Any writers here? Tv, novel, or big screen

One of the ideas I was working on was a small town set in west virginia set with the mythos of mothman based on the popular “eyewitness” reports in that area. It would center on a group of kids and their point of view. Set in a backdrop of the 1950s. Wanted to make it more horror than anything else. I.e. almost an alien ripoff with a probiscus that would implant babies inside of people and incorporate a coming of age story by the trio of kids.

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I would like to work on the quinton tarantino “bounty law” tv show. They announced there were plans to make a bounty law tv show (from once upon a time in hollywood). But haven’t heard much other than that. IME “Once upon a time in hollywood” is the best tarrintino movie


It is critically underrated. Without knowledge of the charles manson and the backdrop of the 1960-70s you wouldn’t get a bunch from it. Plus the parallels it draws to leonardo dicaprio as a “failed actor” was really cool imo.


I wrote a book about my life ,I’ve had a very interesting do you go about trying to get a book published

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Haha. There was a Episcopal bishop I think who said the movie made him cry it was so good.

Publicity. You can self publish, but it’s about publicity. If you want to sell a million copies you have got to have it publicised.

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That’s the other part of it. I realize that the director shows every part of the movie and scenes for a reason, whether to create a mood or to progress the plot. Every character action has merit. It translates well from book to movie so well due to the innate visual nature of how we interact with the environment around us. It’s that sense of purpose that always amazes me with books and movies.

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I would actually like to start a publishing company and a printing company. Print editions with real fancy bindings and high quality illustrations.


How you get someone to do it for you,
It’s not a pg 13 book lol

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Haha…actually I’ve seen commercials for christian publishers. They charge you to publish but they will do it. You won’t get any proofreading or publicity but they will get you a book.


I think my book would do well if it got published
Everyone loved a good old European gangster story lol

Ever had your arms legs broke with sledgehammers I have lol

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Hey at least you’re still kicking man. As long as you don’t go for someone’s head, they can’t get you for attempted murder…(well from a self defense standpoint) you can slice and dice em and leave em full of holes like swiss cheese, but don’t take a sledge hammer to their head…might cause death.

I’ve been shot 6 times stabbed in the head nailed to a floor once and arms and legs broken with hammers

I come from a very rough neighborhood in Belfast
And I’m fucking still here lol

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Ok right so how many of these were on a dare?

None of them lol it’s all true my mate was nailed to a fence once lol
Had to pull the nails out of his arms and legs lol you have to remember Belfast not like America everyone has a gun,people have other ways of fucking you up without shooting you lol

In my neighborhood any anti social behavior the IRA would tell you to meet them in an alley way let’s say 8pm so they could blow your kneecaps off

Depends how much of a fucker you were

Sometimes they blow your knees elbows ankles off

Or a 50/50 as it was called
Shoot you in the spine you have a 50/50 chance of walking again

If you didn’t meet them for your appointment and piss them off they just put a bullet in your head


That’s rough man. I was watching a special on the ira on pluto, showcasing the shift in culture over the past 30 years.

I think it was on a month ago or so.

When did you move to america?

98 had enough of it lol
Grew up in a Republican family my dad was a prisoner of war ,too many Assassination attempts on my life
From the other side,


So do you have a finished copy of your book?

Yeah I do,I was going to make it a 2 part book Belfast then my move to the states,the Belfast part is done