Another Blueberry Muffin Thread

I have been reading all about the Blueberry Muffin strain trying to make sense of it all. Seems like there are at least 2 different versions of it. I even asked at the dispensary and they had an eighth and a 1g pre-roll of blueberry muffins but said they were different! I decided not to buy either and go back to researching. I do want to try it so I will eventually buy one or both from the dispensary but also very interested in trying to grow it. Can anyone explain the the different strains and their sources? Which cultivar to aim for?

I can find the humbolt seed company one for, $100 for 10 seeds. Most places i find it are sold out. I have never paid much for seeds, mostly free or real cheap on OG. However, people talk this strain up so much I am considering buying some.


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