Northeastern Growers' Corner

I wanted to start this topic as a place for Northeastern growers to chat, with a focus on New England. We’ve got a long and storied history with cannabis here, and I think it gets overshadowed sometimes by the lore from California and Colorado, along with still being underground as legalization creeps along here. I am born and raised in Central/Western Massachusetts, and am really curious to hear from folks who have been in the grow game for a while here, about older strains, regional history and characters, the history of legalization here going back to Maine passing Ballot Question #2 back in 1999, and more. So grab a drink from the bubbler, eat your creemee, and let’s see what sort of wicked buds you’ve got going down cellar!

Edit: I should have said, as many people are interpreting this, Upstate NY is totally fair game. Capital Region and Hudson Valley folks, all you along the Vermont border, I know there’s plenty of community overlap there so come on in!

Edit again: changed the name to Northeastern because I do want to hear from eastern Canadians and upstaters


I’m Originally from the South Hill / Charlestown and live in a fishing town now near the cape…

I will be here camped out… :love_you_gesture:


I have a thread here pertaining to growing my 1998 Blueberry x Skunk #1 gifted to me by an OG’er here back in 98 lol

The 2 ladies are healthy vigor and growing daily…


That’s how I felt, why should Cali and most of the western states get all the credits…That’s why I started Midwest Growers Unite, the are some famous strains created in the Midwest, Bubblegum, Trinity etc…I will stop by this thread once in a while to see how you growers in the Northeast are coming along…


I’ll chime in. New York here. I’ve been growing for 25+ years.
I honestly can’t believe NY legalized!! I thought Cuomo was going to stand in the way forever. Thank God for his sex scandal lol.


great idea Dirt-Wizard! For many years I always thought the sun was too weak up here to grow decent buds - boy was I ever wrong about that!

The long-term outdoor guys I know swear by pure sativa strains - usually the ones from southern Africa so you get tropical plants that flower under 12/12. They don’t have the mold susceptibility that comes from the Afghani bred into all hybrid strains.

That may be true but I’ve been told by younger growers that C99 is a great strain for New England because it finishes early and also had good mold resistance - it worked for me last year and I plan to try a couple more this summer.


Pulling my chair up, nice to meet everyone. From Boston originally living down the south shore currently. Am always looking to learn something new am obsessed w anything cannabis related esp growing.


Making me feel good about all the Durban and C99 IBL and crosses I’ve got in the fridge, man!


Southern Maine here, we have a few “native” strains from here, Mother of Berries is one that became well known. Another is Burnham red eye, which I still haven’t gotten ahold of.


I’m excited for this thread. Most of my life I talked to only a handful of people. We would get together and talk for hours about weed. We only talked to one another. It’s so difficult now.
The other thing I noticed is NYC market is different than Hudson valley market.


I think that there are tons of local strains that nobody has heard of. I’m curious about what is going to surface as people adjust to the new climate legally here.


I agree, there’s going to be a lot of old strains and clones held tightly still that will come out as legalization hits. I’m working on getting in touch with an older acquaintance of a friend of mine to try and set up a trade for some of his seeds. He’s an old hippie up in the woods who’s been growing the same strain for decades that he made back in the day. My friend isn’t super into weed so I didn’t get any genetic info but damned if I’m not going to track that one down! Whatever it started as, it must be so well acclimated to our moist and cool climate that I need to see it.


Hey there friends! Not specifically from NE, but from Nova Scotia. Very interested in regional scenes and genetics, so if its okay, I will try and soak up as much knowledge as possible!

Very curious as to the local strains, and if there has been drift northward and any influence on the genetics predominant here in the maritimes.


Honestly as far as I can tell, if you defined the segment of the cannabis culture I have in mind as a region, it would probably stretch from Halifax down to Rhode Island, and over to the Capitol Region of upstate NY. In my life I’ve seen a lot of people move around that orbit and it seems like there should be a lot of “cross-pollination” going on when we’re all mostly within a day’s drive of each other


Cool, really glad to hear that. Excited to see what comes of this, and I can certainly add some insight, and I know there are some other more well-versed maritimers hanging around the board too.

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I just changed the name of the topic because I think there’s a lot to be gained by including Maritime and Upstate NY folks in the discussion, especially judging by how many have come out of the woodwork already


How about downstaters and NYC? Long Island checking in here.


Bronx/Queens breeding, currently Masshole in training. So, lifer NE cooridor :slight_smile:

As mentioned earlier, Cindy crosses do well for me too. I try not to grow plants with giant thick ass colas. i know it sounds counter-intuitive, but finishing fat colas up here can be tuff. Even the caterpillars are armed up here :open_mouth:

Lot’s of wonderful genetics floating around up here. Looking forward to learning more about them.


Central NY here. Lots of quality smoke here. No one I know that grows would he impressed with most of the commerical/ dispo grows. We like that artesian style cannabis grown with love. My herb has gotten compliments everywhere I go by growers and consumers alike. Im very thankful for the compliments and love when they taste it.


Strong Island!! NY in the house…can we get a shout-out to the Maritime Provinces :smile: :smile:

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