they are your’s if you want them


You’re AWESOME for offering, but I was gifted some F2’s from a member and it was A BUNCH, so I would feel greedy accepting more! But, again, THANKS VERY MUCH for the offer AND the kind words!


yeah of coursē no problem sir


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well. 4 days ago, the weight of 1.4" of rain collapsed the north half of the roof sheeting. It’s been repaired and is holding well. Night time temps got down to 36F. We’re wrapping it up tomorrow.

The girls are doing well, considering the weather. More yellowing is expected. I’m worried that the Granny Skunks will have to be harvested early. The Goji crosses are ~10 days ahead. Sorry for using the flash, it was almost dusk.

These are some of the Granny Skunk crosses.

They’re predicting 2 nights of frost coming up. I’ll have plenty of left over plastic. I think I’ll “bag” the in ground bushes. Will it stress or damage them if I’m careful? Feel free to air any frosty thoughts, lol. I’ll keep you posted. :peace_symbol:


Beautiful color on some of those buds.

We had several members have to bag plants due to the weather. All early reports I have read said the plants did just fine. Personally, I would let them go as long as you can. They’re pretty hardy plants.


I just throw plastic over them on frost nights. I have a bunch of sheets of 4 mil and just drape over them at night and pop them off in morning. You can take them a long way like that.


They are colorful @Badger. I think NS x Goji #6 is the prettiest plant I’ve ever grown. She’s got nice structure & long, fat colas for her size too, imho.

These are bud shots from the other 3 purple Goji’s.

I tried cutting plastic sheeting today, but it was too damn windy for 1 person. They’re hardy girls for sure, but they will be covered. :peace_symbol: