Free Seeds & Free Clones Thread (Part 15)

Thanks @firehead for the giveaways!!

Happy growings!!

@firehead that sounds awesome! Gracias :pray:t2:

Awesome strain @firehead ! Thank you for sharing these golden beans.

:eyes: :crossed_fingers:t4: Count me in on this one. Much obliged @firehead

That contest kitty is pretty cool as well I may have to take a que from that!

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Got your seeds @GregOG !! And happy Valentine’s to you too!! Haha
I really hope you’ve received mine by now.


Today at 2023-02-17T21:00:00Z

Myself and some of your favorite OG’s will be giving away over 30 packs of seeds, some pollen, and a boatload of stickers!


So awesome and thanks @Rhai88 and everyone who is contributing to this, very appreciated


Oh sweet !! Over 30 packs plus pollen ?!
That is awesome ! :raised_hands:

Damn I hope I’m here, I might have to go out later…
Save me a spot tho !

And thank you @Rhai88 and all who donated for the fun !!


Awesome!! I’ll get my chores done and be back at 4!!!
…or, maybe NOT do chores and be here at4? LOL!


We will be running it for quite a few hours total… you know how sometimes Wiki’s take a while to fill up lol
last one felt like we went for hours haha

I’m doing my chores… smash em out real quick be done with em :laughing:

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This is me all day today


Lol, I think we officially have more giveaways than users now :rofl:


ha yeah the giveaway’s are real around OG but it’s just because its full of awesome people. Proof they still exist is pretty cool.

A lot of new members popping up for sure though lately. Cool to see OG grow. Hell I’ve only been here a year and have been seeing a lot of cool things!

Thanks for what you do DoubleD!


How amy members joined up this year ? Is there current count on the website of members


For sure you guys rock… I remember when it was only DD for a lonnnnng time… see what you started bro? Goodness is contagious (there were others too) but dd was residual always


I should say last year being this one just started

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Told ya it’d be no time before you got a bunch of seeds :v: :100:


I worry a little about all the new users, actually. We have seen these waves of giveaways before and now its really on overload with so many its impossible to keep track. I had to stop doing them for an entire summer just to slow the number of new members joining just for free stuff. So while growth is good its better to get quality over quantity. Just something for us all to keep an eye on. I am a pretty big contributor to this issue sadly. I love to give out seeds but the conciquences can be painful. Will have to see how things look in the future. In the mean time I look forward to your event bud and @Heliosphear 's race :slight_smile:


I have heard reports of memebers winning seeds and going elsewhere and selling them


Eventually it’ll be better to do certain trust levels or whatever… make it something to earn type deal… then again it isn’t hard to climb the ranks… but nevertheless something in the long run like that may divert the fly by nights that come in for 1 thing and don’t contribute in any way…

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