Drip ? - Rockwool Cube sizes for microgrow

More playing around with different techniques… :rofl:

If I was wanting to try out a drip / top feed system in a microgrow… What size cubes?

Working with plant space of ~16x16x30". I’d imagine a 6" would be a bit too big?

Thanks in advance!

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I hope someone has the info you need.

As a coco head, I wanted to try rockwool cubes.

Started doing my homework across the interwebs. Looking for real world grows to find out whats involved. Found most people having issues, few people raving about success.
So, that kinda turned me off.

Yeah, but I notice in a lot of cases it’s also not exactly being used the way grodan suggests. Says top feed but they’re in ebb/flow. But some of the bigger greenhouses are moving more and more to it.

After printing that little 6" cube stand I started wondering - since a simple top feed off a dosing pump and drain to waste is a pretty simple system.

Debating just ordering up some 4" cubes and giving it a whirl, see what happens.

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I dig their caps…obviously made for their cubes. 4" working ok for my coco in fabrics.
I prefer hydro halos.

Looking forward to your success. I may give it a try in the future.

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Kinda trying to follow along this article:

Thinking I can throw a soil moisture tester in the rockwool, they’re almost disposable in pricing.

Simple EC meter in the runoff…

I keep reading about different densities of rockwool cubes - which one am I looking for?