Hello friends I need help

Hello I am wondering if anyone would have any un needed seeds I could have I have done a few grows But stopped I did a grow with Reggie seeds it came out good but I really want to test my skill any help would be really appreciated thanks all!

Here you go but normally it is a trade that is expected.

Ty I’m sorry for posting in wrong place

No worries! Have fun and i hope you find what you need. :relaxed:

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I understand why people and most of all, new people on the OG site, at first; they start asking for seeds and generally for free seeds, i know i did it… I think it is a primal instinct to want what you don’t have and naturally we stoners/med users find in weed a refuge, a comfort that lifts our spirits and we find ourselves in grace with humankind and nature. But, we start seeing pics of buds and clones and plants, and these experienced growers and their incredible grow rooms and gear, so… We all want a piece, we all want some! It’s understandable.