Important Freakshow breeding info. Plus bonus Multileaf mutant info

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So I’ve been reading on and off about X-linked traits. Although the freaky F1 males are not straight up freakshows, so there is probably a 2nd gene also involved, at a minimum I think we are dealing with a recessive X-linked gene. Which means…

If you use a freakshow female, you’d get what we got. All freaky males and no freaky females. But all females will have 1 copy of the gene.
edited this part. I was looking at the wrong one.
If you use a freakshow male, you should get males with zero freakshow genes, and the females should all have 1 copy of the gene.

If multileaf works the same way, I’m gonna lose the gene in my cross because the freaky males probably lost the gene, like other people have reported having happen. So I’m going to pull some females and attempt to cross those and make fem seed as a backup plan. The regular looking females I’m running now “should” have 1 copy of each gene. I’ll have to backcross the male in later.
I had to reedit this last part too. I got myself confused. I should be ok to cross these girls and still get there.


I dropped 3 three bear og in water for a soak. the best of which I plan on making a pollen donor to both a supafreak female and another three bear og some f7’s. Should make a nice stock plant.


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Geez, I just get to understanding the auto gene which is pretty simple, and now you give me a whole lot more reading materials on genes… LOVE that I learn stuff daily here…


I took a genetics class for college. The rabbit hole gets amazingly complex towards the end to the point that I then had to take a stats class to really understand the genetics class. Gave me a greater appreciation for the fact that any life exists at all. Popping seeds is always a gamble but the breeders gets to set the odds.


Oh yea, it gets way crazier than this. Its probably best to learn genetics in steps because some of that stuff just makes my brain hurt.

I think I understand the X-linked recess and dominant genes now. I keep thinking about the crossed plants i have going. I think if I run them regularly I will get the freakshow to reappear, but worried about the multileaf. But if I understand it right, my females should have 1 copy of each, and the males only freakshow. But in their offspring, I think half the males will end up with 1 copy of multi again from the moms 1 copy. The cool thing is, I think I’ll be able to see which males have it just like freakshow this round(because of only having the one X). Half of the females should retain 1 multi gene next round, but which ones will be a mystery. If thats the case, it’ll just take an extra round to make the cross with males in there. I will either reveg the best females sense they should all have both genes. Or I can just move forward knowing only half the females probably held the gene. Either way, I’d rather do in a way I can keep males in there if I can.

I am for sure not an expert, and just learning as I go. So if anyone understands this better, feel free to corroborate, or correct anything I say. I wanna know as much as possible to make good decisions.

i was very lucky on my first try i floated 2 freak show which i call Frankenstein seeds and walla i got a male and female seed but i used the volcano method yesterday the pods started breaking now they are side by side so i hope they pollinated good MVC-109S MVC-110S
MVC-106S MVC-107S


Wow, very cool looking structure with the freak strain.

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yes they are cool i am hoping i got a good pollen from the male would like to have a batch of seeds to trade when it sits on the deck it looks sort of like a fern plant

It looks like a pretty good flower cluster. Happy plants too.
I started with 5 of the original regular seeds. 1 dud and 4 females. Just my luck. I’ve gotten colloidal silver reversed females to make flowers, but they had no pollen either time I got that far. I switched it up last time and tried sts, and forgot to cover the soil so it dripped all over it. That killed her quickly.


yes i have been very lucky on all my grows in the years of growing i have lost very few the reason i love this freak show is because this is the first time i have placed plants outside i started it in a tent and i was getting pretty crowded am very anxious to see how the bud structures are going to be like hard, fluffy, length, or so on or what the smell is going to be like i will know probably in a couple weeks i figured it got dusted real good i placed male next to female and shook it it looked like a fog bank for about a min mt Moon Lilly also got dusted HaHa i wonder if it will change

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any chance the seed were from me? That male is really pretty

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So not covering the soil when spraying the STS killed the plant? Good to know when I try reversing a female.


yea, you want to use cardboard or something, then just remove it after she quits dripping. That was with sts method though. With colloidal silver it doesn’t seem to matter.


:cowboy_hat_face:thought i would update my freak show seeds from petalpowerseeds this is what the Male looked like after the dusting but he Bit the Dust today RIP Mr Frankenstein Male :mage: MVC-055S (2) MVC-056S (2)


sweet. It looks like he probably dumped a ton of pollen. Its nice your in a pot too. If it doesn’t finish the seeds in time you can always bring her inside. Even if you use 24 hour light, as long as the seeds are part way done, it’ll start to reveg and finish the seeds at the same time. Guess that would depend on your climate though. Everything is usually done here sometime in the next month.

I have to get updated pictures of my surviving outdoor freakshow. Its completely ridiculous. I think I let it get to many tops. Only plant that didn’t get touched by mildew, so I didn’t prune as much because I’ve been so busy trimming everyone else all the time. The whole mildew problem started with a different freakshow though, so ya never know.


Got some decent ones of my outdoor freakshow


I ended up with a lot of skinny ugly buds. I should have shaped the plant better. Smells nice and skunky though. The few accidental seeds I’ve found were not half naked this time(I had pollen out there, so it doesn’t mean it hermed). So maybe it was just that other plant, or maybe being outside helped. Still weird structured buds. Although I have not grown pure sativas before, and it looks similar to pictures. These were from the first round of regular seeds which I believe were advertised as 90% sativa.


it will probably smoke great