(Closed) Freakers African Congolese Preservation

Hey all! This is my freakers run for 2022. After a dismal Blueberry Sativa run that didn’t produce enough seeds, I’m growing out African Congolese from the Real Seed Company. This is a typical Freakers run where, seeds permitting, I will overflow some to the coop giveaways. As usual, they are in a homemade living soil mix under an HLG LED. They were flipped into flower on Sept 17th. The site says 90-120 days, so I’m hoping they finish up not too long after the new year. I don’t have a lot of experience with long flowering sativas, so I’m always appreciative of constructive criticism, tips, etc.

Thanks for stopping in! :v:


They look very good.

Not many tips just don’t overfeed and watch your headroom.

Best of luck :+1:


Very nice looking! I didn’t immediately realize that there were multiple plants in each container. I recently thought of trying this out. Looking forward to the grow.


Excited to tag along!


fantastic !!!


Nice, getting jungly in there already!


Join a Long Flowering Sativa Support Group :grin:


Nice looking plants…very cool.


Thanks man! I’ve been growing like this for a long time. I really like the ease of watering and feeding when they are in a big pot or bed. I highly recommend it. :v:

Glad to have ya! :v:

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks man! It is getting to be a jungle in there! I’m gonna cut the males today and trellis the females down. They have way too long to be this close to the light lol.

I think I did that, it’s called the Freakers Ball Seed Collective lol! :wink:

Thank you sir! Appreciate it! :v:

I should add it looks like I have 2 males and 5 females at this point. One female is a little undecided though.


Wow I just read the description “Six to eight times stretch in flower can be expected”! Might have to lay them on their side :laughing:


buy a ladder! seriously though they have a great shape so far and look like theyll be manageable. well see in 90 days lol


I am looking forward to following along.

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Pulling up a seat to watch this exciting adventure to unfold. :raised_hands::seedling::raised_hands:

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Stopped by to see what I can get information wise. Gonna tag along hopefully get some ideas for growing these long winded sattys.
Lots of hidden gems out there in the Sativas, also there’s the different highs that is not prevalent in hybrids and Indicas.


I mean for real right?! My jaw dropped when I saw that! :speak_no_evil:

I need a ceiling extension! Lol, I’m gonna trellis the shit outta them. As you said, we’ll see in about 90 days lol. :v:

Look forward to having ya! :v:

Please do! I’m hoping it’s not too much of an adventure lol! :see_no_evil:

And that right there is exactly why I am interested in the sativas! I’m tired of the same ol same ol. I have a need for speed lol! :laughing:

Thanks all! Appreciate everyone’s input! :pray:


That’s what I was thinking! Lots of LST!
I ran 2 Mozambique sativas that I swear had a damned dinner bell somewhere. She was bent over but still tall and beautiful, then the bugs showed up. They went hardest on the 2 sativas I had and even predators couldn’t beat them back. This was my first run in with bugs, almost made me cry, stay on top of your IPM. The bugs in Oklahoma went berserk over the exotic.


90-120 seems like a wide bracket.

I’ve seen these middle Africa types go significantly more than than but that might have been due to an old bulb or two in some of my friends lamps.

Can’t wait for the end result… Remember it’s a marathon with these guys sometimes…
Will check back!


this will be neat to see, ill be tagging along on this


Exellent…great strain to grow and ,growing Sativas is great fun…patience is needed.

Good luck

I’m doing some Colombian Gold ( freakers preserve) go easy on the nutes.


I ran the Congolese from TRSC and they were awesome. Beautiful bud structure. They also got super TALL

Excellent project. Rock on!