Any writers here? Tv, novel, or big screen

I have written a couple tv shows as well as some movies and was wondering if there are any other writers on the board.

Also if anyone has any questions about writing film, tv, novels, I would be glad to answer them. :smiley:


Little bragging…when I was a kid I wanted to win a nebula or hugo award. I recently won a hugo award. Sweet!

Also own a chain of fried chicken restaurants…but I digress…:wink:


Holy cow! I’ve always wanted to write as my profession/passion but I find myself being super self critical all the time and putting it back to the side. What’s the secret to discipline?


Well honestly its about studying the craft. Basically the
More you know, the more fluent your writing becomes.


It’s helpful to compare and critique different writing styles and periods and compare them to your own.

Any favorite books/genres? Or recommendations of excellent writing styles?

I’m a big sci fi guy. As what to read I suggest the old dime store novelets, the westerns and detective novels, good for studying basic writing techniques.


I’m going through wheel of time right now and it’s honestly excellent and doesn’t feel like there’s any “filler”

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Never heard of “wheel of time”

By robert jordan. It’s a high fantasy series with 14 total books. Amazon prime is working on adapting it to a television series at the moment. I can send you a paperback of the first book if you want.

Lemme check it out real quick.

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I appreciate the offer but my shipping situation is kinda wack atm. I can just order it on amazon. You should check out larry niven’s ring world. Good but imo they are a little short.

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I absolutely will do! What do you think about the expanse series? I also enjoyed Scalzi’s old man’s war

Haha wrote the first season my man…I may take you up on the offer for the paperback, enjoy physical books better than the digital ones.


I didn’t really like this past season of the expanse…seems more like kinda a chess match. Not what I envisioned…too much political stuff.

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Damn really?? Joe miller is/was my favorite character. I feel he really grounded the show in some of the more “hard” sci-fi parts.

How does one get into book to tv or movie adaptations? And so you have any books you’ve written? Sorry if too probing.

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Yeah that’s what made me lose a bunch of interest too.

Well honestly I just go for it. Read something, get some beers and then just dictate to the recorder for hours. I think I wrote season 1 of the expanse in a single night.
Big joe miller fan myself, was thinking about resurrecting him.
I don’t have much hands on experience writing books. Mostly just tv and movies.

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I kind of agree. For me at least it seems easier to “dictate” than type or write. Feels like it flows easier and is more organic

Yeah if I actually write something out, I find I’m always stumbling over my thoughts.