Important Freakshow breeding info. Plus bonus Multileaf mutant info

Firstly I am sorry. Skip to 2nd paragraph for freakshow, but I gotta say this where a lot of people might read it. I had a drunken meltdown on this site about a year ago. Being a jerk on tons of threads especially one particular morning. The backstory is, I had a serious heart attack right before my 40th birthday. Total shocker. I didn’t take it well. I’ve always had serious issues with anxiety about mortality, and this freaked me out bad. Early in life my anxiety turned to depression turned to alcoholism and a couple years of homelessness. I picked myself up and worked hard. Got a truck and a promotion. Kept at it, and put a down payment on a house. Then the heart attack. So I went back to my crutch harder than ever. Probably not a good idea, but that’s how I always handled my problems. I went to a very dark place mentally. I lashed out at everybody in real life and online. I haven’t had a drink in many months and have no intention of going back. I have gotten married, and aside from continuing poor health, I’ve never been happier. I thought about making an apology thread right after, but thought that would come off as attention seeking. Thought about making a new account, but that seemed cowardly. Thought about joining another forum, but the other forums are lame in comparison. So I’ve mostly lurked here and kept quiet for the most part. Anyway, I am nothing like that in real life. Sorry @lemonadejoe personally and thank you for not perma banning me even if I deserved it. And sorry to everyone else who had to read my nonsense. You all deserve better.
@lilmanbigplan did this first, so he gets the credit. He did a freakshow cross, and when he kept the freakiest looking F1s, they were all males. So he figured if thats 100% of the time, we have the potential to make hybrids that are sexable very young.
edit: I thought he used a male, but we both used female freakshows. After reading this I am not sure the same stuff will happen if you use freakshow pollen for the cross. At this point, using females is probably preferable. I will update this first post as more info becomes available.

So, I did the same with multileafXfreakshow, but kept all the plants. I can confirm that over 30 F1 plants with varying amounts of freakiness were all males without exception. I kept the stinkiest 4 that had a lotta freaky, and am now running the regular looking plants, which based on the numbers are likely all females. I’ll confirm in a week. I just didn’t want to wait because I can only imagine how many people screwed up and threw their females away already.
edit: I can now confirm that as expected, every single regular looking plant was female without exception
Freakshow also seems to have reduced calyx size, which resulted in seeds which were mostly not covered by the calyxes. Thats why the seeds are mostly white. Its not horrible, as the plant just makes a ton more of them. I think thats why freakshow pistols go every which way, and also why the male flowers are half naked. Which is also another piece of confirmation that I think male flowers shells and female calyxes are pretty much the same thing. Anyone know of a correlation between big calyx females and big flower male siblings? Anyway, maybe the odd calyx size/ratio in freakshow will allow us to renegotiate with the plants bud structure in a way that regular varieties will not. Or maybe its just stuck that way.
multileafXfreakshow F1 male with a couple little flowers coming out of the leaf.

