Black, Bay Area, Bodhi, Beans, Been Booming Baby!

Greetings to all here at OG. I am beginning my 4th run with this soil and looking forward to positive results. Unscientific mix of Home Depot Kellogg’s, FFOF, FFHF, Roots Organics, and others I can’t remember. In a 5x5. 1 Earthbox, 1 10g fabric pot, 1 18"( I think) plastic pot, and 5 I dunno 5g plastic pots. 2 Maroon Baboons in the Earthbox, Mac Dragon x Bruce Banger#3 in the 10g fabric, Wedding Cookies #1 in the Big plastic pot, and 5 Cherry Trance in the small plastic pots. Cherry Trance are seedlings, everything else is a clone. Maroon Baboon was a cut I got from a friend and the other 2 are from seeds I ran last time. Guess I ain’t cool enough to post pics yet. Soon come. Bless up!!


Can’t wait to see the grow will be following along




There are 5 Space Monkey and 5 Old Soul in paper towels. I’ma use rapid rooters this time. Cherry Trance went 5 for 5, Babylon Buster 1 out of 5 popped. Trying something new.

Popped a Wedding Cookies and a Mac Dragon x Bruce Banger outside. Looking forward to that.

Oh yeah I guess I should admit that these are the first Bodhi strains I’ve ever run. I’ma fan of his reputation, enjoyed his energy on the Potcast and love his prices. Curious about Goji, SSDD, and Stevie Wonder. Mentioned this to the good folks at JBC and they threw in a freebie pack of Silver Sunshine with my 4/20 order: Old Soul, Space Monkey, and Razzpberry Unicorn nft. Pack o Strawberry Headband rounds out my Bodhi stock, kinda. Strayfox Iraqi 66 (B cut) x White Goji seems like 2 Bodhi cuts sooo. @pirateshipbaba sent me 5-6 packs including the Mac Dragon x Bruce Banger. Few packs o freebies from Kingdom Organic: Congo Bhai Bhai and Blue Rhino and from Relic Seeds: Wikki Sour. 5x5 and a 2x2 Ac infinity tent. 3 qbs, 450w, 240w and 100w. Considering putting up the 4x4 that isn’t Ac but IS folded in the Ac case. Rambling


Wedding Cookies #1


New Beginnings. Gonna give everything a head start on the Maroon Baboons, Earthbox is a beast and they’ll be fine, they’ve been vegging since December.

Does anyone have experience popping seeds in rapid rooter cubes, any advice?

What a wonderful hobby/world.


Forgot to mention the collards, gonna put them in with the Cherry Trance, for aeration. Soil has me a bit concerned, kinda clumpy. Cover crop planted 12 seed blend, some veggies and some herbs.Homegrown worms and all the life they bring. Open to suggestions. Thanks for reading. Peace


Hoping CT shows sex in the next 2-3 weeks. Wanna flip asap, CT is the focus of this run. Hope to find something cool. Blessings

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Full Plate:


5 of 5 Old Soul cracked and 2.5 Space Monkey cracked. Placed em in Rapid Rooters and said some words. Read that RR dries out in like 12 hours, will be vigilant.


That solo cup is the lone Babylon Buster survivor, hope it’s a girl.


I like what ya got going on here, earthboxes are epic indeed. Never sprouted/grew seeds in rooter cubes before, only clones and the cubes were flora flex incubator cubes and not rapid rooters.

I was looking at cubes last night because I am down to just a couple, but not too sure if I want to get the same thing or try a cheaper option heh. Ill stop rambling hah, keep up the good work bud :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words. I’m not new to this but I was on a 15+year hiatus. First 2 harvests we’re not cool, but there was progress. This last harvest was cool. 10 plants 2-3 ozs per plant with the biggest not weighed yet, or the smallest, haha. Most important is that I no longer need cannabis! I have herb that tastes like it smells and gets me & my people high. I give thanks for all things.


I took a hiatus of similar length. Took me more than 2 grows to get pointed in the right direction. That wasn’t surprising. Different lights, soil, climate, water, strains…
The surprising thing was how many times I realized I was repeating a mistake I’d figured out years ago. Some of them hurt!
Looking forward to the Cherry Trances as well! I keep looking at the cherry strains, wondering if I’d taste cherry.

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@LivingBlackSoil Very nice! Just had to get back in the swing of things a little heh.

@numbskull Oof, ya the mistakes can ass up pretty fast sometimes heh. I am still dialing things in over here, I approach everything very very cheap and slowly evolve. So needless to say things keep slowly getting dialed in heh.


your on your way my friend, great pics detailed thread much love with yr gro :green_heart: :crossed_fingers:

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Looking good, definitely down for this one, on with the show

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Thanks for stopping by, what are the biggest changes in your grow from back then?
Lights/rooms needed COOLING cuz o dem hot lights. Back then I bought babies and kept mom’s, and the stores had a counterculture nrg. Some copied Amsterdam, BPG came with a heavy medical vibe, then came the 3rd Floor. Wow! I don’t remember top shelf mids etc. before Larry. They were cannabis game changers! Big ups to Larry and my man Turtle. Thanks for your sacrifice.


So I was at the local nursery and got a stuffed 6 pack of sun gold beets, the collards seem too big for the CTs. Then I remembered that I have a stuffed bonsai pot of collard seedlings, oh well, I love the below soil development and eventual decay of the beets, and maybe add the collards later.

I have MDxBB#2 in but I meant to do#3( I call it the BB pheno cuz of bud structure) might add it, will see. The other 2 have some small but strong buds. We’ll see.

All 5 Old Soul are up with seedcaps on, no development of the Space Monkey yet. I remember all 5 OS looked great in paper towel and only 3 of the SM had even just cracked, the development was definitely slower. They’ll be great!!

Apprecilove all the positivity OGers bring. Kicked off RIU B4 harvest and unable to complete the diary. Refs always call it on the person retaliating, unheard of that the ref/mod instigated the action. Feels good to find a space on the interwebs that smells like this.
Bless up!!


Firstly, yeah the lights and the lack of heat. Thought it would be nice after fighting HPS heat for so long, but my new climate (Western WA) makes it complicated. The wet season here is long and super-wet and the LEDs don’t help much with that. Eventually had 2 pony up & buy a dehumidifier.
All the other stuff adds up too, though. My go-to keep-it-simple soil was really different, formerly perfect tap water replaced by well water (which took a few grows to figure out how to work with that) so the first grow or 3 were pretty sad. One rule that’s served me well when fixing a problem is change one thing at a time. Simple, right? Totally abandoned that. Shit was just sooo wrong.