Rhai88 & Friends... Games, Giveaways, and more! (Part 1)


Last Friday we did a fun round of games with more than a few OG’s who donated their works to all of you guys and gals! I figured we might as well get a spot going for it!

This thread will be reserved for giveaway’s with ANY OG’s who would like to get in on the shenanigans. I will do solo giveaway’s here as well but I will add in the occasional OG gromies who want to spread some of their love and works to all of you the extended OG Fam in the form of fun and games!

:boom::fire::fireworks: Our bad ass donors thus far :fireworks::fire::boom:
@GrouchyOldMan - @DefNSmokn - @other_barry - @PioneerValleyOG -
@middleman - @Bobgrows - @olschool - @Heliosphear

:arrow_down:(anyone who donates packs will receive an exclusive OG holo sticker from me!) :arrow_down:

(((If you would like to donate to the games and fun please PM me and we will set something up)))

:eyes:seeds, pollen, stickers, and a great many other things to come!:eyes:


Friday night we will be doing some giveaway’s with our buddy @middleman who will be donating as well as a couple of members from the last round stay tuned!

Grand prize will also include a new OG poster big thanks to @Heliosphear for letting me order one to give away to you guys!

If anyone would like to be added to a callout list of names for when we start please let me know and I will @ you a little while before we start!


You can add me @Rhai88 please and Thankyou. Last Friday was off the hook btw.



Add me please. Sounds like fun.


Wow, new thread, nice… hell yea I’m all in :+1:
Please @ me @Rhai88
giphy (3)


I would like to get added, like the looks of the new thread, I can tell this is where the party is going to be at on Friday for sure…:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I would love to be added and thank you for this opportunity,

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nice! way cool.

please add me to Games, Giveaways, and more. mighty kind of you.

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Please add me @Rhai88! Thank you for all these giveaways!

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I’d like to be added as well please!

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Looks like the party has relocated. Awsome afterparty @Rhai88!
Great stuff you’re doin around here. We are all grateful for the giveaways and contributions y’all have put forth. From myself and many others, thank you!

And hell yeah, @ me on that list! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s coming for you…


Many thanks @Rhai88 .
For sure I’m in!!!
Please add me to your call list… or not… I put this thread in watching mode!

Many thanks and Happy growings!!

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Sounds like fun!
Please add me to your call list. Thank you for putting this on.
Also DM coming…


I would like to be added to the list if possible! I’ll take a look at my collection too cause I might be able to donate some towards this.


Great news we will be having @Bobgrows donating a couple of packs to the games Firday(tomorrow)!

Also @Heliosphear will be hosting his own games in here as well Friday… we may start Friday afternoon with all the shenanigans we have going!

:boom:In preperation/celebration of this I would like to put up a pack of the Blueberry Diesel F2s I will draw a number later tonight. Good luck OGs!:boom:

  1. @Slick1
  2. @Oldtimerunderground
  3. @Smooth
  4. @Habitt
  5. @HappyTrees23s
  6. @gonzo
  7. @DJSF
  8. @djtrip
  9. @Abbbian
  10. @Tlander :thailand:
  11. @misterbee :us:
  12. @PeaceCoast
  13. @Maddawg
  14. @LtShDc
  15. @Weednerd.Anthony :us:
  16. @jameslax :us:
  17. @CrunchBerries
  18. @mota
  19. @Tracker
  20. @Piter :es:
  21. @TopShelfTrees1
  22. @LedZeppelin
  23. @Emeraldgreen
  24. @Groenevingers :eu:
  25. @Tripl3fastaction
  26. @CocoaCoir
  27. @MissinBissin :canada:
  28. @herojuana.tom
  29. @Natea
  30. @Kasper0909
  31. @Mrgreenthumb
  32. @Habibi
  33. @Big_Yeloe
  34. @MonasticDank
  35. @THCeed
  36. @Kgrim
  37. @jessethestoner
  38. @Lady.Zandra63
  39. @Smoklahoma
  40. @MI-1000
  41. @Illicitmango
    Add Numb3rs as nessescery.

:fire:(after signing up for the BBD please message down below and tag anyone you think will be interested for tomorrows day of shenanigans!!!:fire:


Thanks @Rhai88 !! Thank you as well @Bobgrows @Heliosphear !!



Thanks again @Rhai88!
Awesome giveaway!!
:boom: :v:


Signed up and ready to play :basketball_man:


Thank you for another chance at these Blueberry Diesels :drooling_face:

And thank you BobGrows for the donation so we can have some extra fun !!!