Humble grow by Islayhearts

Started a bunch of strains…

Chocolate Rain
Jalisco IBL
Girl scout cookies x black lime reserve
Snow lotus bx vl
Strawberry bozo x Cocoon
Maury Povich ( bastard of boudica x silverfields in some sense)

Anyways here they are at about 4 weeks from being placed in soil.

Jalisco male

Maury povich Male, last seed I had.

And the females so far…

Strawberry bozo x cocoon

Chocolate Rain

Jalisco IBL

Thanks for stopping in. Feel free tip comment, critique, stalk. Whatever it is you do. Peace.


Nice lineup, great start, good luck on the grow!


Looking nice and healthy so far… Whats the lineage on the jalisco?


Humble grower, not the grow! :innocent: Looking great so far, thanks for sharing … :sunglasses:


Nice! I’m interested in your Jalisco. I have a 10 pak and am curious how long she will want to go. Following…


Pulling up a stool :male_detective::movie_camera::film_projector::video_camera::tv:


Humble grow…I also feel humble here😀. Cool pots you got there. What size are they? Awesome sounding strains you’re rolling!!


Some interesting genetics you got there.


Thank you very much @Cannasaurusrex

@Stickyjones, don’t know much about it. I know he was working 4 Mexican lines. He only released two that I am aware of. I really enjoyed him as a breeder, no ego just knowledge with the passion for the plant.

@George1961 Grow is pretty humble to some of these men and women out here with acres and full green houses! I appreciate the kind words!

@Tiger, I am interested as well. Not sure how a pretty much straight sativa will do in my tents but we will see. Already they are the two tallest plants with no plan of slowing down.

@TheShowMeHomie Always welcome! Hopefully there will be plenty of variety to look at. I’m sure I’ll mess something up along the way as well.

@Jjm Thank you. They are 1 gallon pots, I think it was Lowes that had them. I go from small solo cups to 1 gallon to 3 gallon basically. Seems to work for me and also I’m cheap and already bought these pots. Not buying another 20 in a different size.

@stONER775 Why thank you. What type of stuff do you usually run yourself???


Man those e$kobar plants I’ve only read about I wish I can find some of his gear. He is one of the few breeders I never hear anything bad about.
As for me what I run… Anything that sounds good. I’m a chem and OG guy myself but I don’t discriminate. I’m currently running some Polaris (chem91xdeathstar), Wintergreen (tahoe snow x OG purple fire thai), a blue widow bagseed, and an Old Family Purple (TK x purple urkle).
Next round is going to be even more interesting with all sativa dom plants.


That GSC cross is interesting !
Are you going to use an Octopot this time ?
They look great as usual


Yeah, I got on opengrow while he was still there. Only positive remarks about him and his gear. Wish I know where he was now, if was still breeding I’d be all about getting some strains.

And you say chem huh??? Shoot me PM, buddy Cryptic Labs made me some stuff you might be interested in.


Supposedly im the first to pop these. The BLR dad was a winner.

As far ad the octopot, I think so. Not sure which strain though. I think I’ll know more after I sex everything and figure out if I should repro the Esko stuff. I’d like to ask him but not sure that’s even possible. Not looking to benefit financially just share the seed line that’s all.


If I remember… I think I seen somewhere he has retired from making seeds. On that note you should definitely repro the e$ko gear if you have any packs left. That would be a sweet!


Heya Heartslayer,lookin goood there!! sadly that the last MP went male! luckily i got some seeds left(Boudica-mom)…a pretty nice cross,even when it was an accidentelly dusting :+1:


I grew out MP damn nice weed
I’ve got some silverfields now I need to play lol


I’m along for this one. I’ve got a pack left of Eskobar’s Chocolate Rain from around 2011. I grew it way back then and very much enjoyed the quick finishing sativa. I remember enjoying the smoke but it’s been too long now. I’ll be watching yours to decide if I put it in the 2020 lineup. NO PRESSURE!


Update. Lots of males Haha. Kept one.

Here is the Male I kept and why in kept it !!

So chocolate rain F2s if all goes well and threw a strawberry bozo x cocoon female in there. Should be a nice chocolate strawberry kick you in the face pheno in there somewhere.

Here is the females…

2 snow lotus bx v1
2 strawberry bozo x cocoon
1 gsc x blr
1 jalisco ibl

As you can see, they were running out of nutrients in the soil. Sorry, never perfect at my house.


Mini update… the girls first.

Followed by the girls in the seedrun tent and our stud for this round.

Our Male looking decent…


I know it doesn’t mean a thing but early colors showing on this strawberry bozo x cocoon cross.

Thanks for looking! Have s great day to everyone!