Tap water changed recently!

I believe that in the last few weeks there has been a change in my tap water. I always let it sit for about 24 hours, well in the past two weeks or so after I let it sit when I stir it a million little tiny bubbles surface. Anyone else notice this or am I trippin? Thanks bud buddies! I love y’all


Mine changes with the seasons… more minerals and higher ppm in the summers more air bubbles and lower ppm in winter… pH vAries a bit as well.


PH of our tapwater changes often, and sometimes by a lot. Usually after heavy rains that go for several days…
I’m sure mineral ppm varies too.


ours has changed maybe because of winter i do not know, but its real cloudy now when you first pour it.


I have a hose set up to use with a sprayer and if I take the water that is in the hose it always has lots of bubbles so I make sure I run it through first. May not be your issue at all but thought it was worth mentioning.

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I got burned on that issue last spring.
We are on a big integrated municipal water system and for 3 years it was rock steady… So… I got ‘slack and idle’ about checking and BOOM! :boom:

Totaled a NL auto grow 3 weeks before harvest. Learned that lesson! :+1:



The new town I moved to has water that sux…now I have to import tap water from Chicago…


Lol, import tap water. You might have a ro system in your future! Idk Home Depot says my water is pretty good. But then they always try to sell you a expensive home treatment plantation! They got my friends mom to drop like 4 grand, and they don’t even grow bud! Crazy. I would have a big copper still and be a water boiling mother fffer! Lol.
I haven’t noticed anything happening to plants yet but am thinking that I want better control over my water especially now with all the crazy stuff happening on the world rn. Thanks for the reply’s guys. Some water treatment facilities guy will pop up and tell us what’s up with the tiny bubbles.


My well water fluctuates with the seasons. It is very shallow . Doesn’t seem to effect the plants too much but the PH and hardness def has swings. The best thing you can do for any questionable water is install a reverse osmosis machine. There are good ones that are easy to install that are reasonably priced. Just remember you are taking that water to pretty much zero everything mineral wise so you need to make sure you make up for that.


I’m hopeful that the bubbles are just trapped air that settled on the sides. I sound crazy I bet! Lol. For real though there’s probably 5000 lil bubbles. Ima smell em next time. Lol.

I’m no water guy or city worker but I’m now on a well but a year ago was on city water and they had sent a do not use water letter out to certain section (was for pumping chrloine or something thru to clean a busted area went on for momths) never got ours happen to see a change in water and looked at there site where they post any major changes like that and I also was once told so don’t take my word out but a wise feller. That told me that during winter times and seasonal changes they pump certain numbers of different stuff that varies for the use of it conditions. None the less I would not feel safe using city water.

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Colder water has the ability to have more dissolved oxygen or air and when warmed up that comes out of suspension forming bubble so depending that’s probably what your experiencing, happens to me with cold water.


I hope that’s it. Thanks brother!

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I live in the country but still only minutes from a big city. So I am the very last house on thier system that receives city water. This was negatively effecting my plants. I can only assume it was a build up of chemicals in the water like chlorine and worse chloramine.
Here is how I resolved the problem.
I bought a 30 gallon plastic drum put an inline filter on the feed line and used two large air stones in the water connected to an aquarium pump:

This resolved my problem and my plants finally look like they should. The drum also has a nice screw on top not pictured. Hope this helps…


@Oldjoints what a nice simple solution :slight_smile: thank you for putting it up

all the best and be safe



You are very welcome my friend…

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Thanks pal! My plants don’t seem to be crying about it. Yet! But I’m suspicious of the change. I like your solution! I’m going to do something like that I think. Where did you find that brown container?

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Got mine at Atwood’s farm supply. But would be easy to do with any common 50 gallon drum also.

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I used to be anal about testing pH.

I’m fortunate I live somewhere with stable water.

I got an expensive tester for Christmas. Haven’t used it yet. Probably will one day.

But right now, an admission - I haven’t checked pH in months. And I’ve have no problems and no intention to start.

It goes like this. City water is 7.0 (I know this). After adding ferts my water is 6.5 which is about perfect. My promix pH is like 6.0. So this puts me in the right ball park.

It reminds me on when I was first growing and didn’t even know what pH was and just mixed up DNF bloom A and B into city water. No problem there either.

I’m lucky though. My city water is quality and stable.

All the best

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Usually around spring I get a month or 2 of 6.0 ph tap water…love that. Otherwise ph sits around 8.