Little Maker - The Spice must GROW

Hello world.

Noobie here wants to grow something. Planned out a closet DWC system. This guy:

red arrows are 2.5" black plastic elbow air intakes. Interior painted with 3 coats of gloss outside paint. Dried out for a week in the garage.

Little Maker
the lights and controller board are from Supergreenlab. It looks like basically an 80W quantum board. I think its a little underpowered (compared to others in this board) but I cant buy another one right now plus they’re not available (board maker is in spain under lockdown) plus I see what other seem able to conjure out of lighbulbs ffs. I’ll get another when I can.

Interior dimension is ~5ft sq, 2.5x2ftX5f. The total plant height can be almost 4 ft currently.

4" inline fan [118CFM ](4 Inches, with Variable Speed Controller) and carbon filter.

this is the power/control board:

the control board programs lights, monitors temp/humidity and talks to my phone. So far on a dry run its pretty quiet and almost no light leaks . Some weather stripping for the doors and magnetic catches.

I project the water reservoir will hold ~30 liters (container has room for 50+), I have 2 identical boxes, one lid cut for one 6" post another I will cut for 2 pots. Air stone, air pump. RO filter.

I’ve a milwaukee ph/ec/tds meter. Planing a Lucas method type grow. I have GH Micro and Bloom, calmag and Hydroguard. Am I missing anything?

Yesterday I dropped 2 seeds of Bodhi Lavander Jack . Shells were cracked today, I transferred them to wet paper towel, once the root grows to about a cm, I’ll transfer to rockwool cube just soaked in distilled water.

Blessed be the little maker.



Love the set up, I’ll be watching. Keep it OG.


Hi ya, looks like a good start, if you want quality QBoards here in Spain check this out:

I bought them two : one HLG 100 V2 for the veg tent and a HLG 135W QUANTUM BOARD KIT V2 for the flower tent, they work great and that webpage is trustable. No problems to get them even with the lockout.

Will keep an eye in your grow, DWC is clean, fast and without pests … :sunglasses:


thanks! but I’m in the US and I can buy them locally but I do not know if they would be compatible with or controllable by the SGL control board.


Aaaaah, I see, this made me thought you were here, cheers … :sunglasses:


LOL. got it. SGL, light/control board maker is located in spain. I’ve been interested in automation for a while and I found them years ago, following up a gif I saw of a plant in a trashcan. Now I’m here.


I like the cabinet. Nice setup. Im watching.


Two lavander jack into the drink for 20hrs


Then moved to paper towel last night. This morning,

They’re alive!


moved them into rock woool last night. Covered with ~5mm of wool and watered with ph 5.5 water. this morning there’s protrusions on the surface of the rockwool.


Following along :blush:


Tight build there, very pro! What’s the small boxes off area on the bottom left, a veg space?


pulling up a chair


Thank you. Yes, that’s the plan. down the line I want to do clones so I’ll stick a couple of panels or strips in there.


appreciated. I stumbled on one of your builds and kept reading. Now I’m here. So, thanks! I was committed to dwc but I’m really looking at coco/dwc now.



both sprouted from rockwool. gona call left the First, right the Second. and if we wanna be fancaay:
Prima and Secunda. (hoping for girls :wink: )

*edit: I took off the shell remnants.


I started growing in a closet that size with two 150w hps. Some of the most fun I ever had growing. Set up looks nice and yes I would upgrade your light when you can.


thank you! so far its been fun. I want to at least double, ideally tripple the main light and add a few strips for a veg section. Waiting for the maker of the board to come up with an adapter.


Nice box!! I’ll stay tuned

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Spider farmer sf2000 would be perfect for that space

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yeah. I’ve been staring at them. just cannot swing the cash right now. fun budget is tapped out, lol.

this morning:

light is at 30% and 8". increase intensity? or hold?