half naked F1 flowers

I wish I had snapped a picture of the female freakshow holding half naked seeds. I have her sister in there to catch some pollen this round, so I’ll get one then.
Actually its called Многолистка but multi-leaf or multi-sheet are the translations depending on the translator used. A “new to us” mutant from Donbass. The guy who released it over there got called out for being a compulsive lier who stole the variety and doesn’t even know what’s in it. Many suspect theres a lot of “wild game” in it which would explain why my 15,000+ seeds have a 5% germination rate. I messed this one up big time. I originally planned to do a pollen chuck in the closet and give the seeds away for free. Then that plan turned into me wanting to run the bigger room and sell them cheap to pay bills and expand my breeding operation. Unfortunately I am still learning, and I either misremembered or misread about the longevity of pollen. I saved equal amounts from 9 males but just stuck them in a drawer and it got super hot in here. I took the same amount of pollen from the unique male about a month later and mixed it in fresh, then pollenated with that. So he sired everybody. The good news is that of the 8 seeds out of 250 that sprouted(thats not even 5%), half of them look like him. Probably the males. The others were regular multileafs. So an abc like pheno can be pulled outta here easily now and replicated, but those plants grow much slower than the regular multileaf ones. Maybe multileaf and abc have a common ancestor, or one came from the other, or they are just coincidentally similar, I have no idea. There were some females with leaves like his here and there. I think that’s just the ultra wound up version of the same gene which doesn’t “break” into regular leaves then multileaves, but stays like abc. The grow turned into a horror show. New room, new lights, new nutes, only growing inside for a year, you name it, I screwed it up. Thrips, gnats, thrips again, powdery mildew. They hung tuff until the end when it got ugly. They stood tall with the mildew though. I had a pick a few mildew leaves a day for a week or 2, then they just kinda got over it. They get sad if you give to much nutes, which also lends to the wild game theory. I didn’t realize this was part of my problem so I never backed off much. Maybe that contributed to the bad germination rates in the seeds? The seeds I bought had good germination rate. But he had a germination disaster in 2015 and it took 2 years to fix. So maybe only certain parings work well. Just making guesses. Anyway, now I’m letting them dry longer, but don’t expect some huge change. They’ll probably sprout better with precracking, so we can still use them for breeding. I think I would rather work on crosses than trying to fix the thing as it is. I just want the leaf. They do have really fast budding, and mildew resistance. Most plants are almost smokable, but honestly, not quite. It needs to be modernized.
While hunting for these seeds, I got ripped off twice. There are half a dozen old ads for seeds, but they have been expired for years, and I promise you, I messaged them all anyway. I made a friend on their forum who got me in touch with someone who was willing to send me seeds, but even they have to hunt for them these days sense the origonal guy got banned. I planted them all except 6 that I gave to Sct with some of the weird guy pollen, before he got banned. Why he never showed a single picture of them growing is beyond me. I used the same male for my freakshow cross. Oh, and some people have reported using multileaf males for crosses and having the gene not reappear in F2s. I think that is because of the gene being slightly on a spectrum. By using the super weird male, and freakshow already having extra spikes sometimes, I got extras in F1, so I think I’ll be ok. Females are also reported to work ok in crosses.

The first leaves are webbed or partially webbed a lot of the time. Then they “break” into regular leaves for a few sets, then the extra spikes start appearing.

oddball male who decided not to break into regular leaves

The leaves get the most extra spikes while in hard veg. Once they start to bud, not so much.

Anyway, I’m going to try germinating again after this run with the extra dry time(last time was exactly a month after chop). I’m not expecting a miracle. If pre-cracking gets the rates up enough I’ll just make them super cheap and see what I gotta do with lemonadejoe to do that on the level. If they still sprout like crap, they’ll have to be free. I’ll be honest no matter what. I would just give them away anyway if I weren’t so broke. Cant even afford to run my bigger room right now. Child support warrant again. ect. I’ve been through worse though.

Here is a link to the huge thread about multileaf. Its a hard read. I used chrome because it has a built in translator, but our languages don’t translate well at all, and there is plenty of slang to make it even harder. I had found other threads by searching their forum and another forum on a deep dive, but I really don’t wanna do that again :slight_smile: So most of the stuff about the guy who released it isn’t in that one, but they can be found if you look hard enough. I don’t mean to drag the guys name through the mud, but I also don’t want people believing false info that he peppered throughout that thread about his lil origin story or the genetics in it. He doesn’t know what’s in it.многолистка&sid=6b1375dc31c1cf1cf1b1bf0f7d17f828

Sorry about the humongous post. At least I think I covered everything for now. Thank you all for everything. My plants thank you too for all the wonderful tips I find on here. I’m a much better grower than I was when I first found the place.
If you ever mention this thread to someone and they cant find it, they have me on ignore from my drunkin stupor. That’s the worse part. The people who need the apology the most will never see it. All I can do is be better than that moving forward. Sorry one last time.


Those freaks are flying awesome flags!!! Thanks for sharing and all the best with the remainder of your grow :smiley:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts man. We’re all human.


FIRSTLY, allow me to wish you a continue favorable recovery from your medical situation!! Secondly. it took a real person…I mean “R-E-A-L” person to say what you did. I have the utmost respect for that gesture. I can see you take Breeding Projects seriously, again, CONGRATS!! Glad you decided to rejoin the OG activities. Do stay safe, take SPECIAL care, and be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Thanx a ton. I really love this place. I want to be a positive contributor. And now I have enough smoke that I’ll never run out. So when I have problems, I smoke down instead!! :slight_smile:


Welcome back I’m glad you didn’t get banned and learned from the whole experience!

