3x3 Growlog 1st grow

Hi, so glad to see this site back up I remember when it got shut down by the fed, now states and congress are about to legalize. And now I am starting my first grow :evergreen_tree:
The passage of time, and shit

I have read the growfaq and know a little bit about growing but I have a few ?'s before I start.

I literally just ordered everything I think I need to start which includes the tent (24x24x36), light (600w LED) ventilation (6 inch fan with carbon filter and ducting) aerated 5 gallon grow bags and foxfarm ocean forest soil. Surge protector and extension cord to plug everything in.

No nutrients yet, wanted your recommendations and advice when to fertilize.

Using soil because I hear the final product ends up tasting better, in addition to being easier, first grow in small tent, etc.

Humidity might be a problem with the soil though. don’t live in a humid area and I got the fan so I skipped out on the reader. Ambient temperatures won’t exceed 90 and in my closet it won’t get below 60. The fan I got is 6 inches and looks pretty heavy duty.

I’ll be doing this in a closet, I think I can fit 3 5 gallon pots in there without too much crowding.

Don’t know whether to start with feminized seeds or clones, any input on this and anything you see I may have missed appreciated.

I’ll post pics and maybe turn this into a grow log when everything gets here.

EDIT: Update I moved out of the closet into a 3x3 tent. Also going to upgrade the light to a HLG 550.


Welcome to Overgrow, @KarmaFPS
You will find loads of helpful, friendly advice here, enabling
you to produce bodacious buds in no time.

You will be well served by starting a grow diary tracking your upcoming grow.
It makes it easier for growers here to provide all sorts of help with your grow.
Providing pictures is important in obtaining specific recommendations.

Most of all, we want you to have fun while learning.
Best of luck with your new adventure in growing some fine flowers.


A well established clone is like a 3-4 week old seedling, so clones will save you time, but if you’re having to buy them they are more expensive than seeds.

If you go with seeds I would use feminised first, if you’re a new grower, it’s dissapointing to have males, especially if you have a low plant count. It can be very frustrating after 4-6 weeks of growing to find you have boys.

Happy growing, your in the right place to learn.


Welcome, this is right place to be if you want to learn. I haven’t used foxfarm ocean forest but I’m sure someone has. Add perlite for faster drainage and more frequent waterings. Run your lights during the coolest part of the night and have them off during the warmest time. When I used fabric pots I found the best way to water was to submerge the pot completely in the water. ( after roots are established) .


Howdy @KarmaFPS, welcome to OG and your first grow! Don’t over think it for the first few grows.You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick.

One thing I notice is that your 5 gallon pots may be too much for that size closet. I would go with 3 gallon at the most. If you let a plant start in a 5 gallon pot, it will take a longer time to veg and fill the root space. By then the plants will be way too big for that closet. If you were outside, 5 gallons would be a good size.

The other thing is that the Ocean Forest soil is very good but it can be a little too strong for seedlings, because it has some nutrients already in the soil. Too much nitrogen will burn a plant. So, if you can pick up a small bag of coco coir or straight up peat moss or “seed starter” mix, that will let you get healthy seeds ready to go into the Ocean Forest and be ready to grow.

As far as nutes, I would keep it as simple as you can in the beginning. Weed is, well, a weed. All of the other things you see growers doing here is just tweaking and fine tuning to optimize their grow, but, it will grow with water alone, although not as good.

I have friends growing in the Octopots and it is a very simple method. They use a fertilizer called Texas Tomato Food by Urban Farms Fertilizers. It’s organic, it’s a one part fert that will get you from start to finish. That may be a good way to go so you can concentrate on basic things at first like watering, but not OVERwatering, and trimming a few fan leafs and just enjoying the awesomeness!

After you get a grow or two completed, and you will, easily, then all this other mumbo jumbo will fall into place and make more sense. Just get off to a good start, so that you give yourself the best chance at finishing that you can. Don’t over do it the first grow.

And, while she’s growing, come around here and read and talk, and ask questions in real time!

Happy grows bro. peace


As GMan said, FFOF is known for being a hot soil. It will burn seedlings and freshly-rooted clones. It’s excellent pre-mixed soil, though, so good choice on your part… it’s just that you will need some kind of seed-starting mix that’s lighter on the organics for the young plants, until it’s time to transplant them into the FFOF. Fox Farms used to make another mix (which I’m guessing still exists) called Happy Frog. It’s like Ocean Forest but without a lot of the composting organics. Good luck to you. And don’t give up if you don’t end up having the most success this first time around. Just have fun, get to know the plant, and take notes. I’m a big fan of online journals because you can always go back and see what you did and make changes if necessary.


That 600w LED, what brand? What does it really pull from the wall. I would run around 150-watts from the wall in your 2x2x3 tent. That fan is also very big for the space. Get a fan speed controller if you dont already have one to show it down. I would also four suggest 3-gallon pots in that space.

Have fun!


Hey thanks for all the replies and welcomes to the site.

@Gman Had no idea about the seedlings and FFOS, will definitely use some starter soil and mix some perlite

I got some mycorrhizae to help with rooting.

@ReikoX Vivarspectra is the brand name. I was thinking that 600w would be overkill for such a small tent but I want big yields and the fan should be able to move enough air to cool things down. If I need a bigger tent I can get one, I’ll just have to move some stuff around and not be in the closet anymore.

