Drying/curing boxes

Seen a few advertised in the several thousand dollar range and a friend of mine had one built so can’t answer anything about it. Anyone seen any diy plans or anything like that out there or any experience using a commercial one so I know what kind of environment I’m trying to produce inside


Hi @Daytripr69,

I watched this video a few months ago. It’s not a solution for drying buds, but is an innovative way to cure a large quantity:


I saw this as well a while back
Seems easy to whip up … could be worth trialling it - heaps easier than burping jars everyday , I think I’ll give it a test next time I have a lot to cure


That would be great, @livingthedream! If you do it, post it!

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Will do :nerd_face::sunglasses::face_with_monocle::crazy_face::vulcan_salute:

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So a quick Google after seeing this post.
This is what Google says.
50rh @ 20C for 2-3 days then slow down the dry by going to 60-70 rh till rh is stable and buds can be cured.

If you want to go down the route I do which is bodge the f outta it you either use your grow chamber or a cardboard box/tub or bin and make layers or shelves of mesh like material. I have used mesh window screen, plastic stackable mushroom crates and cardboard with holes in among other things but you put a rh/temp gauge in there preferably top, middle and bottom, a couple cheap ass usb pc fans and a dehumidifier. The size of your space and amount of bud dictates the size of the dehuey and fans needed. Plugging in your extractor from your plants also helps a ton especially if it’s got a speed control (another reason for using the gro chamber).

Most dehydrators are a temp gauge and an electric coil with a tiny fan blowing up from the bottom.

You need an exit for the humidity out the top.

Edit. One thing I forgot to add is if you are in a low humidity area you can even boost the humidity with a water res at the bottom. I recently heard to try using my aquarium heater in my water res in my grow rent as it should evaporate more water off at higher temps but I’m not sure about that one.


Here’s what I came up with, takes it to 60RU in the jars about 10 days and will keep curing until I crack them.


For drying, I have setup a nice little tent with a small extraction fan on a humidistat. I set it to 65%RH and seal up the tent.


Wow, 65%! How long do they take to dry?


Got any pics? You just circulating the air inside w a little fan and extracting when you hit 65%? Sounds like I have a use for my veggie seedling tent once everything goes outside into the garden!

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I live in a very arid climate, so this is what works for me in my environment. If I leave everything except the fan leaves, I can usually let them go to 7-10 days before I dry trim, then jar them up to cure.

No circulation fan, just the extraction fan. I originally did this to add humidity to my drying tent. I use the same tent to clone and as a quarantine. Here is the tent with some clones in it. it’s a 16"x16" tent.


Kaligrownbudz on YouTube has a neat concept using cardboard boxes with woven twine inside and opposite holes in the diagonal inside you hang your buds in a dark environment with decent air exchange