Next Octopot run: OHGA , Gorilla Glue 4 JW cut, getting set up

Since I planted so many outside this year, I lost a lot of my soil. I had to wait till this last run came down to have soil for another run, lol! Today I spent some time cleaning the soil mix, and letting it sit in the sun to dry out. This is what came out of the 4 Octo’s from my last run.
Had some help working with the soil…

The black things on the chair are the sleeves (6 gallons) that hold the dirt and fit into the Octo’s.

My soil mix is simple and have used it for years. 4 part easy: 1/4 Root Organic original, 1/4 Sunshine #4, 1/4 worm castings, 1/4 perlite. I then add in another 15 percent or so of perlite, to keep soil very loose and for it to wick well.

Veg food provided by Urban Farms Texas Vegetable Fertilizer, the only veg food i will ever use, it flat works and sets the plant up for a successful flower run, no matter what decent flower nutes are used. Rate is 1 teaspoon per gallon every fill up. The gallon bottle will make a 1000 or more gallons, and lasts me 2 -3 years of runs, cost is like $35.00

Received Gorilla Glue 4 Josey Wales cut’s from another member here. Not sure if he wants to be known , so unless HE responds here that it is ok to post that, I shall not say more on them other than they are the real deal, no doubt, leaf twist n all.

Was gifted 5 cuts, all 5 have taken, but took 15 days for all to root, had heard GG4JW roots easily, did not here.

Hey @OleReynard…they actually came to me CLEAN!!! Imagine that, no bugs, no PM, nothing out of order, THANK YOU FOR THAT GIFTER!!!

They are the 5 to the left in Dixies. 1 will go into an Octopot for this run, 1 will become Mom, 3 will be used to cross to @50State’s Orange Goji via pollen I collected from an exceptional male I grew out. Orange Glue . I see today they re starting to pray, so will not be long till they get Octo’d !

I take cuts, root them, then place in Dixie Cups. Give them a week or so in the Dixie’s, till I see them pray and they start to go vertical. These are 4-6 days away from that point. The GG4’s went first, the other cuts to the right of them are 4 or 5 days behind the Glue’s.

Need to figure out who else is going in the run. 4 Octopots under my Gavita 70 DE HPS covering 15 square feet of floor grow space. I know OHGA(Amnesia Haze X Orange Goji) is going in, 1 GG4 is going in, leaves me 2 open pots.

Did not take a cut of Silver Fields, believe she is done in my gardens, but have cuts of Razor(OG MOM) , Orange Goji #2, and Amnesia Haze. Toss up between Razor and Pheno 2 of OG…will take which ever cut looks better at the time they go to get placed. Amnesia Haze may sit one round out, not sure just yet.

Going to try another Flower food this run , going to run Jack’s. Thinking of 2of their products, the 5/12/26 and the10/30/20. With these 2 I can achieve ratios of : 1/3/2 for early flower (straight up 10/30/20) 1/3/3 for mid flower (50% of each mix makes this) and for late flower and bulk up 1/2/5…straight up 5/12/26 product.
With these 3 ratio’s Im pretty much set.

Does anyone know if both of these from Jack’s are"complete" products??? Thinking they are and can call them if no one here knows.

Will take a few days for the dirt to dry out , the Octo’s and sleeves are already cleaned and waiting on the soil and the plants. Seems my timing will be spot on, gotta love it when a plan works out right, lol !!


Nice German Shepherd Dogs :slight_smile:

thanks for a look at your grow

all the best



You can call me out for the GG4. Don’t have one in veg any longer, so no more cuts to give. Before sending cuts, I dip them in Green Cleaner heavily diluted. Then let them sit in a cup of tap water for 2 days before clipping off a good bit of the remaining foliage (that’s why I did it) before sending. I have had some pest issue recently, and do not want to share them with anyone. Just trying to responsible.



It was much appreciated!!! I have Spinosad’d the shit out of them anyways!!!

I KNOW what you think of this plant, lol…but my full intention is to create “Orange Glue” with it.
Orange Goji WILL bring in the better size and flavor/taste to this funky lady!!! I just know it will, see it in my 1st cross with it to my A.H…OHGA!

