Building another RDWC system

Hey Everybody,
I’m at it again with another DIY RDWC build… :slight_smile:
I’ve been wanting to build this for a very long time… Finally gonna pull the trigger!!!
Please keep in mind that this build is for my 4’ x 4’ VEG tent…


Looks like a plan!



Looks real nice, well thought out. Like the sample box idea.

Why did you go for supplying all 4 reservoirs instead of more of a loop style? Chaining the reservoirs so to speak. Definetly not a critique, just curious.


Looks like you’ve got it all planned out. These days I try to stick with the KISS method but every time I see a well planned build like yours…it makes me want to break out the pumps and build something! Well done. Can’t wait to see how it goes:)

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Thanks, I’m not sure I understand your question… If you are asking why I never went with a Undercurrent system that just feeds the epicenter?.. anyways, this RDWC system allows for a waterfall effect in each grow bucket to increase dissolved oxygen. Bulkheads are expensive and I feel like this should work just fine. If not, I can always add more down the road to connect all buckets together with 2 bulkheads per bucket…


Thanks, I’ll try to keep everyone updated with pics or possibly a DIY build video…

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That was not what I ment, thats gonna be a lot of splashing though. Just noticed there are no air pumps there, you sure that this way of running RDWC will supply enough oxygen?

My question was why not pump into the first reservoir, link that to the second so that the flow goes from bucket to bucket, rather than all buckets at the same time like in your proposed set up. Just picking your brain here!