Greenfingers grow & show

I didn’t want to step on anyone,s grow so I made my own thread. Heres what I have going on.
First Copa genetics testers 5
PXP Als cut x GSD f5 and 6 Purple moonshine f2.

Next is the Apollo Ape, I topped these the other day.
The rest of the closet has got 7 Platinum cookies, 6 blueberry, 1 platinum OG fem, 1 Hawaiian Indica/bubba kush x grape crush, 3 Humboldt Dream fems, 4 Guerilla Gold above soil and I put 4 more seeds in soil. Plus the double grape autos I haven’t started yet and some stuff im waiting on from OG friends.
These 3 are the Humboldt Dream fems.


Some solid seed selections there, plants are looking good :+1:

:thinking: any of those going outside this season?


Looks great bromigo


All of the Guerilla gold along with some pinewarp, are part of my outdoor this year. My first pick was Humboldt Dream that I bought then I was given a bunch of seeds from my basement dwellers (my daughter and her boyfriend). Then the Copa testers. Im gonna try to run in and out with the some of them. Can’t forget the double grape autos, start the seeds mid May put seedlings out in June? I know nothing about autos but im gonna give them a go.


Got my cloner and veg closet up and running, warming it up so I can trasfer some in there. It’s getting crowded in one space.


Looking good my friend, some interesting choices for sure.

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Looking great! I’ll be following along for the ride


Ha ha! I can totally relate. I’ve got an adult stepdaughter, her dog, and an adult son that dwell in my basement!:rofl:
Plants look nice and healthy @Greenfingers ! I’m gonna hang around and see how they turn out, if that’s ok! Positive vibrations to you! :peace_symbol:


They’re good kids and I would never put any of my kids out until they’ve got a good start. My wife and I even took in a couple of their friends over the past few years when they were down and out.


Yeah, for outside i’d start hardening them early June…

Here’s a Double Grape i grew a few years ago, at the time it was the frostiest auto i had ever run.

Last year i gave a buddy @LoveDaAutos a few seeds to do a reversal, that’s where your few seeds came from. He did a great job, and i’ll be doing one or two outdoors when i get home in early June.

Looking forward to watching you work @Greenfingers


Happy you decided to make a thread of your own. And nice selection man, you are covering many basis with those :muscle:

Im no pro when it comes to autos but from what I studied so far, the guys with the most impressive auto grows started them in 4" peat pots, in for 2 or 3 weeks then planted them directly in holes with a light feed mix. All this weather permitting, around here I’d start them 3rd week of may and plant 2nd of June for example.


Thanks for that information, im a real rookie when it comes to autos but I’ve been reading and searching for all the info I can find. My OG family will keep me on track. Love these plants and everyone here at Overgrow. Thanks for your kindness.


That Double Grape was covered with seeds and the flowers were still top quality after removing the seeds. I gave the whole plant to my 70 year old buddy with the deal that he harvest all the seeds for me and he could keep all the flowers for his labor. He had a BIG grin on his face when he left with the plant. Just guessing it produced approximately 2,000+ seeds.


Heres the Apollo Ape after they were topped a week ago, 3 have 2 tops but one came away with 3 tops. I don’t know how that happened but im not complaining. The rest are coming along nicely.

I up potted the one Platinum OG feminized it’s growing like a weed.


Im bored so I decided to experiment, I had some old seeds from bag weed that I saved (must have been good chit) so I put some in paper towel with plain h2o from the well,

and some in aloe let’s see what happens class.


Got out today and visited my favorite nursery picked up my 1st bag of Foxfarm ocean forest to use in my mix of compost, coco, ill be using some manure in my garden. You never know something might get lost in my tomato plants. It happens every year one or two sneak in there. I have no control.:laughing:


@anonymous4289 heres a look at the Apollo Ape, just about where they were when disaster struck. In their final pots.:crossed_fingers:t2:


How about a update on my 2022 season schedule. 1st up is Apollo Ape soon to get flipped, all lower growth will be clones.

next we have the Copa testers Pineapple Express x GSD f5 and Purple Moonshine probably leave them in with the Apollo Ape and sex them and hope for a bunch of girls. last but not least Platinum Cookies, JTs Blueberry, Dirty 30, and 1 Platinum OG fem. The tallest one oops almost forgot about the 1 Hawaiian Indica/Bubba Kush x Grape Crush, 4 Columbian Gold x Xmas Bud 79 fast to germinate 3 days. 5 Guerilla Gold, 2 Pinewarp. I knew I would forget something, I have 3 Humboldt Dream fems. Those are between the Apollo Ape.


Looking very luscious in there! Following along to see your green fingers fiddling those plants.

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Thanks, the one im holding is a Hawaiian indica/Bubba kush x Grape crush. I made those beans. I have some extras, lets see how they do. Looking good so far. The 3rd pic has the Guerilla gold, they are small but they have lots of time to catch up.