Cleaning a Bubble Mac Air stone with Muriatic Acid?

Just got my Bubble Mac Air stones in the mail. I was looking up how to clean them before use and it’s saying to use Muriatic Acid. The acid is something I don’t have and don’t sound too good for plants. Is there another way I can clean them?


I use hydrogen peroxide 3% just sit them in it for 24 hour’s to clean off the algae and let dry, then a quick run over with a soft wire brush.


I was gonna say if you use muriatic acid be careful it’s pretty nasty stuff but @Shadey has the best answer


I was listening to the dude grows podcast a few weeks ago and someone recommended using denture cleaner on air stones.


It’s just hydrochloric acid. It works very well. The purpose is not to sterilize it, the purpose is to dissolve mineral buildup, which occurs over time. Peroxide won’t dissolve minerals. Acid will.

It’s not dangerous just use basic precautions. Add acid to water, not the other way around. Wear gloves and something for your eyes. Don’t drink it. It’s not like deadly poison or anything it’s just an acid. There’s hydrochloric acid in your stomach right now haha. You can use it for pH down.

There are other acids you can use, sulfuric or phosphoric are also handy for grow use and will dissolve minerals quickly.

Air stones are also cheap, it’s often cost effective to just buy new ones.


Yeah, I just use my stones to areate my water, I don’t need acid really, just something to kill the algae off. I forget people use them with nutrients.

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Yeah. I also read about peroxide and boil after. Thanks guys.

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If you do end up using muriatic acid, keep it away from tin… used to make lil 20oz bottle bombs with muriatic acid and a strip of tin. Can blow a metal mailbox apart. Won’t explode if not sealed, but still a pretty decent reaction.


@ChronicMcBudz i don’t think I’ll be using that. But I’ll keep it in mind. To be honest I thought these were the before use instructions. I feel stupid now for over reacting and not reading the instructions properly.


We still love you. :hugs:

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