Next Octopot run: OHGA , Gorilla Glue 4 JW cut, getting set up

I understood praying is good as well.
Very healthy.

Here, it’s 15 minutes before lights on and they are praying in anticipation of lights on.


From the look of those, someone knows what he is doing!!!


Trying. Always room to improve.

Already help from you and others here. Make me a better grower.


Looking excellent what strain is that?


RIGHT!!! Bet it is not Auto!

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Darlins Net Dansbuds

Terps and taste could be lots better. Might be me. Really need to upgrade.


Hey bro!! Nice press and closer to my price range. What is High Five? I tried looking it up on my Google Machine but no luck. Your plants look great man.


Gonna sit down n watch a good flic. Figured I would roll a “crippler” joint to enjoy while sitting down , lol.
This one is gonna be very stout, not gonna finish it either, lol. OMG, putting it now for a bit, lol.

Start with some fine stinky Orange G, been chilling in a jar for bit now, to be cut in the shot glass with the scissors

Now I know why it is already put out, pressed some bud tonight and forgot I placed a smidge on the paper.

Cut up Bud stuck to the rosin

Bunch of Bubble Hash sprinkled on for good measure, lol

Time for a touch of Temple Ball too

What a bomber, thing must weigh 2 grams or more, feels like a mini cigar

Rolled another sort of like it yesterday, but with no Rosin, 1/2 the bubble, 1/2 the Temple Hash, sent me flying , didnt come near finishing it.

Putting this one out for a bit. Like smoking a log of hash. I may have gone too far, lol. For 1 person it’s a bit much,
and going to take me several sessions to kill it. I already forgot what Im suppose to be doing, and totally toasty

@Meesh…that is a JJ!!! Got it? lol


Lol think you were gonna watch a movie don’t forget the munchies


Yeah, that was it!!! Too lit now to watch a movie and follow it. That thing hit like a hammer. Can taste both of the different Hash’s and the rosin too. Was going to light it back up but now that I try n type i see I need no more, lol .
I must be old school, cause good hash will still do the trick for me, and is a most pleasant type of high for me. Mixed with good Bud, for me, cant get any better.


You are my kinda guy @Jetdro! We think alike…I think.



Looking great bro
Don’t get too high…U will float away through the key hole…lol
Mine aredoing great .
Have up potted them for the last time until their permanent home.


Dude, that’s a much better post than I would have drafted. Lmfao. We’re clearly on the same page. It’s my understanding the plants can only hold full turgidity if transpiration is at its peak.

When it’s too hot transpiration is on full blast to help cool the plant, in low humidity the air is stripping the moisture so higher transpiration is needed to replace it. And I’ve never run into root problems causing the praying leaves, but it seems to follow the same logic. I’mma have to read more on that.

Exactly. In this situation nutrients are the limiting factor. If you knew which nutrient was causing the bottleneck you could increase the growth rate there.
As the speed of growth goes up the perfect nutrient ratios change, but I’m not super well versed in that. Large-scale, high-turnover, hydro-guys, would be the best source for that info.

Absolutely agree. That’s what I meant before about the co2.
Your light is on point, and just looking at your plants the nutrition is too.
With the octopots, both water and root zone oxygen are as good as they could get. The only limiting factors left are the amount of carbon in the air and how much of each hormone the plant produces.

I didn’t mean to suggest you need co2, and you certainly don’t need to start mixing up your own auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, and so on :wink:
Just meant that there’s nothing else you could possibly work on to increase the growth rate.

Couldn’t agree more. I guess this is why they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, huh? :joy:


Yup pictures worth thousand words


I’ve felt like shit for the past month with horrible back and joint pain I couldn’t even kneel down to water the plants. As a result the plants have been getting alot and maybe too much Lifta. I just caught up on most of the repotting in the veg tent and then one of the ballasts gave up the ghost so I’m running a 6x6 veg tent on 4 t5s.

Have begun thinking I should build some sort of automated or self watering system, I like self watering pots that’s how I started out in the mid 90s. I like those Octopots you’re using which are basically a fabric sleeve and plastic stand and I have a 3d printer and can make the stands and the sleeves would be easy to reproduce.


Hope ya get feeling better


get better bro !!!


Wow this thread moves fast. Lots of perky plants and breasts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve always read praying leaves are a good thing.


Hey @50State. Hope you’re feeling a little better. Have you found a strain that best for pain? I know back pain and it really brings you down. You know what I say…


Plants turned 12/7
Texas Vegetable Feed weeks 1-2.5
Switched to Jacks 10 30 20 @ week 2.5

Change to my 1/3/3 ratio NEXT FILL UP!!! 50/50 10/30/20 and 5/12/26
Run that for 1 week, then switch to 1/2/5 for the home stretch.