I don’t really want a huge grow op though, If I can harvest a few OZ per plant I’ll be more than happy.
I’m just one guy and this is for hobby/personal stash purposes, so I thought this size of tent was good to start, can always go bigger and if I fuck anything up its not on a huge scale.

Went with feminized seeds. ak 47v, armageddon and A 1 Haze, all feminized from online seed bank.


Light coming on the 24th, seeds too. will update with pics.

This is all good advice.
Agree the5gals wont fit. 3gal holds a nice plant. That 600should cover a 2x2. The fan good. 6in big for that tent but better to have more than not enough airflow. Fem seed is my preference. I dont do clones cause ive heard too mant horror stories. I bring nothing inside garden without treatment and isolation first. Now if you are 100% the clones are legit clean and cut from something worth cloning they will stomp all over seeds. Like said above a good clone is like a 3week head start. You have little fan for circulation inside tent? You will want a hygrometer and thermometer in there.
Ipm routine.
Start it on an empty tent to save the hassels later. Best way to deal with bugs is to never get em. Starting now is your best shot at that. Essential oils work
Orange cinnimon thyme rosemary mint oils lemon ect. All have bug deterring uses. Tent smell fresh n spicy n bugs stay away. Ffof is hot i always take the expensive soils and cut with coco or peat and perelite. Weakens the mix and adds volume. I run roots organics.

Now nutrients i run true plant science base a&b but everyone finds their own line works best for them. Advanced nutrients is solid but expensive. My choice was based on not buying 97parts to get the full feed
2parts less hassle less money. Gallon jugs not liters too. And use less ml of it per feed. And it does have all the micros and macros in both parts. I cant stand running a 3part to find you need to buy all these additives to not go deficient somewhere in flower.


Phase 1 complete. forgot to get hooks for the rope pulleys, looks like a japanese bondage scene but its up there and its definitely not moving :no_mouth:

not in a closet anymore

Ducting is running out the window and fan is blowing out.

Light coming soon


You’ve just saved yourself heart and head ache.
Not slamming folks who trade plants but it’s better than 50-50 bought clones will have spider mites.
edit) They are tough to get rid of.
Def get a speed controller for that fan, 5 gallon are too big for that tent and you’ll run out of headroom until you get experience training plants.
My one gallon pots had my girls through the top 4 days after transplanting. 2x2x4 ft tent.

Although I don’t have that particular light, imo led will see you through budville just fine.

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Sorry if I missed it, how many plants are you planning?

Plans got changed, so in that 3x3 I think I can get away with 3 5 gal DWC buckets.

What do you think?

Update: going with 3 3 gallon pots, gonna FIM and scrog.

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My exp with hydro is limited to hempy buckets and Kratky method.
That said, they seem way big to me.

These are 2 sativa dom crosses between Golden Tiger and Jack Herrer in custom organic potting mix, in one gallon pots.

The one indicated is an Afghani gold, tied down for his own good, I might add.

All males.


Hey there Brother Grower Welcome to the Wonderful World Of Marijuana Growing! First off I have to commend you on your Choice Of Potting Soil I have only used Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil that came with Everything I needed for my 1st Grow in a Grow Cabinet from www.cabinetgrow.com my Partner bought me the YielderMax Cabinet it is still going strong and I’m going to try to upload pictures of my Cabinet and everything else you’ll need to get Quality Results and I am really happy to do it for you you see I would have loved it if someone could have done this for me and then I read that you Are a Fellow North American I’m a Proud Canadian And I hope to someday travel across the USA as I have my own Country. I’m Loving the Fact that Marijuana is Legal Here in Canada it’s basically the same as Tobacco now :canada::+1::ok_hand: Sorry back to the Grow here when my Cabinet came it had everything you see on top and underneath to. I’m pretty sure that Fox Farm Ocean Forest And the Botanicare’s Cal Mag + Plus & Nutrient Line now when I got my Cabinet it came with Only a 250 watt CFL Light in it. However it actually speaks to the quality of the soil and Nutrients that Botanicare’s Famous for Now as far as Water goes Reverse Osmosis is what was recommended by both cabinetgrow.com & Botanicare I’ll post a pic of my first Grow I ordered the Seeds via Crop King Seeds Online They’re located in Vancouver B.C. Here in Canada :canada: they are selling to the Growers in the :us: USA now as well however I’m sure that there are plenty of places over there to get Quality Seeds. Well I’m Baked and Exhausted :weary: So I’m off to :sleeping_bed: have a good night and I will check in with ya tomorrow sometime
:pray:Namaste​:pray: :ok_hand::notes:src="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/f/af15bf09c251a00a696138c9bf95e54c17c6d229.jpeg" width=“666” height=“500”>



Armageddon on left and AK47V on the right.

the light came and I decided to clean up that mess I made out of the filter.

It was getting too toasty in there (up to 90 F) with that HLG 550 at full blast so I turned the dimmer down and got and extra intake fan, now stays at 81 during the hottest part of the day with the tent door closed.

This light is amazing, but its putting out a lot of heat in this 3x3.

I’m noticing tons of pinhole light leaks in this cheaper off brand tent, is this gonna be a problem in flower? These are feminized seeds but will the collective pinhole light leaks stress the plant?

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Light leaks are no good for flowering, if you find light leaks in your tent, just make sure the light stays off in the room it’s in, and you should be ok.


That ViparSpectra is a good light. I have successfully pulled 1/2 lb from one plant in a 5 gal pot with that light. They really are the best of the best in the budget lights IMO.