Hope she grows a bit better than your description of her, lol, but in the Octopot’s everything is different. I have yet to see a plant that did not just explode in an Octo!!

thanks GrowHard…and thanks for the QMBX and the others too. WHY you did not want the OG F2 nor OHGA is beyond me, change your mind, you got some


Jacks is super simple, with superior results. The popular Jacks “3-2-1” formula is the 5-12-26, Cal-nit, and epsom salts. Just google it and you’ll find plenty of youtube videos and guides from other sites. I still ride the Dyna-Gro wagon, for sheer simplicity. I use the Foliage-pro from start to finish with only the addition of Floralicous plus (GH) 1x per week. I feed at 1/4 tsp per gallon every-time.



Thanks man…a few more of them…weed n dogs go together in my world!

Mercy, the black female as a puppy, 6 weeks old, she had the bright in her eye’s I could not pass up!

Her puppy Finn…as an 8 week old little monster who loved to chase my bicycle, lol

Dad, Tuck, at 8 months old, leaping from the creek bank, his favorite thing to do

Lil Finn got Tuck’s athletic ability…her is is “flying”…he flys everywhere he can, lol

Playing with their friend “Stormy” the Husky. All in good fun. This pic cracks me up. Mom biting Dad in the neck, Son comes flying in at30 MPH all 4 off the ground crashing into Dad. Dad oblivious as he is "attacking " his girl friend Stormy.

The 3 Amigo’s and their rope


Saw the 321…if they product is complete, why need the epsom???

Was thinking of only using the 5/12/26 and the 10/30/20 for reasons stated above.

Open to suggestions however, lol!!!


Epsom and Cal nit are in there for Soil-less grows. In soil it will not be an issue.



Cool…i am a soil grower 100% these days, DONE with hydro for ever!

So the 5/12/26 and the 10//30/20 will work fine then…cool!!!


Looks like great stuff, and the ratio 3/1/2 kills it for VEG. I personally would not use it in flower .

I have run back to back to back runs with less and less and less N in flower. The results were startling!
When , at least in my runs, I get the N out (at least a 1.2.2 or 1.3.3 ratio) of flower, my weight, density, and quality goes through the roof. My last flower run started at 1/2/2, went to 1/3/3 weeks 5 or so, and big whack at 1/6/6 at the end and my results were at least 3 times (with same soil, same cuts, same pots, same lights) better than with a ratio higher in N (like your 3/1/2).

I really like that veg ratio however and bet it works splendid.


Right on man, taking a seat for the next round


OHGA should impress, if I run OG it will, no clue about the GG4 other than it is the real dealio.
I only wanted GG4 to make Orange Glue out of anyways.

I am down @50State…i will make Orange Glue with these cuts in the next 2 months. Gonna use your F1 OG as Daddy. PLEASE do the same with your JW cut of GG4 and use Orange Sunshine as Dad, then we can trade. One of them, Hell maybe both will kill!!!


Heck yeah, got me a seat in the front row for the new round! :popcorn:


I have one pulled up for your run too, it is looking GOOD over at your place!!!

Did any help you with your pain??


Slept like a log for about five hours straight, which is pretty long for me to not wake up in pain when it’s this bad. Looking forward to an after dinner smoke tonight :smile:


God deal. I never have slept well, have sleep apnea so I understand. No pain however!


Yeah, I’ve got mild OSA too, so that definitely doesn’t help. And one of my surgeries from 2012 might need to be redone, got an appointment next week to find out. Life’s been pretty miserable on the physical side lately, thank goodness for cannabis!


Ok orange glue amazing my friend
I’ve been looking at the jacks my self I’ll sit back and watch this grow


Gonna do 2 Jacks. Make it easy

TVF for all of veg into week 2 of flip

Jacks straight up 10/30/20 for weeks 2.5 - 5 or so

Mix @ 50/50 of 10/30/20 and 5/12/26 to yield 1/3/3 for mid flower weeks 5 - 7

Then late flower straight up 5/12/26…1/2/5 for a stout finish.

It will work just fine and better than the cha ching crap, lol. Cha Ching! LMAO!!!


I’m in for the show. Can’t wait for the gorilla!

Have you thought about MKP to add to the jacks instead of the 10-30-20.

Mono potassium phosphate is 0-52-34.

I’m new to the jacks to so I’m just tossing ideas Ive had as a potential user.