I’ve got a fem sour diesel my friend gave me the seeds from a unknown source but it’s showing mutant traits too


cool stuff. I love the weird ones. I made an auto recently, and while hunting the F2s looking for the 1 outta 4 that are auto I had a bunch of similar weirdos. Out of a 72 seed tray I had 8 pairs of twins, and 3 or 4 that split mid stem like that, and a handful more with the fat ribbon stems, and a few with the 3 leaves instead of 2 at each node. Only half the plants were completely normal. For me all the odd ones grew slower though, so I didn’t keep any. It was all craziness from the mom. I grew seeds from 4 sisters all pollinated by 1 boy, and only that one group had the weirdness. The seeds were quite a bit larger from that mom too. I still have some if anyone wants to have a go at some random craziness. I planted the biggest of the big seeds, so that might have been most of the twins, but I’m sure theres still lots of crazy ones in there. Very thin sativa leaves and nice smells, but the buds were a lil loose, so I probably wont ever plant them here. I kept a few females for seed and used the male on a dark devil. Going to keep going in that direction now.


It’s nothing like your freakshow with the cool ass leaves but it’s sweet that it’s throwing double stalks without topping And weird double topped buds I thought

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for sure. The way the top turned out looks like a bonus. I wonder if any of mine woulda done that. I didn’t go that far to see. Anything abnormal is super cool to me :slight_smile:

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I am working on a fS/ supafrek auto. The Autosexing ( what they call something similar in chickens) is real. I am starting with females fs for that reason for that reason.


@RandomHumanoid thanks for the great informative thread - I will be following along for sure!


I used a female freakshow. I think lilmanbigplan used a male and we got the same result in F1. I’m gonna probably make an auto eventually too. I know freakshow is a lil bit of a slow starter, which isn’t ideal for an auto, but it’ll be necessary to make fast versions. Plus I love freakshow so much I wanna see it in every version possible.
edit: I was wrong about this. He also used a female freakshow. So idk what happens when using freakshow pollen for crosses.


very interesting. I wonder how wounder how that can happen. I assumed it was genetic drag. I was planning on FS being recessive on the f1. Maybe the FS trait in f1 is a recombination pheno. What ratio showed the trait in F1?

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I didn’t do an exact count, but it was almost perfect. Within typical variance of splitting by sex. I had a little over 30 of each freaky vs regular. So I’m assuming the regular leaved ones will all be females. I’ll know for sure shortly. I ran them separate. Of the freaky looking ones, there was a spectrum of how freaky they looked. Thats partly why I ran so many. The multileaf isn’t super strong, so I wanted a lot to pick from so I can hunt for quality too. But I also assumed some plants would look better leaf wise, and some surely do.

I’m really not sure exactly how this is working genetically. Its not a simple recessive gene though. Might be a couple genes in combination or something. I WOULD be worried that its a male thing, and only gets into hermie females or something crazy, but I’ve failed 3 or 4 times now to reverse a freakshow on purpose, so I dont think its very hermie prone.


basically, its a good idea to run a lot of F1s, so you can pick good looking and smelling males. The extra gene chasing just means we need bigger numbers. I’ve been doing a sea of green with solo cups.

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Thank you for coming back and for your heart felt apology, I wasn’t here then but it shows incredible strength to lay yourself out like you did. Your knowledge of our plant is evident and we need that coupled with you as a person, to continue to make OG better and better.


I really appreciate that, and all the nice comments. It’s been hard to not post much. Many times I would write out a long thought out response to threads and delete it before hitting post. I’m a bit of a hermit, and talking online is where I am usually more comfortable. So I was pretty disappointed in myself for making myself feel unwelcome here.
I am excited to start again. I’m a bit obsessed with breeding this plant. I literally think about it while I’m falling asleep at night. I’ll think about some purple cross and planting thousands of seeds outside when its getting chilly out. Walking through the little field of seedlings looking for the purpliest ones. Then i fall asleep :slight_smile:
I really wanna do that to. Cold plants show purple super early. Seedling pheno hunting. Pick the best and mow the rest.


Researching sex linked genes, or diseases as it were.
Apparently X linked genes show up in males much more readily because they only have the one X. In females the other X sort of dilutes it and gives some protection. That would explain some stuff.


I concure.

Welcome back to OG fella…

We all humans & shit happens…
Glad your off the drink, me too fella 8 yrs counting :+1:


Thanx a lot. You guys are the best! I don’t miss drinking what so ever. Some people can drink, and some people can’t. It wasn’t recreational for me. I wanted to go pro. Thats no life.

I edited both posts with bold, but I’m gonna post it too. lilmanbigplan also used a female freakshow in his cross. So I was mistaken about that. If its working like the article I posted, then using a male freakshow might have a different result.